2021 Print & Publishing


Category A03. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation NORD DDB Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Jens Østrem NORD DDB OSL Creative
Ingrid Hvidsten NORD DDB OSL Creative
Torstein Søreide Skogedal NORD DDB OSL Creative
Thomas Larsen Eltvik NORD DDB OSL Creative
Aleksander Hetland NORD DDB OSL Business director
Gro Marwold NORD DDB OSL Project manager
Mats Anderson NORD DDB OSL Graphic Designer
Morten Vikanes NORD DDB OSL Motion graphic designer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

With the pandemic ravaging the world, people had to socially distance and couldn’t travel outside their national borders. But everyone still wanted restaurant food, and everyone travelled within their country. As one of the biggest supplies of road food, McDonald’s saw a staggering increase in meals bought through their Drive Thru which accounted for 40% of all meals at its peak. But research shows that inattention behind the wheel is the leading cause behind 33% of serious road accidents. In other words, eating and driving can be lethal. That’s why McDonald’s Norway launched a road safety campaign, urging people to keep their eyes on the fries-resembling yellow road markings, not the MacFries from McDonald’s’ Drive Thru.

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Eyes on the fries. Don't eat and drive. Take a break.