Category D05. Multi-Channel Experience
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Paweł Janas GoldenSubmarine creative


Żubrówka Czarna was launched in 2016 as a super-premium pure vodka variant from a legendary Polish brand. The segment had been dominated by international brands for years, so the Polishness inherent is in Czarna's DNA from the beginning stands out from the competition and allowed it to maintain a stable position in the top 5 vodka brands. The mission of Czarna Polana was to create an artistic project, building an unmistakable character against the international competition, but with a clear placement of RTBs in the narration. Goal: to justify the super-premium positioning and communicate the unique recipe, drive brand awareness and increase Y2Y sales. The challenge was to choose an artistic form - aspirational, worthy of a high-end product, and not complicating the message, especially since the limitations of spirits promotion do not allow for literal "branding" of the PR project with vodka brand, so we relied on methapors.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

TG: He is a man in 30s, living in a medium/ large city, spends more on quality products, he is eager to learn more about formula, so he can impress his friends with his knowledge. He pays extra for products that fit his lifestyle The most important and easiest to understand characteristic of Żubrówka Czarna is oak charcoal filtration that guarantees mild taste of the distillate so the concept had to refer to it Slogan: Czarna Polana is filtering. The central event was a mural with air-filtering properties. For the 1st time in Poland the use of this technique in a design creation was so justified by the product characteristics. The unique form of the mural was not a painted advertising billboard, but a real decoration high artistic value. By caring about the quality of air and nature, we explicitly showed that we care about the purity of our vodka

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Patryk Hardziej is a famous graphic designer who was responsible for the design of the air pollution filtering mural. The graphics, which referred to the nature of the Białowieża Forest and the main RTB of the Żubrówka Czarna brand - oak charcoal filtration, decorated the wall in Warsaw city center for 2 months, emphasizing the premium character of the brand. Additionally: - Online press conference - PR activities with sending to influencers - Filtration was the focus of a SM campaign and website - "Black Filtration carries prizes" shopper contest, communicated with graphic elements of the mural - Promo gift: playing cards deck with graphics inspired by the mural. We used pollution-absorbing paint to promote a specific product differentiator on which promotion restrictions are imposed. No one has yet used it strictly to communicate exact product feature. The idea was additionally versatile for use both in POS and digital.

List the results (20% of vote)

All goals are achieved 1: increase brand awareness and benefits (FB Brand lift) Unaided Ad Recall: +12,1p (+4,7p and +5,7p better than local and regional benchmark) Brand Awareness: +7,2p (+2,3p and +3,2p vs benchmarks) Message association - question regarding charcoal filtration: +3.0p (+1.2p and +1.3p vs benchmarks) 2: Reinforce premium image +750 Press conference attendees, and dozens of PR clippings in mainstream media, dedicated to upper mainstream target incl. Men's Health and Product and filtering context were in headlines. Creative mailing to aspirational influencers resulted in dozens of stories about our campaign. Everywhere mural AND product was presented. The quality of discussion around the brand improved (Sentione Brand Health Index during campagin 0.83; +0.16 vs LY,). +7500 activities under the campaign SM posts (19% of responses = LOVE) 3: Increase in Y2Y sales during the campaign +34%: sales growth during the campaign period (03-04.2021) vs LY.