Product/ServiceGRILL PERFEKT
Category A01. Consumer Goods
Entrant COOP Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation WE ARE LIVE Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement PHD Oslo, NORWAY
Production FLAMBERT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Ola Nielsen Ola Nielsen Creative
Kristian Haukland We Are Live Creative
Herman Stormyr We Are Live Account Manager
Andreas Borgen We Are Live Account Manager
Hannah Byström We Are Live Designer
Kaja Isnes We Are Live Designer
Helle Jentsch We Are Live Project Manager
Martine Gulbrandsen We Are Live Content
Kristine Gulheim We Are Live Designer
Maria Rydeng PHD Project Manager
Solveig Rikheim PHD Digital Planner
Hanne Fjeld PHD Project Manager
Christoffer Nergard PHD Advisor
Matias Beunaventura PHD Video Buyer
Henrik J Henriksen Flambert Director
Jakob Anderson Flambert Photographer
Eva Silseth Flambert Producer
Kaja Ramberg Flambert Pitmaster

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Our campaign was live over a span of channels, but based on the same insight, creative idea, and implementation strategy. We disrupted what’s considered best practice in the category with great results.


Norwegian grill and barbecue-advertising hasn’t changed in ten years. A well known chef has found an exotic sauce/taste and you are invited by buying one of their pre-seasoned products. The task given was to win the grill and barbecue-category over the summer by linking Coops “Grill Perfekt”-brand with the following associations: Quality, wide selection and temptation.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Grill Perfekt, perfectly grilled. Meat doesn’t care about what’s best practice and what’s not. Our ads didn’t end according to any media plan. They ended when whatever we grilled was perfect.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Men and women (30-55) in Norwegian households are the biggest consumers of grill and barbecue-related FMCG. With craft that made your mouth water, surprising implementation and breaking formats our goal was to position Coops “Grill Perfekt”-brand as the only choice for everyone who wanted a large selection of quality grill products.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign was implemented in steps from June to August, starting when the weather turns and Norwegians get to enjoy a few weeks of summer. Outdoor and digital (banners, pre-rolls, social media) as a warm up when the summer became a fact. Then the crown jewel of the campaign: The Entrecoté premiered in its full 5 minute long glory on TV in the pause between Belgium and Russia during the Euro-championship in soccer. Mid-July we launched an entirely new TV-channel where you could watch Perfect Grill-products be grilled to perfection 24-7. The magazine takeover concluded the campaign in early August.

List the results (30% of vote)

Ad-recall was 29% over benchmark: 84 % vs 55 % TV2 reported that during the Belgium vs Russia-match only 0.32 % of their viewers changed channel during the ad-break. Usually around 15 % of viewers change their channel. The campaign was top trending on Twitter several times during the campaign period. People who stated they saw the TV-ad: 30 % People who in reality saw the TV-ad: 8.5 % On YouTube alone Norwegians saw 4 years of ads they could have skipped. A 16.4% increase in sales compared to previous years.