Short List
Category E05. Sponsorship & Brand Partnership
Media Placement STARCOM Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company DE GROT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 2 ONESIZE Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 3 PARK STUDIO Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 4 PETER HAMELINCK Monnickendam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 5 JAY SUNSMITH Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Thijs de Boer Cheil Benelux Executive Creative Director
Pepijn Spanjerberg Cheil Benelux Art Director
Norman Groenewegen Cheil Benelux Copywriter
Budi Gonzalez de Chaves Cheil Benelux Managing Director
Matthijs van Schie Cheil Benelux Account Management
Marie Vermeulen Cheil Benelux Project management
Mario Piepenbrink Independent Technical Director
Pirke Bergsma Pirke Productions RTV producer
Thijs de Boer Cheil Benelux Film Director
Bart Breugem Cheil Benelux Director of Photography
Bart Breugem Cheil Benelux Editor
Lamine Ndiaye Cheil Benelux Editor
Lamine Ndiaye Cheil Benelux Post Production
Peter Hamelinck Independent Photography
Wouter Veersema Park Studio Music & Sound
Twan van Steenhoven Independent Music & Sound
Jay Sunsmith Independent Logo design
Danny Bakker Cheil Benelux Design app
Bernard Westerdijk Cheil Benelux UX/UI design
Gerben van Walt Meijer Samsung Electronics Benelux Head of Marketing IMD
Laura Geuze Samsung Electronics Benelux Marketing Communication Manager
Femke Koenen Samsung Electronics Benelux Influencer Marketing Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Innovation in top sports is a hot topic. Especially just before every Olympics. Who’s got a new invention? What is the latest development in sports? Is there a country with a secret weapon for the Olympics? With Samsung Fastframe we created a very relevant innovation helping the athlete’s chances on winning. We created a tech contribution that the entire Dutch sports media took over and spread as something that might be the secret weapon of the Dutch BMX athletes.


Samsung has been the Worldwide Olympic Partner of the Olympic Games since 1998. For the Summer Games in Tokyo, Samsung Electronics Benelux sponsored BMX riders Niek Kimmann and Judy Baauw. The brief was to develop a strategy and creative idea for a sponsorship campaign around the Games that connects seamlessly with the Samsung brand mantra: ‘Do what you can’t’. Concrete objectives is: Achieve a top-3 position as a named sponsor of the Olympic Games in the Netherlands.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

As sponsor of two Dutch BMX talents you hope they win Olympic gold. But if you are a tech brand saying ‘do what you can’t’ you should help them win gold. BMX is all about the perfect start, where 70% of the races are won. This start consists of three elements: reaction speed, power and the angle at which the bike is pulled up. The ideal combination of these three factors is the biggest mystery in BMX. Until Samsung FastFrame. A new custom-made BMX bike, with built-in sensors measuring the factors in real time. The data, directly transferred to the coaches' smartphones, unlocked this ideal combination of the perfect start. Making FastFrame a daily training tool and the big press launch of the secret weapon formed the core of the campaign. A bold statement, fitting Samsung's brand promise.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

The athletes and coach trained with Samsung FastFrame in secret for months. Just before the Olympics, at June 23 2021, when normally the buzz about sports innovations and tech at the Olympics was at its peak, we brought it to the entire Dutch press. We didn’t just invite them to come and see Samsung’s latest invention. We invited them to come and discover the biggest BMX-innovation ever. We invited them at Papendal, the place where all Dutch Olympic athletes are training, so the press could see the bike doing the job for real. Within days after the press day over 12 million people in The Netherlands knew about the secret weapon. And – in the slipstream – about Samsung being a real contributing tech sponsor of the Olympic shorttrack skaters. During the Olympics, we demonstrated our intense involvement with the Olympians and earned appreciation with news-jacking videos and real-time advertising.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

Because only a real contribution would work for our PR-campaign we needed to know in what way we could be technically relevant for the BMX-team. In July 2019 we started with finding out the big barrier in BMX. We met the national team-coach and athletes. BMX is all about the perfect start. But what makes the perfect start? It’s a combination of reaction speed, power and bike lift. But the ultimate combination of these factors is a mystery. That’s where FastFrame was born. November 2019 – May 2020 Testing and improving various test bikes. June 2020 – Start training with Samsung FastFrame. Till Games in summer 2021. June 23 2021 – PR kick-off. Samsung FastFrame presented to the entire Dutch media. Beginning July 2021 – Campaign follow up with TVC, Online video, TikTok, DOOH, Retail, Metro AdTrack, Olympic sales promotions, digital/social backstory content and catch-up sets for after the finals.

List the results (30% of vote)

After the press release, in no time the whole of The Netherlands knew about this magic bike. And about Samsung being a real contributing tech sponsor. The uniqueness of this sponsorship benefited the brand significantly; see below. Campaign reach: 70+ million impressions Sponsorship awareness: Named No 1 sponsor by Dutch public Brand barometer (Proud To Own-index): +16%! PR/Free publicity: 60+ national publications, 12.9 million OTS. TV: Containing Primetime News on National Television, big items at the biggest late night talk shows, Sports news items. Printed and digital press in dept articles. We literally proved ‘Do What You Can’t’. During the Olympics, Niek Kimmann won the first ever Dutch Olympic BMX gold.