Category B01. Consumer Goods
Entrant ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Post Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Jan Mattassi Alkemy Creative Direction
Jan Mattassi Alkemy creative direction and writing
Marco Tironi Alkemy Creative direction
Niccolò Rigo Allkemy strategy direction
Federica Busino Alkemy project supervision
Federica Busino Alkemy supervision
Niccolò Rigo Allkemy strategy definition
Sandro Maradei Alkemy Design & development Project Management
Andrea Biolcatti Alkemy social media strategy
Davide Cremonesi Alkemy UX direction
Demetrio Chirico Alkemy creative
Mattia Rinaudo Alkemy Designer
Mauro Breda Alkemy creative
Xavier Mairesse Fromatozed direction
Claudia Chieffo Alkemy UI designer
Emanuele Zarlenga Alkemy cinematography
Francesco Michelini Freelance developer
Lorenzo Colugnati Alkemy editor
Edvige Crescibene Alkemy account direction
Simone Di Mezza Cutillo Alkemy executive production
Chiara Agresta Alkemy producer
Daniele Esposito Alkemy line production
Fabrizio Ferigo Alkemy editing
Filippo Giordani Alkemy producer
Andrea Metafuni Alkemy set photographer
Camillo Sancisi Alkemy credits animation
Mirko De Crescenzo Jackleg Studio Srl sound designer
Walter Volpatto Company3 color correction
Massimo Paternoster Alkemy creative
Salvatore Specchia Alkemy creative
Giulio Frittaion Alkemy creative
Yuri Alessandro Alfieri Alkemy creative
Federico Capitani Alkemy creative
Christian Leoni Alkemy creative

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

1944, Rome has been liberated. The troops are exhausted and their Commander looks for a way to rev up their morale. A young soldier, Robbins, is given his first mission: to organize a great meal. The task isn’t easy: Robbins wants to make the soldiers feel at home just for a moment, but it’s wartime and good food is scarce. So he partners with an Italian cook and challenges him to create an ambitious recipe. Regardless of their differences, be they linguistic, cultural or just gastronomical, they manage to find a solution, inspired by the Allies’ “K” rations: dehydrated eggs and bacon. In a race against time, Robbins and the cook create the first carbonara to take care of the Allied soldiers. The dish is an instant success that proves how little it takes to bring everyone together. In 1944 as today.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The film is set in wartime Italy, but the similarities with the year we’ve just been through are obvious. The pandemic as a “war”, the economic and social consequences, and the need for someone to take care of the people most affected by the pandemic. In the words of, Carebonara is “a testament to a lot of the things that many people have missed. Family gatherings, good meals, and healthy cultural exchange.”