2021 Print & Publishing


Gold Eurobest Award

Demo Film

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Category B01. Innovative and Adapted Use of Print & Publishing
Entrant HAVAS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Idea Creation HAVAS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Paulo Pinto Havas Worldwide Portugal Executive Creative Director
José Vieira Havas Worldwide Portugal Creative Director
Bernardo Tavares Havas Worldwide Portugal Copywriter
Alexandre Meneses Havas Worldwide Portugal Art Director
Ana Torres Havas Worldwide Portugal Media Director
Margarida Pedreira Havas Worldwide Portugal Digital Creative Director
Sérgio Resende Havas Worldwide Portugal Account Director
Nuno Nascimento Havas Worldwide Portugal Art Finalist
Pedro Silva Havas Worldwide Portugal Production Director
António Fernandes Havas Worldwide Portugal Graphic Production Director

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Portugal is a small country with just 10 million inhabitants, and a country that lives by old values. Only ⅓ of Portugal’s professional athletes are women. Despite that, in the last European athletics championships, Portugal achieved its best result ever, winning 3 gold medals, ⅔ of which were won by female athletes. Portugal also has the world’s best female futsal goalkeeper, the 2nd best futsal team in Europe, and the 2nd best national hockey team in Europe. And even with so many reasons to be proud of their female athletes, the media doesn’t give them the coverage they deserve, and women continue to face gender inequality on a daily basis. Just recently, a newspaper named the female football player Ana Borges “Man of the Match”. And a few days later the coach of a soccer team said that football belongs to men, in a slight aimed at a female commentator.

Please outline how the work was adapted, modified or was innovative

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Then an infographic must be worth 10 fold. What if we replaced all the words and pictures from Portugal’s top 3, tier-one sports newspapers with rectangles and squares in two-tone colours, creating infographic versions of the sports newspapers that focused on one single item of data: gender coverage, in order to highlight gender inequality in sports coverage? And that’s exactly what we did just one day after International Women’s Day. Our print versions were able to reach 52 times more people than the biggest sports newspaper in the country, creating a national conversation about gender inequality in sports, and all of that having printed only 30 copies of the infographic newspapers. Now that’s what I call the power of print communication.