Gold Eurobest Award

Case Film


Category G03. Single-market Campaign
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement ORCHESTRA Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Ole Hoffmann &Co. / NoA Creative
Kristoffer Winther &Co. / NoA Creative
Kristian Eilertsen &Co. / NoA Creative
Thomas Hoffmann & Co. / NoA Creative
Sara Samsøe NewLand Producer
Tore Frandsen NewLand Director
Kasper Wind NewLand Director Of Photography
Nynne Sille Hansen & Co. / NoA Medie Strategist
Thomas Christensen &Co. / NoA Account Director
Louise Brinkland Færch &Co/NoA Account Manager
Filippa Borg von Bülow &Co. Production / NoA Agency Producer
Katrine Thamdrup & Co. / NoA Strategy
Søren Jespersgaard Albrechtsen &Co. Production / NoA Agency Editor
Anne Sophie Vendal &Co. / NoA Account Manager
Frederik Topsøe &Co Production / NoA Inhouse Editor
Peter Vojnovic &Co. / NoA Graphic Designer
Louise Rasmussen &Co. / NoA Account Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film takes place in a Viking village year 893, at a raiding party that is due to set sail to England. Before set off, the Viking leader; Svend is reminded to wear his helmet, but he announces to his co-Viking Hjalmar that he won’t be needing his helmet because it is too itchy, wrecks his hair and that he is a safe rider of horses, never falls off - exposing all the common justifications cyclists use as excuses to not wear a helmet. Excuses are exposed, repeated loud and clear yelling them to an army of Vikings far away. Svend’s son brings his helmet, but Svend keeps on, until his wife comes out commanding Svend to wear the helmet. He puts on the helmet and ride away, just to bang his head on the wooden exit of the Viking village. Message enters, Helmet has always been a good idea.

Please tell us how the work was designed / adapted for a single country / region / market.

We approach execution from four angles:1.An idea that can travel between people - calling for social media (Facebook + YouTube), PR, collaborations (National Museum of Denmark) and stakeholders (Danish Minister of Traffic). 2.A broad target group - broad reach with combination of TV streaming and digital TV. 3.In situation/the importance of catching the target group on their bike, adding OOH in cities (billboards and busses) to the mix. 4.Buying situation, collaboration with ABUS bike-shops. Campaign went live June7th 2021 with a frontload of the hero film (full version) on social media, giving people a chance to know the universe, then expanded the campaign with a four-week period of TV (cutdown of hero), digital TV and OOH (billboards+busses). A broad Danish PR effort was done to facilitate the conversation around the campaign and the helmet, and to deliver insights and data behind the campaign film to impact the challenge and consequences.