Category B05. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Entrant BANG Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation BANG Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PARAPIX Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production PARAPIX Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Peter Fjäll BANG Creative Director
Markus Virpiö Markus Virpiö Editor
Juge Heikkilä Juge Heikkilä Director Of Photography
Johan Lindman BANG Copywriter
Lloyd Stanton Lloyd Stanton Copywriter
Magnus Färnström BANG Art Director
Johan Andersson BANG Art Director
Jani Niilivirta BANG Art Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Internet of Things (IoT) is about things talking to things. Wirepas is a Finnish company that has created the world's first non-cellular 5G standard for IoT. The story of the films is about Wirepas and the people who works there. And Villes mom. Ville’s mom is the ultimate spokesperson for Wirepas (Ville Kaseva is Wirepas actual CTO). She is happy to boast loudly and at length about her son and his company’s exploits. Because she wants to, and because she can. She is a mom, after all ... She’s always there, as a good mom should be. And she’s happy to lend a hand whenever she’s needed: making coffee and, of course, letting everyone know when she think it's time to ‘get shit done’.” You don’t want to mess with this woman. She is warm and loveable, but if she tells you to do something, you do it.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The films happen in Tampere, Finland. Main airing was set to the international space, which led us to focus on Finnish culture. But instead of being a truthful documentary of Finland today, the mood is kind of twisted and a bit exaggerated. The Finland we are showing is slightly weirder and more exotic than reality. Finland seems to be this strange country up North, where people are quite eccentric. But they seem to be very honest and hard working too. This approach angle is connected to all choices in the films. The stories, the characters, the sets, the props and the wardrobe. We are not making too obvious comedy - the mood is just a little crazy. In a good and entertaining way. But over all the weirdness comes the warm hearty feeling of our main character - The Mom. She brings the soul and emotion to the films.