Category A05. Cinematography
Production HENRY Paris, FRANCE
Post Production PRODIGIOUS Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company CASTORAMA Templecombe, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Marco Venturelli PUBLICIS CONSEIL President overseeing creativity
Simon Dhamelincourt PUBLICIS CONSEIL Creative Lead, Copywriter, DA
Alexandre Hildebrand PUBLICIS CONSEIL Creative Lead, Copywriter, DA
Justine Mopin PUBLICIS CONSEIL DA Assistant
Sarah Bouadjera PUBLICIS CONSEIL TV Producer
Marie Nossereau PUBLICIS CONSEIL Strategic Planner
Eric Forest PUBLICIS CONSEIL Account Manager
Aicha Kheloufi PUBLICIS CONSEIL Account Manager
Marine Taieb PUBLICIS CONSEIL Account Manager
Tom Kuntz HENRY-MJZ Realisator
Hugo Diaz HENRY-MJZ Producer
Jean Ozannat HENRY-MJZ Producer
Matias Boucard HENRY-MJZ Director Of Photography
Gaël Leroux HENRY-MJZ Head Decoration
Sonia Philouze HENRY-MJZ Stylist
Frederic Laine HENRY-MJZ SFX
Franck Percher HENRY-MJZ Realisator Assistant
Sybil Esterez HENRY-MJZ Production Director
Lola Perron HENRY-MJZ Production Coordinator
Christopher Thiery Prodigious Head of TV
Jean-Clément Soret Prodigious Calibrator
Quentin Martin Prodigious Executive Producer
Anne Chazette Prodigious Post-producer
Eric Alcuvilla Prodigious Flame
Emilia Redondy Prodigious Graphic Designer
Boris Jeanne Prodigious Sound producer
Alexandre Firla Prodigious Sound Engineer
Marine Le Vergos Prodigious Business Affairs
Camille Masse Prodigious Business Affairs
Flore Bernot Prodigious Business Affairs
Romain Roulleau Castorama Announcer manager
Jérôme Deligne Castorama Announcer manager
Olivier Servat Castorama Announcer manager
Audrey Donront Castorama Announcer manager
Thomas Meron Castorama Announcer manager
Russel Icke HENRY-MJZ Chief Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

This is the story of a man and his children leaving town for suburbs/country side. He bought an old house that really need to be fixed. As long as he will repair and change everything in the house he will slowly turn into a beaver. Each time he does DIY and improves his house, he becomes more and more a beaver, he gets different attributes : teeth, tail fur and finally becomes a grown friendly beaver. His children love their new home and their new dad's appearance. At the end of the film, when the house is fresh & clean, our fully beaverised man takes a cool family breakfast with his kids. Then he looks through the window and sees a girl, doing DIY (painting her shutters), who is smiling at him “saying hi” and we see the same big teeth and realize she’s also becoming a beaver.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

“Castor” is the french word for beaver, but not only the animal! In France, after the second world war, people rebuilding their home by themselves were called the “Castors” because like the animal those men and women rebuild their homes by themselves and try to make it cosy. That’s how the retail shop “Castorama” was born (a kind of place for Castors). The film delightfully shows on the first degree the evolution of a man to a beaver. We finish with the ending line “Wake your inner beaver” as a call to action!

Tell the jury anything relevant about the cinematography.

Shooted in 2/35, with a cinema DOP and broadcasted in theaters, this commercial could be seen as a short film. The choice of SFX instead of CGI makes it more authentic.