Product/ServiceTV CHANNEL
Category E04. Series: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Entrant MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Idea Creation MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Odin Saillé Mutant Creative Director
Pieter Claeys Mutant Copywriter
Roxane Schneider Mutant Art Director
Usman Abdul Mutant Photography
Emilie Kino Mutant Account Director
Loes Daemen Mutant Account Manager
Emilie Kino Mutant Producer
Loes Daemen Mutant Producer Assistent
Rachida El Garani Mutant Director
Edouard Valette Mutant DOP
Dimitri Sterkens Mutant Editor
Studio Henri Studio Henri Studio Henri Sound
Klankwerk Klankwerk Klankwerk Sound

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Every episode consists of a teasing intro of a comment made. All panel guests in the episode are introduced with name and image. After this we get to see different parts of the Canvas programs shown to our panel. The panel reacts and points out the problem in the programs. EG. in episode 3 (war documentaries) we see different fragments from war documentaries of WWI & WWII broadcasted on Canvas. We see victory scenes of different white soldiers celebrating the end of the war. But no soldier of color. Hind explains what is wrong with the documentaries, how brave soldiers of colors are left out, but nobody talks about it.