Product/ServiceMELANOMA DOTS
Category B03. Use of Print / Outdoor
Idea Creation FAMOUSGREY Brussels, BELGIUM
Additional Company MELANOOMPUNT Sint-Niklaas, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Tom Van der Velde Melanoompunt Client Contact
Peter Ampe FamousGrey Creative Director
Jonas Caluwé FamousGrey Creative
Johan Van Oeckel FamousGrey Creative
Jef Leysen FamousGrey Account Director
Aze Van Coillie FamousGrey Strategic Planner
Franco Scaramuzza FamousGrey Studio
Elke Helbig FamousGrey Designer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The campaign Dotted i’s highlights a relevant topic in such a way that made people stop and reconsider their actions. It’s relevant for media, because it’s a great proof that an old medium like print can still be used in new ways and can also be used for interactive experiences. Showing the strength of print was one of the reasons why Belgium’s biggest quality newspaper De Standaard made the effort to make this experiment possible.


Melanoma can easily be prevented. All people have to do is check their birthmarks regularly. If they change color or shape, they might be turning into skin cancer. However, most of us don’t pay any attention to the spots on our skin. Even though people know that they should pay more attention to their skin the majority still don’t do it. So, the organization of Melanoma needed to find an activating way. To find creative use of the newspaper to show how easy it is to overlook your birthmarks. The objective was to confront people with their lack of attention for their birthmarks. Encourage them to start scanning their skin themselves and to visit a specialist once every year.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

We worked together with Belgium’s biggest quality newspaper ‘De Standaard’ to create a one-to-one experience with each reader. We replaced the dots on the i’s in the headlines throughout the entire newspaper to make the reader aware of how little attention he/she pays to the birthmarks on his/her skin. On the back cover, a full-page ad made the reader aware of how easy it is to overlook melanomas. Advertising in newspapers is easy. But trying to add a creative idea to the content of a medium that is notorious for its last-minute changes, is very hard. So it goes without saying implementing this idea was no easy task.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Instead of just telling people they have to pay attention to their skin, the organization of Melanoma wanted to let people experience how easy it is to overlook a melanoma. That's why we didn’t restrict ourselves to a full page, but we created a reading experience throughout the newspaper. With a reveal on the back cover, making every reader aware of how easy it is to overlook a melanoma.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The dots on the i’s in the headlines throughout the entire newspaper were replaced with birthmarks. The organization of Melanoma worked together with Belgium’s biggest quality newspaper to pull off this special one-to-one experience for the reader. On Thursday 22 July 2021, the newspaper take-over took place. This was in the middle of summer so perfect timing because skin protection in summer is even more relevant. Belgium’s biggest quality newspaper De Standaard has an average of over 850.000 readers a day.

List the results (30% of vote)

The main objective of this campaign was to create awareness around the problem and to motivate people to scan their skin more often. With an average of 400.000 readers a day we reached almost 7% of the country.