Bronze Eurobest Award
Category A02. Script
Production HUNGRY MAN Los Angeles, USA
Name Company Position
Danny Brooke-Taylor Lucky Generals Executive Creative Director
George Allen Lucky Generals Creative
Lizzie Moore Lucky Generals Creative
Sarah Quinn Lucky Generals Client Partner
Louise Bodily Lucky Generals Account Director
Joe Bagnall Lucky Generals Producer
Camilla Hempleman Lucky Generals Producer
Loz Horner Lucky Generals Strategist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In October 2020, Amazon Alexa launched their newest form, one with a beautiful new design. Our brief was to showcase this new form on Super Bowl night and find a way to get people to love Alexa, not just for her functionality but for her personality. To solve this, we highlighted the beauty of Alexa's new body we imagined giving her the only one that could possibly be better - the body of recently voted 'sexiest man' alive - Michael B Jordan. We see our hero using Michael/Alexa in different scenarios around her home becoming more enamoured with him as she goes, much to her husband’s annoyance. This enabled us to both humanize Alexa and show off a spread of her different functionalities, creating brand love for both the product and the brand. The spot was the most viewed ad of the Super Bowl, hitting 77m views.

Provide the full film script in English.

We open in an Amazon R&D lab. A small team of Amazon employees are admiring the new sphere-shaped Echo device. The blue light underneath the orb makes it glow majestically on the tabletop. A female employee is staring at it up close. Female employee: It’s just... flawless isn’t it? I literally couldn’t imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa... The other employees are nodding along in agreement but our woman trails o , her voice drops down to a reverential hush as a bus pulls up opposite the window, wrapped with a giant gleaming movie poster of Michael B Jordan in Prime Video’s ‘Without Remorse’. The Most Beautiful Thing by Bruno Major starts to play softly underneath. We push in on our employee’s face as she talks. Female employee: be inside We cut to the same woman, now at home in her kitchen. She’s cooking something. Woman: Alexa, how many tablespoons are in a cup? We reveal Michael B Jordan sitting on a kitchen counter. His eyes light up with a soft beautiful blue glow. Michael/Alexa: There are 16 tablespoons in a cup. The woman blushes. We see her husband come in with takeaway bags. Husband: Babe, food just got here. Why you cooking? ...Who’s that? We cut to the Female employee and her husband on their sofa. Our hero is right at the other end of the sofa staring at MBJ while the husband sits at the other end eating ice cream and watching TV. Michael/Alexa: You are the most beautiful woman in the world, in French is, tu es la femme la plus belle que j'aie jamais vue. We cut to the woman looking out of her bedroom window into her backyard. She speaks to Alexa. Female employee: Alexa, turn on the sprinklers We see Michael standing in garden getting absolutely soaked by the sprinklers. We hear the husband. Husband: Honey I already...I already ran the sprinklers Back inside our woman hasn’t heard a word her husband has said. Flustered we the husband come outside and shout at Alexa Husband: Alexa STOP! Things are getting way too wet around here. We cut to a small house party the couple are throwing. We see our woman and MBJ. Female employee: Alexa, dim the lights. Michael activates, his eyes a seductive blue. Michael takes his shirt o to cover the lamp... the woman’s friends are entranced. We see our husband outside with his friends and annoyed starts to run inside. Husband: Alexa, lights up! Alexa! Our female employee has just finished a workout. She throws a towel around her neck and walks confidently through her home. We see her husband in the corner of the room. He’s at his desk, stuck on a video conference with colleagues. She slows down to walk closely past MBJ. Female employee: Alexa, add bath oils to my shopping list. Her husband overhears this and turns to look over his shoulder. Husband: Alexa, no, don’t do that. We hard cut to our woman relaxing in a bubble bath. Female employee: Alexa, read my audiobook. We pull out to reveal Michael is in the bath with the woman, his eyes glowing. Michael/Alexa: I was in his hands, I was being changed all that.... We hard cut back to the R&D lab. Our woman is still staring out of the window. Other Female employee: Do you know if we have any extra ones of these? ...I mean they’re probably not using this one. We cut back to Michael and our woman in the bath together. We see our husband with his ear to the door. Michael/Alexa: ...that everything was breaking and changing, and turning in me. Just then we hear KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the bathroom door. Husband: Is Alexa in the bath with you?? The woman ignores him and closes her eyes, relaxing lower into the bath Husband: Honey?? Other people need to use the bathroom around here too! We fade to black and the Amazon smile appears.