Short List
Category B02. Non-profit / Foundation-led Education & Awareness
Entrant NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Post Production NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Tore Frandsen new-land Director
Sara Samsøe new-land Executive Producer
Thor Brammer Jacobsen new-land Executive Producer
Sara Samsøe new-land Producer
Kasper Wind ArtOfficial Agency Director Of Photography
Jacob Schulsinger ArtOfficial Agency Editor
Dagmar Stefflova N/A Costume Designer
Mikael Balle Copenhagen VFX Colorist
Jonas Larsen N/A Composer
Kevin Koch ArtOfficial Agency Sound Designer
Christian Christian Sjöstedt Copenhagen VFX VFX Supervisor
Saskia Skeel Fahlsten Another Casting Company Casting Director
Lousie Bruun N/A Hair and Make Up Artist
Mads Jørgensen Wonderland Productions Production Designer
Christian Rathmann Wonderland Productions Production Designer
Lisbeth Sahl Danish Road Safety Council Senior Project Leader
Michelle Lykke Laviolette Danish Road Safety Council Senior Project Leader
Thomas Hoffmann &Co. / NoA Creative Director
Ole Hoffmann &Co. / NoA Art Director
Kristoffer Winther Sørensen &Co. / NoA Art Director
Kristian Eilerstsen &Co. / Noa Copywriter
Nynne Sille Hansen &Co. / Noa Strategist
Katrine Thamdrup &Co. / Noa Planner
Louise Brinkland Færch &Co. / Noa Account Manager
Louise Rasmussen &Co. / Noa Account Manager
Anne Sophie Vendal &Co. / Noa Account Manager
Thomas Christenson &Co. / Noa Client Director
Filippa Borg &Co. / Noa In-house producer
Søren Jespersgaard Albrechtsen &Co. / NoA In-house Editor for supporting elements:
Frederik Topsøe Jensen &Co. / Noa In-house Editor for supporting elements:
Peter Vojnovic &Co. / NoA Graphic Designer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

"Viking Has Always Been A Good Idea" is a Public Service Announcement to encourage more of the population to use safety helmets while bicycling. The comedy film is set back in the Viking era and spells out the reasons why people might not like to wear helmets, but takes a light-hearted approach in urging people, regardless of who they are, to protect themselves.

Provide the full film script in English.

Subtitles are provided, but the script can be provided via email. DANISH ROAD SAFETY COUNCIL “Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea” Film Script, translated to English DENMARK IN THE YEAR 893. A horn blows. Svend, the leader of the Viking army, approaches his men who stand beating their chest in support of their leader. Svend signals them to stop and mounts his horse. SVEND: Today we sail to England! The crowd cheers. SVEND’S SON: Wait, Dad. Svend’s son comes running from afar, ducks his head down, and presents his father with a steel helmet. Svend does not look amused, even a little embarrassed, and ignores the gesture. SVEND: To the Ships! The crowd erupts in cheer. Hjalmar, a warrior, looks concerned. HJALMAR: Svend, shouldn’t you be wearing a helmet? Svend looks around irritated. SVEND: No, it’s annoying. It makes my scalp itch. A beat. HJALMAR: Oh. But, uhh— SVEND: —Hjalmar, I’m a careful rider. Svend looks confident and calm, as he casually knocks the helmet out of his son’s hands with his boot. The helmet takes a tumble on the pebbled ground. HJALMAR: No one is saying you’re not careful… SVEND: So what do I do when I get there? Run around England wearing a silly helmet? HJALMAR: Well, yes actually, I think you should. Hjalmar forces a polite, careful smile. A warrior from the afar field yells out. WARRIOR: Svend! SVEND: Yes! WARRIOR: What’s going on? HJALMAR: (Yelling) Svend doesn’t want to wear a helmet! He says it makes his scalp itch. A beat. WARRIOR: I can’t really hear you! SVEND: I’m not the type who wears a helmet! HJALMAR: But it’s a good idea. SVEND: (Hysterical) It ruins my braids! A beat. Svend’s wife comes out holding their young child. Svend clears his throat, straightens himself up. SVEND’S WIFE: Svend! SVEND: Yes. SVEND’S WIFE: You can go looting and pillaging all you want, but you have to wear a helmet. A beat. Svend looks embarrassed. He takes the helmet from his wife’s hands, who picked it up from their son. SVEND: Yes. Svend puts on the helmet. An older man in the crowd stands and laughs. Svend turns and gives him a threatening look. The man stops laughing. HJALMER: I bet the English wear helmets too. Svend looks unamused. SVEND: To the ships! The crowd erupts in cheer once again. SVEND’S SON: Good luck, dad! We see Svend travelling on his horse, passing under a wooden beam, and knocks his head. End Title: HELMETS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A BRIGHT IDEA