Category C01. Digital & Interactive Design
Entrant NIJI Rennes, FRANCE
Idea Creation NIJI Rennes, FRANCE
Production NIJI Rennes, FRANCE
Additional Company DALKIA - DIRECTION RéGIONALE Saint-André-lez-Lille, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Jérémie Manigne Niji CEO
Yv Corbeil Niji Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer
Pierre-Éric Boulland Niji UX Director
Sophie Lance Niji Strategic planner
Anne-Marie Szczepaniak Niji Editorial manager
Christine Viel Niji Delivery Director
Audrey Heudes Niji Project manager
John Brière Niji Product Owner
Xavier Belet Niji VP Sales
Laurent Saint-Marc Niji Co-founder, Managing Director
Romain Séguineau Niji Account Director
Sylvie Jéhanno Dalkia CEO
Renaud Czarnes Dalkia Communications Director
Jean-François Allin Dalkia Communications director
Bertrand Nachbaur Dalkia CIO
Damien Siess Dalkia Coordination and Strategy Director
Olivier Conte Dalkia Project Director
Yahaya Galle Dalkia Responsable Domaine SI Filiales
Audrey Bresciani Dalkia Marketing & Communication Manager – Direction Internationale
Caroline Guillot Dalkia Responsable communication digitale
Jérémy Rolot Dalkia Chargé de communication digitale
Laxmi Kassamaly Dalkia Brand,digital & influence manager


Situation: As ClimateCare states, If the Internet were a country, it would rank between the 3rd and 6th position of the biggest polluters behind the USA and China. Furthermore, Dalkia's website had a high carbon footprint, ranking E on the EcoIndex, a leading carbon impact scoring digital platform. Brief: Align Brand and company purpose by providing a tangible digital proof Objectives: 1. Reduce the carbon footprint of the website compared to the previous one 2. Make the sustainable website recognizable and proprietary by respecting brand guidelines (Dalkia & EDF Group)

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Exclusively using the green color for 3 reasons: 1. Present in Dalkia’s brand guidelines 2. Newly color-coded division of companies within Group EDF (Blue, Green, and Orange) 3. The heuristic of green refers directly to eco-friendliness in the overall population mindset Monochromatic dithered images for a proprietary visual aesthetic. B2B customers: cities, collectivities, private sector Candidates: sustainable native candidates (Dalkia had a hard time fulfilling their 900+ job openings)

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We developed the most efficient site possible to reduce the size in bytes and limit the energy used by servers to store the data and by users to view it 1. Reduced size (in bytes) and data transfers: Dalkia has reduced the number of images, videos and PDFs embedded in each page to limit their size. Dalkia has also used custom compression on each image as well as a single colour processing with a low pixel count. 2. Optimised loading time: Reduced page sizes and efficient code have enabled Dalkia to reduce the amount of server requests, which speeds up loading times. 3. The number of pages has been divided by 4 (employment offers excluded), with a simplified browsing experience for users. 4. Dalkia has eliminated autoplay videos and reduced the number of videos by 81%. 5. The site is static—content is only uploaded once a day

List the results (20% of vote)

64% reduction of the carbon impact compared to the previous website Content divided by 4 (from 2400 pages to 600 pages) A global score of A compared to E on the EcoIndex carbon footprint ranking platform Reduction of servers from 7 to 2 Half the servers shut down at night Static website: content uploaded once a day