Category C04. Branded Content / Podcasts
Idea Creation THJNK Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Media Placement THJNK Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Production ATEO Zürich, SWITZERLAND
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Alexander Jaggy thjnk Zürich Executive Creative Director
Pablo Schencke thjnk Zürich Executive Creative Director
Lukas Amgwerd thjnk Zürich Senior Copywriter
Lukas Frischknecht thjnk Zürich Senior Art Director
Leandro Disler thjnk Zürich Art Director
Marie Vuilleumier Thjnk Zürich Account Manager
Angela Cristofari thjnk Zürich AG Account Manager
Calvin Kröhne Thjnk Zürich Digital Director
Andrea Bison Thjnk Zürich Account Executive
Gordon Nemitz Thjnk Zürich Strategy Director
Sebastian Tobler Ateo GmbH Managing Director
Xavier Heimgartner Ateo GmbH App Designer

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Runtime is the podcast that only runs when you run. In the podcast, European marathon champion Viktor Röthlin talks to marathon legend Maja Neuenschwander, Olympic champion Nicola Spirig and host Marc Jäggi about running and not only entertains the user during his run, but also gives him direct live coaching and motivates him to keep going.

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(Intro) This is Runtime. The podcast that only runs when you run. With Viktor Röthlin and Marc Jäggi. Presented by Ochsner Sport. (Marc) You are running and we try to inspire you. Today we're talking about the supreme discipline, the greatest thing you can do in running: the marathon. As always, we have European marathon champion Viktor Röthlin with us. And one of the best marathon runners in Switzerland. She was the first Swiss woman to win the Vienna City Marathon in 2015. Welcome Maja Neuenschwander. It could have been something else like sprint or middle distance, no? Why marathon? (Viktor) For lack of alternatives, Marc. Hello Maja, I am very happy that you are here. I wasn't the fastest and the distances got longer and longer. I liked that because you didn't have to be so fast, you just had to have stamina. How was it with you, Maja? (Maja) About the same. I used to train all-around and I was always happy when I could run the 5000 metres as a little girl... (Marc) ...And here comes a live training on your ears: (Intro) Viktor in your ear: your personal live coaching. (Viktor) Now we'll take a look at stride frequency. I have a metronome with me and you run just as you run. But if you want to run a normal, good pace, you should be able to run safely at a cadence of 160 steps per minute, and that's what I'm giving you now. Always try to have one foot on the ground when it beeps. Left. Right. Left. Right. Yes, if that was already extremely fast for you, then it is a sign that you are taking steps that are far too long. 160 steps per minute is what you should aim for. That's what you should do at a normal pace.

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Maja Neuenschwander and Viktor Röthlin are both iconic marathon runners and very well known in Switzerland. Likewise, Nicola Spirig is a gold medallist in triathlon and equally well known in Switzerland. When these three make a podcast about running, it's the highest level of running and sports expertise there can be in Switzerland.

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It is the first time that you can only listen to a running podcast while you are running. It is also the first time that the content of a podcast is designed to be listened to only when the listener is running. This makes the listener's run entertaining, more fun, one learns and becomes a better runner directly.