2021 Print & Publishing


Product/ServiceNEWS MAGAZINE
Category A04. Media / Entertainment
Entrant MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Idea Creation MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Odin Saillé Mutant Creative Director
Maarten De Cuyper Mutant Business Director
Emilie Kino Mutant Account Director
Soraya Hellara Mutant Account Director
Loes Daemen Mutant Account Manager
Roxane Schneider Mutant Art Director
Pieter Claeys Mutant Copywriter
Roxane Schneider Mutant Designer
Yanis Berrewaerts Mutant Designer
Eric Maerschalck Mutant Translations

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Opinions. Everyone seems to have one, about virtually everything. And once an opinion has been expressed, it should no longer be questioned. That’s considered weak. Other news brands claim to be the guardians of truth, the ones that filter out the fake news, the ones that guide us to the right opinion. Belgian news magazine Knack thinks otherwise. We think doubt deserves a better name. "Dare to Doubt" is a call to be courageous enough to admit to not knowing everything and to consider other points of view so constructive conversations can be held. In this print series we showed that even the most respected world leaders have embraced doubt. It’s a sign of intelligence and leadership. these prints were part of a brand campaign that also caused an uptick of 41% in subscription sales.

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Angela Merkel German multicultural society has failed. We can make it work. Dare to doubt. Knack magazine.