Short List
Product/ServiceRADIO STATION
Category A04. Media / Entertainment
Entrant MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Idea Creation MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Production HAMLET Brussels, BELGIUM
Post Production DIVIDE Ghent, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Odin Saillé Mutant Creative Director
Maarten De Cuyper Mutant Business Director
Usman Abdul Mutant Art Director
Catherine Hermans Mutant Copywriter
Ruben Van Maldeghem Mutant Copywriter
Iris Nuyts Mutant Creation
Frank Schouwaerts Mutant Design Director
Innie Tran Mutant Account Manager
Jason Felstead Hamlet Executive Producer
Angelo Cerisara Hamlet Director
Ruben Goots Hamlet Executive Producer
Pim Verhaert Hamlet Producer
Robin Paul Hamlet Production Manager
Dominique Ruys Hamlet Post-producer
Edouard Le Grelle Hamelt DOP
Xavier Dockx Hamlet Color Grader
Maarten Baert Divide VFX supervisor
RAYGUN RAYGUN Raygun Sound Production

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

These films, from Belgian youth radio station StuBru, celebrate the return of the festival and party scene. We literally zoom in on unexpected encounters with random strangers. Such as a sloppy kiss where tongues awkwardly flail and wrestle one another, until we get up close and it becomes almost mesmerising to behold. Or a visit to dodgy urinals where drunk strangers bump into you. And the hair on your arms intertwine in a repulsive yet intimately satisfying way. These scenes are narrated by the poetic inner voice of the protagonists that would normally be disgusted by the strangers, but after this long deprivation of human contact, we actually see and hear them embrace this moment.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The impact of the pandemic led to the Belgian population adopting new words to describe the effects of the virus on the country. Due to the deprivation of social and intimate interaction during that period of isolation the word ‘ huidhonger’ was introduced which translates as ’skin hunger’. All of us, and especially youngsters, began to crave intimacy, physical touch and the unexpected encounters, even with random strangers. We deliberately chose to highlight and portray the beauty of what we once saw as negative encounters. Knowing that many brands would focus solely on the positive sides to the ending of the lockdown.