Category G04. Social Behaviour
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement DOMCLICK Moscow, RUSSIA
Production PRODIGIOUS Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production PRODIGIOUS Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Tatiana Starikova Leo Burnett art direction
Irina Kazennova Leo Burnett account direction
Tatiana Orlova Leo Burnett account direction
Natalia Patrusheva Leo Burnett producing
Nikolai Kostuchko DomClick direction
Yurii Nikolaev DomClick production
Nikita Samarin DomClick marketing direction
Kirill Astashkin DomClick direction
Anna Tulskaya DomClick brand management
Ivan Egorochkin DomClick direction
Tigran Bezhanov Prodigious film direction
Yurii Grachevskiy Prodigious producing
Ekaterina Getz Prodigious producing
Aleksey Smolyar Prodigious direction
Ivan Lebedev Prodigious photography direction
Sergey Rodnov Prodigious production
Andrey Zhirnov Prodigious film direction
Maria Savina Prodigious Props
Anna Bashtovaya Prodigious Costumes
Maria Perova Prodigious Makeup
Sergey Chebatarev Prodigious Video editing
Aleksey Grachev Prodigious producing
Maria Romenskaya Prodigious direction
Irina Novikova Prodigious production

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

To show the unique time and look and feel of those years, we shot this film in the style of the Soviet film school. Using standard light schemes and camera movement, which can be found in the movies of great Russian directors, we achieved a unique Soviet atmosphere. We used the USSR optics, which gives a special magic to the image, which is lost today.

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Kommunalka is a product of the Soviet era. After the Bolsheviks abolished the concept of private property in 1917, Russia had to wait for 69 years until private property was restored in 1991. Up till then, all apartments and houses were State-owned and were issued to citizens, who were entitled only to 10 square meters per one adult with child. The expropriated spacious apartments of tsar's Russia often became kommunalkas, shared by up to 20 people. Now In Russia people who live in overcrowded Kommunalkas are often reluctant to sell them because they fear change and feel attached to the place.