Category C01. Digital & Interactive Design
Name Company Position
Celeste Acosta Media.Monks Head of Client
Alice Andersen Media.Monks Project Manager
Vincent Quak Media.Monks Creative
Mischa Loppies Media.Monks Designer
Iris Du Media.Monks Copywriter
Jack Carr Media.Monks Copywriter
Alexandra Dobriyanova Media.Monks Copywriter
Mattyn Klaassen Media.Monks Illustrator
Veerle Zandstra Media.Monks Illustrator
Melle Baas Media.Monks 3D Artist
Ricco Antz Media.Monks Frontend Developer
Johan Holwerda Media.Monks WebGL Developer
Vincent Jacobs Media.Monks Sound Designer


For the launch of Netflix’s fantasy adaptation—Shadow and Bone—we created an interactive virtual experience that welcomed fans into the Grishaverse. The site expands on the series’ lore and lets viewers peek beyond the fabled Shadow Fold as they explore 3D replicas of key locations. To reward Shadow and Bone superfans, we wanted to provide additional context on the series’ immersive world-building and let fans roam around—revealing details they might not have noticed. To effectively honour such a complex fantasy world we built maps, crafted locations and wove the series’ rich mythology and character into every detail. As a result, Beyond the Fold perfectly encapsulates the magic of Shadow and Bone. Alongside an abundance of Shadow and Bone trivia, our experience grants fans the chance to find their own place in the series’ fictional world with various games and personality quizzes—every series lover’s dream come true.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The Netflix generation is always excited for more bingeable content, so we gave them a chance to connect with their favourite series on an even deeper level. For the launch of Netflix’s fantasy adaptation Shadow and Bone, we created a virtual experience that let binge watchers dive into the series’ lore. Although our primary audience was Shadow and Bone enthusiasts, we wanted to create content that appeals to both brand-new watchers and hardcore fans. Our goal was to deliver a digital space that’s consistent with the fantasy world fans know and love. We built both awareness and hype through immersive maps, interactive quizzes and meticulously crafted trivia—converting fans of the books into dedicated fans of the Netflix series.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Beyond the Fold allows for a naturally roaming user journey and process of discovery. Our interactive map—illustrated from scratch with added subtle animations—lets fans dive into the series’ characters and locations at their own pace. The map lets visitors access 3D walkthroughs to explore key locales and character arcs in detail. In addition to exploring the Grishaverse, fans can also play custom games, take personality quizzes and create their own characters using the avatar builder. Staying true to Shadow and Bone’s style and tone of voice, we also created an intricate design system inspired by the series. Throughout the website, our designers and copywriters worked to understand and comprehensively convey all of the series’ subtleties—from its lore to the characters’ vernacular. Shadow and Bone’s creator Leigh Bardugo was also involved in the project’s production and helped further ensure that all information on the website is true to its origins.

List the results (20% of vote)

To deliver a digital experience that hits all the right chords for Shadow and Bone’s dedicated fandom, we made sure our visual representation of the Grishaverse impressed even the most devoted fans of the book series. Our designers and graphic artists were tasked to create a map that looks like something a character in the world would own. We also included messages in the series’ constructed language—Ravkan—as Easter Eggs for hardcore fans to translate. Beyond the Fold received an overwhelmingly positive response across social channels, including Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. By sharing their quiz results and the website’s link, users spread awareness even further. The impact was so profound, that all vacant spots for the cast’s virtual meet and greet filled up within hours of the website’s launch. Beyond the Fold’s digital space is also set to expand for the upcoming Shadow and Bone Season 2 release.