Category B03. Sound Design
Idea Creation SOCIALCLUB Paris, FRANCE
Production BIRTH Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Thomas Aboulker Birth Production Producer
Maxime Daguet Sociaclub Creative Director
Corentin Fardeau Socialclub Head of Strategy
Valetin Fertillet Socialclub CEO
Théo Gottlieb Birth Director
Fitas Jonathan Birth Production Sound Design
Hugo Legrand Nathan Birth Production CEO
Pauline Merveille Solidarités International Marketing Director
Myuu Myuu Myuu Music Artist
Léo Sattin Socialclub Creative Director
Yohan Ungar Birth Production Executive Producer
Guillaume Cotillard Solidarités International Head of communications
Soufiane Mouizerh Birth Producer
Yassine Allahi Birth Producer
Lofti Ait Jaoui Birth Assistant Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A heap of balloons, easily recognizable as a mainstay of birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and other parties, appear among the rubble of cities impacted by war and natural disasters. The sounds of ‘Happy Birthday’ play over softly. Suddenly, sharply, the balloons pop, imitating gunfire. Through this very pure AD, we wanted to put the spectator at the heart of the daily life of humanitarians.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

For these 40 years, Solidarités International didn't want to talk about itself and its actions, but to pay tribute to all the humanitarian workers around the world who risk their lives every day to save others. More often than we think, humanitarians are killed during their mission. 08/10/19, in Niger, humanitarian workers were attacked by an armed group. 8 people tragically lost their lives. The humanitarian mission of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is the fight of many lives. Those of those it helps as well as those of every humanitarian who fights to bring essential aid as far as it is needed.

Tell the jury about the elements of sound design.

Creating a palpable tension, and suddenly being surprised by a balloon explosion and then the explosion turning into gunfire allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of the humanitarians who go on a mission to save lives at the risk of their own