ITTI Digital “Finera” core banking solution UX/UI design transformation

TitleITTI Digital “Finera” core banking solution UX/UI design transformation
BrandITTI Digital “FINERA”
Product/ServiceCore Banking solution UX/UI design
Category C01. Digital & Interactive Design
Entrant UXDA Riga, LATVIA
Idea Creation UXDA Riga, LATVIA
Production UXDA Riga, LATVIA
Name Company Position
Alex Kreger UXDA UX Strategist
Linda Zaikovska-Daukste UXDA UX Strategist
Inese Zepa UXDA UX Architect & Consultant
Andrew Yeliseyev UXDA Art Director
Dmitry Kustov UXDA UX/UI Designer


It's a well-known yet well-hidden fact that core banking back-office solutions are causing a lot of problems. The impact of an outdated banking back office system is much stronger than it seems at the outset. It drastically reduces the speed, quality, and value customer service could provide. So, the ugly truth is that today the majority of current banking back-office solutions are slow, complex, clumsy, and leading the employees to mistakes instead of helping to avoid them. The main challenge of ITTI Digital when they started working with UXDA was to disrupt the banking industry by creating a never-before-seen core-banking back-office solution 100% focused on the employees: a solution that would take into account all bank employees' pain points, needs, and daily tasks, thus making their job easier, enjoyable and more meaningful from a banking end-customer perspective.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

From first sight, the ITTI Digital initial product was fragmented and overloaded with functionality. Instead of helping banking employees, it just confused them. That's why weeks of learning are needed. We wanted to engage and motivate employees to reach their goals effectively by addressing the users' needs. We used gaming elements to inspire employees to reach their sales goals while, at the same time, keeping them informed about the progress they were making. We made a flat, clean, and frictionless core banking design for the new generation of bank employees to stand out from the boring gray screens most banks are using. We wanted to refresh the typical formality in banks, replacing it with an emotionally uplifting and modern environment. We filled solution with a lot of tiny details that ensure a positive experience for the employees, adding a sense of meaning and significance to their everyday duties.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Solution operates with tons of data, and it's a challenge to structure and display it in an intuitive manner that's insightful and easy to understand for the user. We believe that many financial services are actually in the data-displaying business because this is a job that users require them to do perfectly. We make the new ITTI Digital back-office solution as simple and easy to understand as possible, keeping in mind that all of the service information is divided into two main parts: one is individual for the banking employee; the other one is functions connected to client affairs. Key dashboards of the new ITTI Digital product required huge time investment. Moving throughout the full UX design workflow we had to keep in mind all the user scenarios that affect information architecture hierarchy and usability. Stats: 21 end-user interviews 85 user-insights 13 wireframes 140 design screens 945 hours of work

List the results (20% of vote)

ITTI Digital core banking is a breeze of fresh air in a field that hasn't changed for decades. New design created an intuitive, user-centered solution unlike any other banking back office currently available on the market. Its UX transformation was like heart surgery, as the back-office is what keeps hundreds of inner banking processes running. To make it user-centered, we translated huge amounts of heavy data into human language. As a result, the learning curve of banking employees reduced from months to hours. The potential of human errors decreased significantly. It ensures a huge increase in service speed, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. The employee learning curve was reduced by 99% from several months to just a few hours, 65% of outdated functionality was relieved due to a mismatch with users' needs. First orders of software arrived even before the product launched.