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BrandTV 2
Product/ServiceTV 2 BRAND
Category A02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Production 2 C A T K Berlin, GERMANY
Post Production C A T K Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Roar Sager Bold Scandinavia Creative Director
Petter Eklund Bold Scandinavia Lead Designer
Hanne Østenfor Bold Scandinavia Client Director / Strategist
Simen Myklebust Bold Scandinavia Designer
Andrea Tjøsvoll Bold Scandinavia Designer
Kristina Jandova Bold Scandinavia Typography
Christina Magnussen Bold Scandinavia Designer
Kristian Bjureby Bold Scandinavia Motion Designer
Robin Burevall Bold Scandinavia Motion Designer
Christina Damsgaard Bold Scandinavia Motion Designer
Joar Lenz Bold Scandinavia Sound Design
Frode Langhelle TV 2 Sound Design
Fred Östmann Bold Scandinavia Brand Strategist
Marte Alvfalk Bold Scandinavia Brand Strategist
Amanda Liljenäs Bold Scandinavia Account Director
Julie Gehrken Bold Scandinavia Account Director
Camilla Block Hellum Bold Scandinavia Account Director
Oskar Lübeck Bold Scandinavia Design Advisor


TV 2 is a commercial public broadcaster in Norway. TV 2 broadcasts live sports, news, and entertainment, including distribution of movies and series, both local and international. A growing number of sub-brands, and a toolbox not developed for digital channels had led to a fragmented TV 2 identity. Insight revealed that preference was falling, and the channel was associated with advertising and expensive streaming. All the positive associations for linear-TV and streaming services was owned by their competitors. Our task was to strengthen the TV 2 brand and to position them as one common brand for all entertainment services, and modernized the visual profile for today’s and tomorrow’s platforms, making the consumers more willing to choose TV 2 when it comes to watch and stream TV. Budget was approximately 1 million Euro The project was a total rebrand, including brand strategy, brand hierarchy, visual identity and design for all surfaces.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Norway is a complex nation, and TV 2 is the melting pot that unites and includes the Norwegian people. By uniting content, seeing each story from several perspectives, TV 2 gives Norway the stories that brings us together. The identity reflects how TV 2 unites and balances these stories. Also inspired by the name the concept plays on 2 contrasts, 2 shapes and 2 sides, and how these can be combined and live together in everything from design elements to motion, UX, content and communication. The logo is created as a unifier that brings and balances 2 worlds together into new experiences – symbolize a new unique way of how TV 2 tells their stories and will work with content. The target audience is all of Norways population.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The identity includes elements all based on the concept: •A logo that unites 2-sides together into a new experience. It also functions as a vessel for motion and UX that connects and reveal content. •Uniting the 2 main colors from news and sport, creates a distinct purple brand color. •A full custom brand typeface balances soft vs sharp shapes in its construction and it is both functional and distinct. •A 2-step rhythm principle is used on all motion, through streaming, digital and linear •The sound logo logo follows the overall motion principle “the 2-step rhythm”. •UX interactions are build on contrasting states / perspectives (sharp vs soft), and the 2-step rhythm •Icons for UX/UI, symbols etc is build on soft vs sharp •The brand Idents are created as 2 worlds (surreal or specific) living together in step 1, and merged together in step 2.

List the results (20% of vote)

A new design toolbox build for digital channels and future concepts. A new logo functional in small sizes The inclusion of TV 2s designers in process, and combining linear and digital designers on same teams has created internal brand pride. The brand hierarchy has collected all TV 2 sub-channels and brands under one TV 2 masterbrand. Example: Streaming service was called Sumo, but is now called TV 2 Play. An increased awareness for the new streaming service. Client consideration for selecting TV 2 Play as paid streaming service has gone from 5% to 26% knowledge from May 21 to October 21. The rebrand got PR in all national media.