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Category F01. Integrated Campaign led by PR
Idea Creation HAVAS TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement HAVAS TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company CIRCUS Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company 2 CONTENTINE Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company 3 PUNCHBBDO İstanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company 4 BRANDIT Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ergin Binyıldız Havas Turkey CCO
Volkan Dalkılıç Havas Turkey ECD
Ömer Ceran Havas Turkey Creative Group Head
Serhan Koçak Havas Turkey Creative Group Head
Anıl Süleyman Çınar Havas Turkey Copywriter
Ozan Yücekuş Havas Turkey Copywriter
Emrah Yıldırım Havas Turkey Art Director
Ebru Kasal Havas Turkey Art Director
Sezgin Bulut Havas Turkey Art Director
Oğuz Arslan Havas Turkey Art Director
Yasemin Küçük Havas Turkey content writer
Ahmet Erkul Havas Turkey Motion Graphic Designer
Sıla Salgın Havas Turkey Agency Producer
İrem Akalın Havas Turkey Agency Producer
İrem Kara Havas Turkey Account Supervisor
Buse Nur Böbür Havas Turkey Account Executive
Nevin Nebioğlu Havas Turkey Media Director
Tekin Timoçin Havas Turkey Media Manager
Büşra Açıkgöz Havas Turkey Media Planning and Buying
İlknur Aruk Havas Turkey Media Planning and Buying
Yasemin Canbaz Havas Turkey Media Planning and Buying
Ece Olcaycan Havas Turkey Digital Media Manager
Gaye Bilgin Özdoğan Havas Turkey Digital Media Manager
Pınar Özce Havas Turkey Digital Media Performance Specialist
Zubeyr Topçu Havas Turkey Digital Media Performance Specialist
Ödül Özlü Havas Turkey Business Development Director
Berk Yılmaz Havas Turkey Client Services Director
Tuğyan Şendil Havas Turkey Media Supervisor
Onur Güner Havas Turkey Media Planning and Buying
Zeynep Satış Havas Turkey Digital Media Director
Zihni Başsaray Havas Turkey Digital Group Head
Elif Cerit Havas Turkey Havas CX General Co-ordinator

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The work created more impact than a standart advertisement executions. It widened brand’s field of speech and took brand image to another level by consisting a celebrity who is extremely selective of his works and identified with water and nature preservation. In addition to that, the commercial film is handled as a short film thereby created its own attraction. Campaign is kicked off with the world's first news block which created a profound conversation on the subject. Whole integrated campaign changed the point of view of people on the approaching drought and made them own the issue.


According to the United Nations report, Turkey was at risk of becoming water poor by 2030. And today, the tangible results of the impending danger became visible for each of us as it impacts our own hometowns. The lakes that hosted our memories became dried up. Still, people were waiting for an external solution to this problem while they continue to waste 57 liters of water in each wash by rinsing the dishes. It was a must to remind them that the solution they were expecting was themselves.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The idea is turning our tagline “Turkey’s Water” into “my hometown’s water” for our audience. To achieve that we shot a commercial film with KıvançTatlıtuğ. (A Turkish well known actor and model) He was a super celebrity but we took him as a native of Adana, a city which lost its beautiful lakes. He was someone who has the sorrow of loosing lakes that host his memories. So we carried his own story to our commercial film to create empathy and come up with an integrated campaign around it.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

In Turkey, “hometown” means more than the city of birth. Saying “I am from Adana” reveals our personality and identity. If our hometown gets destroyed, the things that make us ourselves will disappear too. Based on this fact, in the fourth year of our movement, we worked on "Turkey's Water" campaign with the sense of hometown. Although the words could make our voices heard, it was a must to give people a story they could relate to in order to get them act. A candid story that removes the brand, product and advertisement. In order to create empathy in the audience, we collaborated with a celebrity who is identified with water and afraid of losing his childhood hometown: KıvançTatlıtuğ.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

The campaign is kicked off with the world's first news block. Newscasters on all major channels drew attention to the threat of drought. And then, in the commercials, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ took the audience on a cinematic, nostalgic journey with a 2-minute movie which was his own story as a native of Adana. In the movie, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ returned to the lake where he spent his childhood, and there he encountered a very different landscape than he had expected: a droughty ground like in many parts of Turkey. “We are the solution,” he said. Other celebrities participated in our campaign from various channels and mediums with their hometowns. The product-free version of our commercial film was featured on Gain (a Turkish video on demand platform). Thereby it became the the first content provided by a streaming platform, which created by a brand.

List the results (30% of vote)

- Hashtag of the campaign #ZamanSuGibi became Trending Topic on Twitter within minutes. - Reached 41% of the target audience on the first day. - The number of visitors to Yarını (translation: increased 25 times.