Category B04. Self-promotion
Entrant ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Post Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Jan Mattassi Alkemy creative direction and writing
Marco Tironi Alkemy creative direction
Niccolò Rigo Allkemy strategy direction
Federica Busino Alkemy supervision
Sandro Maradei Alkemy Design & development Project Management
Davide Cremonesi Alkemy UX direction
Mattia Rinaudo Alkemy Designer
Claudia Chieffo Alkemy UI designer
Francesco Michelini Freelance developer


BX, or Brand Experience, is a new offer of our multi-service consultancy agency. It promises a streamlined management of the whole brand communications chain. From strategy, creativity, design & development to production. All is internal, all is built to simplify without being simplistic. The objective of was to deliver a simple story for a complex service while proving to own the overall craft needed.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Communication departments are the bridgehead of any multi-service company. Launched to anticipate the coming rebrand of the mother company, Alkemy, had to convey the value of simplicity while being appealing to B2B clients (CMO's, brand managers, procurement officers...). A one pager would have been the right compromise: not too long, yet informative, not too sophisticated, yet intriguing.

Describe the execution (40% of vote) displays the new brand elements of the coming Alkemy identity. The giant B and X, the floating rocks, the font pairing, handwritten signs, micrographics and bold copy choices make up for the overall impact of the website. UX guided the design, while stretching the boundaries to achieve a strong visual appeal and keeping usability rate high.

List the results (20% of vote) provided for over 80% of overall prospect contact requests via the contacts page in the first month of release,