Category A03. Casting
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production MARKENFILM Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 2WEI MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 ARRI MEDIA GMBH München, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Frank Müller DocMorris N.V. Chief Marketing Officer
Gil Pfitzenmaier DocMorris N.V. Director of Marketing
Hannah Polczyk DocMorris N.V. Head of Brand & Content
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Creation
Alex Schmid Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Dennis Wendt Jung von Matt AG Senior Producer
Natalie Martens Jung von Matt AG Client Service Director
Olasumbo Pinheiro Jung von Matt AG Concept, Copywriter
Ibrahem Ghhareib Jung von Matt AG Concept, Art Director
Tasja Oldach Jung von Matt AG Senior Project Manager
Viktor Mahé Jung von Matt AG Junior Project Manager
Marc Strass Markenfilm Hamburg GmbH Executive Producer / Head of Production
Tim Freudenthal Markenfilm Hamburg GmbH Assistant Producer
Alan Finlay Markenfilm Hamburg GmbH 1st AD
Sune Sorenson AgentZoo Director
Martin Bardrum AgentZoo Agent
Ditte Birk Freelance International PR Manager
Franz Lustig Cosmic Talents DOP
Marie Berg Cosmic Talents Agent
Pauline Perez Cosmic Talents Agent
Marine Boisse Cosmic Talents Assistant
André Gelhaar Freelance Editor
Philipp Orgassa ARRI Media GmbH Colourist
Julia Dobler ARRI Media GmbH Head of Commercial
Mathias Knöfler ARRI Media GmbH Producer Colour
Mathilda Barchmann ARRI Media GmbH Grading Assistant
Nathan Padgett 2WEI Music GmbH Composer
Simon Heeger 2WEI Music GmbH Composer
Christian Vorländer 2WEI Music GmbH Composer
Clarissa Beckert 2WEI Music GmbH Music Supervisor
Tilbert Oelke Freelance Storyboard Artist
Paolo Tresoldi Freelance Concept

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The heartwarming films tells the story of an old man who prepares for the holiday, in spite of his health, so that he can share a special moment with his grand-daughter on Christmas Day. He lives alone and realizes that the holidays are coming and he will finally be with his family again. He decides that to make this holiday more meaningful, he has to prepare: not just emotionally, but also physically. He finds his old kettlebell and starts to train religiously every single day- he can’t afford to fail. But why a kettlebell? We don’t know yet. Christmas day comes and he lifts his grand-daughter to place a beautiful star on top of the Christmas tree. He lifts her in the same motion as he lifts his kettlebell during training, without missing a beat. At the end, they share an emotional moment because it was all worth it.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

A majority of Germans still don’t trust health in a digital context and 2020 was a unique year for everyone; so, we had to bridge the gap between tradition and new. All through the year, even though we had to stay apart, we always found ways to come together and spend quality time together. For this work, DocMorris wanted to create something special that made the moment of coming together even more emotional and meaningful. Aside from being a pharmaceutical brand, DocMorris wanted to capture the essence of a special holiday during a very peculiar time.

Tell the jury about the casting process.

We didn’t cast on a very specific brief. We were looking for something more special and important. One actor may look likable but not feel likable. Another may fit what we think we want, and ultimately deliver something generic. We were looking for a man, who authentically fits, of course. If he looks like he could lift a car, if he looks like he can hardly walk, then we would have - on paper - failed. But on the other hand if he’s a great actor, he can deliver what we need. Even under normal circumstances not an easy thing and we only had one and a half weeks time since it was almost christmas. And on top of that the whole world was under lockdown with especially older actors being very hesitant to travel. Therefore we casted all over Europe and finally found the perfect person for the job.