Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Idea Creation SMARTHEART® Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Stanislav Okrukh SmartHeart Creative director
Alexandr Oreshonok SmartHeart Art direction, designer
Anna Dokunina SmartHeart Account manager
Daria Khalepa (Oleynikova) SmartHeart Account manager
Taisiya Rozhkova SmartHeart Copywriter


Sokolniki mall is located 6 minutes’ walk away from the self-titled park. It had excellent potential: a successful location ensured 40 thousand visitors per day. In terms of architecture and shopping area the mall was outdated. The mall lacked usual basic brand shops, cozy cafes and restaurants, entertainment options, events and there was practically no place to relax and recharge oneself. The target audience needed the place to cover their need of proper shopping (clothes, food and household goods), of a place to spend time with family and friends or to work at. Project scale and volume included audience research, creating brand platform, new corporate identity and positioning, brand book.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The target audience of the project is divided into 3 types: Residents of the district (mostly Gen X and Y) Transit (employees of various organizations and students, mostly Gen X and Y) Visitors of the park (mostly Gen X and Y, plus adults 50-64 years old) The big idea and basis of a new positioning: «Trade Center of Culture and Recreation». A global trend, discovered during the audience research, important in the context of the project, is the human attraction to nature as opposed to the rhythm of a large city and the constant success demonstration. The clients' winner concept: «Continuation of the park «Sokolniki» in the city — harmonious combination of nature and culture». The major slogan «Shopping Center of Culture and Rest» resonates with the slogan of the park «Sokolniki» - «Nature of rest» and at the same time is its logical continuation.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The mall’s identity was supposed to look very modern and on the other hand to be out of time and trends, moderately calm and referring to the diversity of nature. The images and patterns both refer to the wildlife and reinterpret the Sokolniki's past, which is the falconry tradition. The image of a hunting falcon dressed in a falcon cap - a special leather cap - inspired us to an expressive graphic symbol created from the CK ligature. The graphics also uses redefined natural shapes: feathers and patterns resembling falconry patterns. Thereby the feather pattern also became a metaphor for culture. Branding and architecture agencies worked closely within the project. The architecture and interiors of the mall interact with the brand-platform. For example, the design of interiors embodies the idea of a calm space with an abundance of natural materials, same way the use of colors from a brand palette.

List the results (20% of vote)

The mall has become a community center with its own recreation areas, regular events, different activities programs for the guests. The number and quality of tenants has also changed for the better. Before the purchase of the mall, the number of federal retailers in the project was 35.5% and international -6.5%. After the rebranding the current occupancy rate is 82% of 100% of GLA. Percentage of federal brands has almost doubled and now it is — 68%, international brands — 10%. Among the new tenants are the bookstore «Chitay Gorod», the cafe «Karavayevy brothers' cookery shop», the federal network of dishes and chandeliers “Aura of Bohemia”, jewellery brand «Bronnitskiy yuvelir», outerwear brand “Wellenstein” and beauty salon “Fancy”. Also there were two new island tenants added - La Nature (jewelry) and «Paper» (gift packing). The total area rented in the second quarter of the year was 1,500 sq. m.