2021 Print & Publishing


Product/ServiceGRILL PERFEKT
Category A01. Consumer Goods
Entrant COOP Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation WE ARE LIVE Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement PHD Oslo, NORWAY
Production FLAMBERT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Ola Nielsen Ola Nielsen Creative
Kristian Haukland We Are Live Creative
Herman Stormyr We Are Live Account Manager
Andreas Borgen We Are Live Account Manager
Hannah Byström We Are Live Designer
Kaja Isnes We Are Live Designer
Helle Jentsch We Are Live Project Manager
Martine Gulbrandsen We Are Live Content
Kristine Gulheim We Are Live Designer
Maria Rydeng PHD Project Manager
Solveig Rikheim PHD Digital Planner
Hanne Fjeld PHD Project Manager
Christoffer Nergard PHD Advisor
Matias Beunaventura PHD Video Buyer
Henrik J Henriksen Flambert Director
Jakob Anderson Flambert Photographer
Eva Silseth Flambert Producer
Kaja Ramberg Flambert Pitmaster

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Men and women (30-55) in Norwegian households are the biggest consumers of grill and barbecue-related products. Dagbladet Magazine is the largest feature-magazine in this segment, reaching 776 000 readers every weekend. The takeover was part of a larger campaign that started in June: When the weather turns, and Norwegians get to enjoy a few weeks of summer the grill/barbecue-season begins. “Grill Perfekt” is Coops own barbecue/grill-brand. A brand thats reasonably priced and broadly available. Our magazine-takeover essentially let the reader grill an entrecóte to perfection in first person as they read the magazine

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

"Grill Perfekt" in Norwegian is an encouragement. It can be translated to "Grill perfectly". The campaign payoff "Grill perfekt med Grill Perfekt" is a play on words. It can be translated to: Grill Perfekt (the brand), grilled to perfection. The text on the very last page can be translated to: Passer perfekt til - Perfect fit Syrlig - Acid Bearnaisesmør - Bearnaisebutter Grillsmør - Barbecuebutter Smaksrik - Savoury Hvitløksdressing - Garlic Dip Lettvint - Quick Grillsalat - Grillsalad