Category A03. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Media Placement ZENITH Paris, FRANCE
Production IC CONTENT Paris, FRANCE
Post Production PRODIGIOUS Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company SNCF Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Marco Venturelli PUBLICIS CONSEIL President overseeing creativity
Mathieu Dubray Publicis Conseil Art Director
Tanguy Gallis Publicis Conseil Copywriter
Maud Robaglia Publicis Conseil Head of art
Chloé Doisneau Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Maho Benotmane Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Tristan de Laval Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Eva Chapiteau Publicis Conseil Strategic Planning
Raphaël Lévy IC Content Producer
Cyril Bettane IC Content Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film shows that the railways of the SNCF are not just part of the French landscape, they are at the heart of French people’s lives. In fact, they are so much part of French life that they are a mirror of the French personality. As the film develops, the osmosis becomes clearer and more striking. A real common character a real personality is expressed with its own loveable flaws. Because being French is not about fitting into a mould of culture or religion or ethnicity, it’s about refusing to fit into a mould and being proud to be paradoxical- poetic and pragmatic, traditional and avant-garde, this can be as glorious as it can be inconvenient.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The SNCF is the national railway company since 1938. It has not just kept French people moving, it has been keeping French society moving, making travel accessible, but also being the institution at the vanguard of workers rights, fighting for the holidays where people can explore their country, defending the quality of life not just a quality of transport. This role is not without controversy, improvement means delays, defending workers rights means strikes and at these means, there is always a risk of a disconnection between the SNCF and the people it serves, because however philosophical you might be, waiting on a cold platform for a train is no joie de vivre. In a context where the whole world has been shaken up, SNCF deserves to be a source of stability and progress in France, that attachment needed to be made.