Product/ServiceLET IT ALL ART
Category C01. Digital & Interactive Design
Entrant PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Idea Creation PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Production PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Post Production PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Maxime Van Parys Publicis Groupe Benelux Creative
Jannik Vinck Publicis Groupe Benelux Creative
Berten Peremans Publicis Groupe Benelux Chief Strategy Officer
Allen Marchant Publicis Groupe Benelux Account Director
Gaetan Demeulenaere Publicis Groupe Benelux Account Manager
Malika Gharbi Publicis Groupe Benelux Account Executive
Tom Verhoeven Publicis Groupe Benelux Client Lead
Carl De Gussem Publicis Groupe Benelux Strategic Lead
Anthony O'Donnell Publicis Groupe Benelux Connection planner
Philippe Haine Publicis Groupe Benelux Marketing Performance Strategist
Mathieu Cardon Publicis Groupe Benelux Co-Creative Director
Laurence Van de putte Publicis Groupe Benelux Co-Creative Director
Michel Salamon Prodigious Agency Digital Director
Teo Rasmerita Prodigious Agency Digital Producer
Joris Van der Plaetsen Publicis Groupe Benelux Digital Producer
Christophe Van Tricht Publicis Groupe Benelux Graphic Designer
Bruno Menon Publicis Groupe Benelux Graphic Designer
Zach Lieberman YesYesNo Artist
Molmol Kuo YesYesNo Artist
Gauthier Fairon Publicis Groupe Belgium Editing
Lise Tran Publicis Groupe Benelux Strategic Planner
Christina Goosdeel Publicis Groupe Benelux Content Strategist


Positivity helps you grow and thrive. Whereas negativity weighs you down and you stagnate. And with every negative impact of COVID and its subsequent lockdown had on our lives (illness, death, businesses closed, loneliness, …) it became difficult to be positive. BNPPF wanted to address this. They believe that banks can be a catalyst for growth, even in hard times. On the 1-year lockdown anniversary, they created a platform that transformed screams of frustration into something beautiful and personal: art. This activation was to demonstrate that each Belgian could turn negativity into something positive. The key business challenge for this activation was for BNPPF to be seen as an actor of unity and an enabler of positivity amongst the Belgian population. To create an interaction with Belgians and have a positive impact on their mental health while increasing the human aspect of the brand image.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Together with Yes YesNo LLC an interactive collective that specializes in the creation of captivating, magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision, and cutting-edge R&D. We worked on an algorithm that could analyze the pitch, timbre and volume of each scream. Based on these 3 datapoints it created different AI-generated shapes and colours. We transformed 5.496 screams into personal and unique pieces of art. These were assembled on a digital wall which was hosted on website LetItAllArt.be. Once the lockdown measures were lifted, we exposed 449 pieces on a 50-metre-long wall in the centre of Brussels, at the Bourse. There were on the wall, next to each piece a QR-code that people could scan and hear the screams that originated it, the name and location of their authors.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We needed a concept that could resonate strongly with each Belgian. It also needed to be feasible without taking any health risks. We offered the platform as a solution to alleviate yourself “in an easy way” from the frustrations of the pandemic. You could use the tool at home, indoors, on either a computer or a smartphone. It was simple and effective. People could create art in 2 simple steps. 1)Allow access to their microphone and camera. 2)Press record and scream. The data helped us to keep our promise and transform the negativity of their scream into something beautiful and personal: art. Once people started using it, we invited people to take part and contribute to the monument piece. One huge piece of art that would be used as symbol of resilience during what was a challenging time.

List the results (20% of vote)

We were heavily present in the press: total earned media value estimated at 60.000€. 69.293 Belgians interacted with the platform, spending on average 1min30 exploring it (twice the average). 5.496 of them used our tool to let their anger out. Watching others scream generated relief as there were 17.129 clicks to view the digital art wall. Thanks to this massive participation, we were able to create a physical mural, made of 449 unique art pieces. These results demonstrate the importance of connecting with consumers on a personal level and truly helping them. They also suggest a positive brand image and likeability in the long run. The physical wall of 50m long produced 588.000 contacts over the 6-week period it was up.