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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

RailTales is a real time data and geo targeting based fairytale podcast that makes landmarks that you pass by on the train part of the fairytale in exactly the moment you pass by. By doing so, the kids interact with the landmarks and landscapes in a kid-feasible way. All fairytales are self-created and written in dialect of the area they play in. More details here: https://www.railtales.info/

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

Please read here:) Or read in the PDF added to the entry. Overview SBB RailTales – English Translation Summary Manuscript – TOPOLINA’S SEARCH FOR EL DORADO 2 Manuscript – THE MISSING PRINCESS 16 Manuscript – The Great Ghost Meeting 32 Manuskript – THE RIVER NYMPH WHO WANTED TO SEE THE SNOW 36 Manuskript – PANDORA'S BOX 51 Manuskript – THE LOST FAIRY 67 Manuskript – ON THE WAY TO SAFFRON COUNTRY 82 Manuscript – THE GHOST WHO WANTED TO EAT A RACLETTE 100 Manuscript – TOPOLINA'S JOURNEY TO THE CHOCOLARIUM 115 Manuscript – Nicholas the Dwarf and the Maestrani Treasure 130 Manuscript – CHRISTINA AND THE MAGIC NUT PIE 146 Manuscript – THE SICK BEAR 161 Manuscript – TOPOLINA’S SEARCH FOR EL DORADO Part 1: Basel to Lucerne (Mummy Topa) "Santo Cielo! Why must you worry me so much?" (Narrator) Topolina laughs when she thinks of her mother’s words. But she should actually be paying attention right now. The little mouse runs lightning fast through the DeWett Park in front of the railway station in Basel. The place is full of cats. Little Topolina turned 4-1/3 yesterday - that is like us humans turning 18. When her whole family had gathered around the cheese table, she announced her plan: (Topolina) "Mummy! Daddy! Now that I am old enough, I have decided: I am going to El Dorado!" (Narrator) That is why her mother is worried. Topolina! Alone! Travelling? (Mummy Topa) "That is much too dangerous!" (Narrator) That was mummy’s opinion. But Topolina made her decision. That is why she ran through the park toward the railway station and is now standing there. She must be careful that the people don’t trample on her. (Topolina) "They walk so fast and never look down - and when they see me, they only scream anyway. It is better that I stay unnoticed." (Narrator) The little mouse moves swiftly through the mass of people and reaches the escalator. Suddenly, it sees a strange, red creature next to her. (Goblin) "Hello!" (Topolina) "Um. Hello?" (Goblin) "It’s me, the red goblin from St. Gallen... hehe, you are going to like this!" (Topolina) "Do I know you?" (Goblin) "No, you don't know me, but that is too bad!" (Topolina) "Why?" (Goblin) "Because I know my way around here, and it looks like you need some help!" (Topolina) "That is correct!" I am looking for the train to Chiasso!" (Goblin) "Why there?" (Narrator) Arriving at the end of the escalator, Topolina pulls the flame red goblin to the side. (Topolina) "You know, many years ago, my grandfather came from Italy to Basel. During his long journey he stopped in Chiasso and there... he went into a room that had everything you ever dreamed of!" (Narrator) The goblin’s eyes light up: (Goblin) "Everything?" (Topolina) "Yes! As much food as you could want. And the best thing? Not one cat to be seen." (Goblin) "Does that place have a name?" (Topolina) "We always called it El Dorado. That is all I know. El Dorado in Chiasso. And because I am now 4-1/3 years old, I am going there to visit! Do you want to come along?" (Goblin) "I would really like to - but I am already too late for a ghost party." (Narrator) Before the goblin says goodbye, he shows the little mouse the platform with the correct train and gives her a gift: a pair of special glasses that allow her to see very far. The new friends say goodbye and then Topolina jumps into the correct train without anyone noticing and hides in the family coach. (Narrator) Just in time, because the train is already moving. Topolina climbs up the slide and ensures herself a great view. (Topolina) "Wow, how fast the train goes! Much faster than the tram in Basel. Oh, so many trees... I have never seen that before. Wow! But now I must concentrate. I have a mission! What did grandfather always say? El Dorado is at the platform where red, green, and white meet and cats stay away from there... he did not say more than that. How am I going to find that place?" (Conductor) "Next stop, Olten." (Narrator) The train stops and an entire kindergarten class runs into the compartment. The children romp about and play in the family coach. Some have brought a snack and it tastes fantastic. The crumbs from the fine breads fall on the floor. Topolina cannot pass up that opportunity - she quickly runs across the seat and snatches the piece of bread and then runs back again. She does that a few times until... oh dear, oh dear! A hand grabs her and lifts her up. (Topolina) "Oooooh. Now I’m caught." (Narrator) A girl has grabbed her: (Girl) "Well hello you sweet mouse. Who are you?" (Topolina) "I am Topolina! Let me go or I will bite you!" (Narrator) But of course, the girl does not understand mouse language and promptly puts Topolina in her bag. (Topolina) "Oh great! How do I get out of here!" (Narrator) But then she remembers something that her mum always told her when she had eaten too much cheese: (Mummy Topa) "Oh, Topolina! Basta! You could eat cement with those teeth, couldn’t you?" (Narrator) And so, the mouse starts biting the material of the rucksack. And she quickly creates a small hole and falls out of the rucksack. The little mouse runs through the family coach and into the next compartment, where she climbs up the suitcases and sits down...exhausted and panting. (Topolina) "Whew... that was close!" (Narrator) She looks out the window and sees a lot of water. (Topolina) "Wow... where are we here? Is that still the Rhine?" (Narrator) Below her sits a group of older women who are also looking out the window in fascination. (Old Lady 1) "Say, isn’t that Lake Sempach?" (Old Lady 2) "That’s right! That means this is Nottwil. That means we are now in Canton Lucerne!" (Old Lady 1) "Oh, look - over on the other side of the lake is the marine park Schenkon. I used to always go there with my father when I was a young girl" (Old Lady 2) "So, 100 years ago, ha!" (Old Lady 1) You should know since you are also already ancient!" (Topolina) "Those are funny ladies. They probably got on in Olten..." (Conductor) "Next stop: Lucerne." (Narrator) The likeable ladies stand up and reach for their suitcases. Suddenly Topolina and a friendly old lady are looking at each other eye to eye and... (Lady) "AHHHHHHHH A MOUUUUSE!! AAAAAHHHH" (Narrator) The woman screams out in distress and all passengers turn around. (Topolina) "Uh-oh... she doesn’t like me. Away from here!" (Narrator) Topolina jumps down, runs as fast as she can, and hides herself behind a bucket on the platform. (Topolina) "Yikes. Finally safe." (Narrator) Once Topolina has calmed down again, she looks at the platform and is startled: The train has departed without her. She sadly leans back and suddenly hears a voice: (Johnny) "Hey, why so sad?" END PART 1 Part 2: Lucerne to Arth-Goldau Prologue (Narrator) The young mouse Topolina is on her way from Basel to Chiasso looking for El Dorado - a magical place where there is an endless amount of food. That is what her grandfather always told her. At the railway station in Basel she met the red goblin, who gave her a pair of all-seeing glasses. Unfortunately, she had to flee out of the train in Lucerne, because a couple of old ladies saw the mouse and became very frightened. She just managed to save herself and then the train promptly departed. While she is thinking of a new plan, a young mouse speaks to her. (Topolina) "I missed the train!" (Johnny) "No problem, there are always trains. Where do you have to go?" (Topolina) "I am going to Chiasso... to El D..." (Narrator) Topolina stops talking and asks herself if she should tell everyone where she is going? (Topolina) "Eh, I am going to Chiasso to visit my grandmother!" (Johnny) "Ah, okay. Well, the next train is coming soon. Until then... come with me - I will show you Lucerne!" (Narrator) And so both mice run together through the railway station and are soon standing at Lake Lucerne in the middle of Lucerne. (Topolina) "What is your name?" (Johnny) "I’m Johnny!" (Narrator) Johnny and Topolina race through the entire city and the little mouse is very impressed. There are more people here than in Basel at carnival and everywhere there is incredibly fine food. Topolina especially likes the Chapel Bridge. They run together onto the old bridge and stop in the centre and look around. The water below them has a nice sparkle. But Johnny still has big plans. They again run through the old city and catch a bus to the Museum of Transport. The two of them spend hours in the space exhibition and run through the park, where a huge statue stands. As the two of them are running around the park, Johnny suddenly shouts: (Johnny) "Ah... I can’t run!" (Narrator) The young mouse is stuck to the ground. (Johnny) "Don’t come any closer, Topolina!" (Narrator) All of a sudden, a giant black spider stands up behind Johnny and spits its web over him. (Johnny) "Run away, Topolina!" (Narrator) But Topolina will not run away... on her adventures in Basel St. Johann she has often seen spiders and knows exactly what to do. She jumps up and lands fully on the black spider, which then falls onto its back. Its eight legs swing wildly about. Topolina uses her teeth to free Johnny from the web and the two of them run away lightning fast. (Johnny) "Wow, that was so cool! The way that you jumped on her...!" (Narrator) The two of them run to Johnny’s family. He lives next to the big stone people of Lucerne. His family gives the young mouse a large cheese plate as a thank you. Johnny’s mother sits down next to Topolina: (Johnny’s mother) "Say... Johnny says you are going to Chiasso to visit your grandmother?" (Topolina) "Yes, correct..." (Johnny’s mother) "You know... you are not the first one who comes to Lucerne and wants to go to Chiasso. I think I know what you are really looking for." (Narrator) Topolina is very amazed that the wise mother knows exactly what Topolina is looking for. How many know about El Dorado? (Johnny’s mother) "I think that you will be able to find the place... as brave as you are. But I have something that will help you." (Narrator) The mother gives her a small stone that lights up in the dark. Topolina thanks her and says goodbye to the family. Johnny accompanies her to the railway station and the new friends hug. They agree that Johnny will soon visit her in Basel. (Narrator) Back in the train, Topolina stays near the luggage - a place where she can quickly hide. She looks out of the window, amazed. She has never seen such mountains - enormous and covered with snow. (Topolina) "Those must be the mountains that Johnny meant. Pilatus, Bürgenstock, and... something with Pilates? I don’t remember. But they are so beautiful. And so much water... is that really the ocean? I don’t think so... but I like it!" (Narrator) Topolina suddenly hears a sound... she turns around and a tiny bird flies around in front of her. (Lisa) "Pssst…! Psst!" "Hello! I am Lisa. An alpine accentor. What are you?" (Topolina) "I am Topolina, a mouse. What are you doing there?" (Lisa) "I flew a bit too far today all the way to Lucerne... I actually live in Arth-Goldau in the zoo. And they did not think that I would sneak in here so that they would not have to fly here... now I am really tired... hehehe. And what are you doing?" (Topolina) "I am going to Chiasso and was hiding up here so that the passengers would not see me. You know... sometimes they are afraid of me." (Lisa) "Afraid? Why?" (Topolina) "Well, I also don’t know why. Some of them always scream when they see me. What is the Goldau zoo?" (Lisa) "It is a wonderful place... and my home. All of my friends are there! You can also come!" (Topolina) "Oh, I cannot - but another time?" (Lisa) "Too bad! You would probably like it - there are also many mice." (Narrator) The conductor enters the compartment: "Next stop: Arth-Goldau." (Lisa) "Wow, look over there, Topolina. My aunt lives there. At the top of Rigi. She is the Queen of the Mountains. When I am big, I want to also be like her!" (Topolina) "Where is she?" (Lisa) "She is probably sitting at the top on the cross and is watching to make sure that all birds behave." (Lisa) "Okay - now I have to get out. I enjoyed meeting you... and be careful the rest of your journey. Not that the devil catches you!" (Topolina) "The devil??" (Narrator) But before the bird hears the question, it has already flown away. Why is there a devil in the train? The train drives on and the mountains don’t stop anymore, and the lake can hardly be seen. It becomes quiet in the compartment and Topolina is slowly getting tired. She cuddles into a corner and her eyes keep getting heavier and heavier. "HAHAHAHAHAH" a really nasty laugh wakes the little mouse up again. END PART 2 Part 3: Arth-Goldau to Lugano Prologue (Narrator) The young mouse Topolina is on her way from Basel to Chiasso looking for El Dorado - a magical place where there is an endless amount of food. That is what her grandfather always told her. At the railway station in Basel she met the red goblin, who gave her a pair of all-seeing glasses. In Lucerne, she made a new friend, the cool mouse Johnny. Johnny’s mother understood right away what the young mouse is looking for in Chiasso and she gave Topolina a magic stone that could bring light into the dark. Back in the train, Topolina just fell asleep when a horrible laugh woke her up. (Ghost) "HAHAHAHAHAH" (Narrator) It is now dark in the train and nothing can be seen outside. But it cannot be night. (Topolina) "What is happening?" (Ghost) "I am the ghost from the Devil’s Bridge! And you now belong to me!" (Topolina) "The ghost from the Devil’s Bridge? Are you the devil?" (Ghost) "Nooo, you didn’t listen to me. I am the ghost from the Devil’s Bridge, not the devil from the Devil’s Bridge. Oh dear." (Narrator) The little mouse cannot really take the sweet ghost seriously and has to laugh. The ghost does not think it’s funny and now he is offended. (Ghost) "Pfft! Be careful you little mouse, or I will bring the cat ghost here." (Topolina) "No, no, I believe you. So, how can I help you, dear ghost from the Devil’s Bridge?" (Narrator) The ghost tells her he has been living here in the darkness for many years and that he is somewhat lonely. Since people no longer walk across the Devil’s Bridge, he has nothing to do anymore. (Ghost) "I am bored!" (Narrator) Topolina feels sorry for the small, bored ghost. And so she decided to play with him. The two of them run wildly through the train. And because most of the people are sleeping now or reading a book, nobody notices them. (Narrator) They are having great fun together - until the ghost looks around and becomes even more pale than he already is. (Ghost) "Hey...hey, can you feel how it’s getting warmer? The darkness will soon be gone and I will disappear.... you know... I cannot be seen in sunlight. And anyway, I have to go to a ghost meeting in Geneva. I really greatly enjoyed this, Topolina. When you arrive in Bellinzona, say hello to Fata Morgana from me. She is very friendly!" (Narrator) And poof, just as he appeared, the little ghost disappears again. A few minutes later the sun is shining and the darkness is gone. The big darkness is actually the tunnel through the Gotthard, one of the longest tunnels in the world. On the other side of the mountain it is much warmer and the sky shines blue. From the loudspeaker comes: "Prossima, Fermata, Bellinzona." (Topolina) "Oh, I like it here. There’s a castle... and another one... and there again! Wow, there are many castles here - I wonder if there are a lot of ghosts living there?" (Narrator) In fact, there are many ghosts living in the castles of Castelgrande, Sasso Corbaro and Montebello. But you do not see them very well in the light of day. And they are probably all on their way to the ghost meeting. Suddenly a sparkling light forms in front of the train window and a green woman with wings appears. (Fairy) "Hello, little mouse!" (Narrator) That must be Fata Morgana, Topolina thinks. She passes on the greeting from the ghost and the fairy smiles and magically transports herself into the train. (Fairy) "How do you know the ghost from the Devil’s Bridge?" (Topolina) "We played in the train, he is very funny." (Narrator) The green fairy floats around and tells the mouse that she is on her way to Lugano, where she wants to play on the lake with her friends, the mermaids. (Fairy) "Do you want to come with?" (Topolina) "No, I have to go to Chiasso." (Narrator) The fairy looks sad and twirls her magic wand and look at that, Topolina changes her mind. (Fairy) "I thought so." (Narrator) The little mouse is unrecognisable, as if she were under a spell. She follows the fairy through the train. The fairy tosses some magic dust around and both of them become invisible. They sit down and look out the window. (Fairy) "Look! That is Monte Tamaro. I live up there with my family. We have been there for 459 years and make sure that the sun shines and the palm trees grow." (Topolina) "Yes, very nice." (Narrator) Topolina is hypnotised. END PART 3 PART 4: Lugano to Chiasso Prologue (Narrator) The young mouse Topolina is on her way from Basel to Chiasso looking for El Dorado - a magical place where there is an endless amount of food. That is what her grandfather always told her. At the railway station in Basel she met the red goblin, who gave her a pair of all-seeing glasses. In Lucerne, she made a new friend, the cool mouse Johnny. Johnny’s mother understood right away what the young mouse is looking for in Chiasso and she gave Topolina a magic stone that could bring light into the dark. In Bellinzona, Topolina met a young fairy. The fairy absolutely wanted to play on Lake Lugano with Topolina. And because Topolina did not want to go, the fairy simply used her magic and hypnotised the mouse. (Narrator) The two of them get out in Lugano and jump down the many steps to the city. In Ciani Park on the shore of Lake Lugano the beautiful mermaid is waiting for the fairy. (Mermaid) "Hehehe, where did you grab the grey mouse from?" (Fairy) "I met her in the train... isn’t she sweet? First, she did not want to play with us. But now she does. Hehehe." (Narrator) The fairy and the mermaid toss the hypnotised Topolina into the water and laugh. The little mouse does not even notice what is happening to her and right away sinks deep into the lake. The fairy again twirls her magic wand and brings her back out of the water... but only to then drop her in again. Suddenly there is sparkling above the water and a turquoise figure appears. (Fairy 2) "Verdelina! What are you doing with this mouse?" (Fairy 1) "Mother! Nothing... hehe, only playing." (Fairy 2) "I have told you a thousand times not to put magic spells on animals!" (Narrator) The white fairy swings her magic wand and brings Topolina back onto dry land and throws some golden dust over her eyes. (Fairy 2) "Here my dear... now you are yourself again." (Topolina) "What happened?" (Fairy 1) "I am the green fairy. Hehehe, I’m sorry - I only wanted to play with you." (Topolina) "And then you put a magic spell on me? Hrmph! And where am I here?" (Fairy 2) "Oh, you sweet little mouse. You are in Lugano in the Ciano Park. Where do you need to go?" (Topolina) "I have to go to Chiasso! I was in the train." (Fairy 2) "Then I will magically put you into the next train. And whoosh, you are on your way again." (Narrator) To apologise, Fata Morgana gives the little mouse a magic coat made of fairy dust that makes her invisible to human eyes and then conjures her back into the train. Topolina leans back and looks out the window. What a ride it has been so far - and still she has not reached her destination. She thinks of her family and especially her grandfather, who long ago had come on his own all the way from Italy to Basel. If he also encountered this many magical beings back then? She looks out the window. (Topolina) "Wow, another big mountain. I have seen a lot of them already. But I like all of them. I think someday I want to climb one." (Narrator) The sun sparkles high up at the top - or are those the fairies there? While the train drives on, the little mouse falls asleep again. But when she wakes up, a big fox is standing in front of her. (Topolina) "Wow, a fox. Away, fast!" (Narrator) The little mouse jumps up and runs away... but if she would have looked closer, she would have seen that it was only a shopping bag with a fox drawn on it. (Topolina) "I better hide really well from the fox." (Narrator) She quickly runs away and then looks back around and notices that it is only a drawing. Now that she is calmly looking around, she sees a lot of people with such bags. The fox appears to be very popular. (Conductor) "Prossima Fermata: Chiasso." (Narrator) No time for foxes. Finally Topolina has reached the destination of her journey. Now she only needs to find El Dorado. At the railway station, she jumps onto the platform and swiftly runs between the legs of the passengers. Suddenly she hears loud barking. It’s not a small dachshund - the coat may make Topolina invisible - but she can still be smelled. The dog breaks free from the leash and runs in her direction. (Topolina) "Away really fast now!" Topolina runs for her life over the platforms and jumps up onto a clock. "Whew... that was close!" (Narrator) Sitting on the clock, she finally has a chance to see everything. In the station there are a lot of people in uniform and the passengers are walking along the platforms with large suitcases. Where should she start her search? She recalls the words of her grandfather. What did he sometimes say? Where red, green, and white meet. Topolina looks around but can’t recognise anything. A mouse cannot see all that well. Luckily, the red goblin from St. Gallen had given her a pair of glasses. She takes them from her bag, and everything comes into sharp focus. Now she also sees a door above which stand two flags: One is the white Swiss cross on red and next to it are the Italian colours: Red, green, and white. (Topolina) "Where red, green, and white meet. THERE IT IS!!" (Narrator) The nimble mouse jumps down from the clock and runs to the door with the two flags and... cannot go any further. The door is locked, and no muscle strength can open it - at least not that of a little mouse. She tries to bite through it - but the door is made of metal and mouse teeth are no help there. That means, patience is now required. An hour passes before two men and a dog stand in front of the door. The dog looks directly at the mouse and can smell it - but he is not interested in her. Topolina makes use of her chance and runs into the room with the men. (Narrator) She can’t believe what she sees. On the table are 100 kinds of cheese, 50 different types of fruits, and 1,000 nuts. The young mouse has tears in her eyes. El Dorado. She found it. (Narrator) Topolina runs across the room and grabs as much as she can. She is so focused on the treasure that she fails to notice the men leaving the room again and switching off the light. Total darkness. (Topolina) "Oh no, it’s so dark." (Narrator) Topolina found the treasure chamber, but now she is caught inside. She sits down and trembles in fear. (Topolina) "Wow, wow. This is not how I imagined it. I want to go home to my mummy." (Narrator) But then Topolina remembers Johnny’s mother. (Topolina) The stone of light!" (Narrator) She pulls out the stone and it lights up the whole room. Topolina fills her bag very full of food and jumps directly from the table to the door handle, which goes down and the door opens. (Topolina) "Made it!" (Narrator) Topolina is happy and proud of herself. With her fully packed bag she jumps on a train that says Basel. She looks for a quiet spot and leans back. She found El Dorado - what will her next adventure be? (Topolina) First of all, I am looking forward to getting back home. END Manuscript – THE MISSING PRINCESS Part 1: Geneva to Nyon (Narrator) Lake Geneva is magical... not only because of the beautiful view and the wonderful mountains, but because it is the realm of the fairies. They have lived peacefully along the shore for 1,000 years and people know nothing about it. It is a very special time in the fairy realm. Soon Princess Mirabelle will be crowned as the new Queen, and of course this takes place in the magical castle of Chillon near Montreux. In Geneva's Mon Repos Park they are already quite excited about it. It is there that young Amelie's fairy family lives. Her grandmother is very good friends with the old fairy Queen and has been given a very special task. But because she is already 867 years old, Amelie will do it for her. She is supposed to pick up Mirabelle in Lausanne at the Notre Dame cathedral and bring her to the coronation in the castle of Chillon. It is in Lausanne that the young Princess is being prepared for her role as the all-powerful Queen. Today is the day, Amelie is already standing at the station and will take the train to Lausanne. Of course, no one will notice, fairies are invisible. But if you close your eyes tightly and open them again... you might see a sparkle and that is the dust from the fairy. (Amelie) Wow, I almost overslept. I think someone would have turned back the flower clock in the English Park. Thank goodness I'm so nervous that I woke up on my own. But here we go: Next stop, Lausanne! (Narrator) Amelie flies into the train and looks for a seat... right on the tip of the nose of a nice older woman. But she can't stop eating nuts... it's like being on a roller coaster. Hehe. The train starts and Amelie looks out in wonder and sees lots of fairies at work. Her family is responsible for the water in the Jet d'Eau in Geneva and... the water is already spraying up. Suddenly she sees the beautiful Bains de Saugy. (Amelie) Such a nice swimming area... hmm... I have time... I will get off here and swim a little bit. (Narrator) In the blink of an eye she flies out and starts jumping around in the water. Splish splash... so nice! She swims deeper and deeper and swims very fast with the little sea fish and then she flies out of the water as quick as lightning and then jumps back in. Like a dolphin! But suddenly something pulls on her leg. (Amelie) Uh, what is that?? (Mermaid) It’s me, Estelle the mermaid. Aren’t you the granddaughter of fairy Una? (Amelie) Oh, you know my grandmother. Yes, I am Amelie from the Eau family. (Mermaid) Yes, I know your grandmother very well. What are you doing here by us? (Amelie) Actually, I am on my way to Lausanne... but I let myself get distracted a little by the beautiful water. I have to go get Princess Mirabelle. (Mermaid) Ah, the coronation is tomorrow... wow, you will have to take pictures. (Amelie) I am going to jump on the train... ah, what a shame... I would really like to swim a little more. (Mermaid) If you want, I will bring you up to Nyon... you can also swim there. (Amelie) Oh yes... please! Let’s go. (Narrator) The new friends swim together through the lake and have a lot of fun - they swim right up to the castle of Nyon - which nobody knows... Caves lead up to under the castle - a lot of mermaids live there. (Amelie) Thank you very much Estelle, I would really like to visit you again soon, is that okay? (Estelle) Absolutely! But I have to tell you something... the current is cold today... that means something bad. (Amelie) Bad? (Estelle) Yes... the sea witch Portula is out there. Please take good care of yourself. (Amelie) Oh my, the witch. I am glad you told me that... she does not like us fairies at all. (Narrator) Amelie flies out of the water and through Nyon castle and is just about to start looking for the railway station when a young fairy boy steps in front of her. (Charlie) Hey you! END PART 1 Part 2: Nyon to Morges Prologue (Narrator) The young mermaid Amelie from Geneva is in a train going to Lausanne. There she must pick up Princess Mirabelle on behalf of her grandmother Una and bring her to the castle of Chillon, where she will be crowned as the new Queen of all fairies. However, so far Amelie has only made it as far as Nyon because she played with a mermaid in the lake. But the mermaid kindly brought her all the way to the castle. Before they parted, the mermaid warned her: Portula, the sea witch was out there and she should be very careful. As she flies through the castle of Nyon, a young fairy boy appears out of nowhere. He is wearing a suit and a hat in the shape of a melon. (Charlie) Hey you! (Amelie) Hi! You are a fairy, right? (Charlie) Of course! I am a fairy knight... okay, a fairy knight student. I am still in training. My name is Charlie - and you? (Amelie) I am Amelie from the Eau family in Geneva. And I have a special mission and must go to Lausanne. (Charlie) What’s in Lausanne? (Narrator) Amelie explains her special mission to Charlie. Charlie tells her that he also must go to Chillon because of the coronation. He is a member of the legendary fairy knights and they are supposed to bring the Princess to the altar. Fairies can fly, everyone knows that. But there are also fairies that can ride the clouds. As if they were horses. But you have to visit the Cloud Academy in Nyon, so that you learn to do it correctly. And that is where Charlie is a student. Amelie is fascinated by the cloud riders. When she was a little girl, she saw a fairy who could do that. Her and Charlie get along real well right from the start and quickly become friends. (Charlie) Well, I am not that good at it yet - but I keep getting better. But listen, you have to go to Lausanne and then to Chillon. So do I. Shall we go together? (Amelie) Yes, that’s great! Come on, let’s fly to the railway station. (Narrator) And so the new friends quickly fly to the station... but not fast enough, the train departs just as they get there. (Amelie) And now? (Charlie) I have an idea... how to get us on the train. Back there is a place where people... actually older people... play golf. You know, where the ball flies all around. They fly really far. And if we can manage to get onto such a ball, then I can guide it and see that it flies us all the way to the train. (Amelie) Uh, that sounds dangerous. (Charlie) Don’t worry, that’s nothing for a cloud rider like me. (Narrator) The two of them fly to the golf course and look for a suitable player who is going to hit a ball. They finally find a man with a pink t-shirt who is preparing to hit the ball a long way with his club. (Charlie) So, now we sit down on the small white ball and hold on VERY TIGHT and then up, up, and away. (Narrator) The old man with the pink t-shirt first misses the ball, but on the second try it works and the ball, with Amelie and Charlie, flies high into the sky. (Charlie) Hold on tight, Amelie! (Narrator) As soon as the ball is up high, Charlie begins to steer, flapping his wings very hard, and catches a gust of wind. It’s almost like surfing on a wave. (Amelie) Look there is the train! (Charlie) Okay... I am flying down... here we goooo! (Narrator) But the gust of wind is stronger than expected. They cannot descend and also cannot slow down. Now they are high above the lake and the train is far behind them. They have passed it. (Amelie) Charlie, we are much too fast. (Charlie) We have to get out of the gust of wind... wait. (Narrator) Charlie stops flapping his wings and whoops, the two of quickly drop down again and are just able to slow down their fall because they let go of the golf ball and fly on their own. They land straight on a rock at the harbour of Rolle. (Charlie) Look, we are so far ahead, that when the train passes by, we can just jump on. Everything worked. (Amelie) Hehe, well I was a little bit afraid. (Narrator) Before the two of them can rest, two red fish with large sharp teeth jump out of the water. (Amelie) Aaah, monster fish! Let’s get away from here!! (Charlie) Those are no monster fish... those are piranhas... quick Amelie, we have to fly away from here. (Narrator) The two of them fly high above the harbour to the railway station, where they get on the train and sit down exhausted on the bag of a friendly woman, while the train drives on. (Amelie) Say, Charlie. What kind of fish were those? (Charlie) Those are piranhas... they should actually not be in the lake. But Portula, the sea witch, conjured them there. Recently, there have been more of them in the water. She is planning something. (Amelie) Oh my, the new Queen will then have to defeat her with the magic sword. Oh, I remembered that just in time. (Charlie) The magic sword? (Narrator) Yes, correct. Because Amelie almost forgot to do something. She has to get off at Morges and pick up the crown jewels from the fairy guards in the antique stilt house: A crown and the sword, which was made from fairy dust. A powerful weapon that only kings and queens can use. (Charlie) So, we have to get off again at Morges? I have never been to the stilt house... (Amelie) I know where to find it. It’s been around so long that not even my grandmother, who is over 800 years old, was born yet when it was built. END PART 2 Part 3: Morges to Lausanne Prologue (Narrator) The young mermaid Amelie from Geneva is in a train going to Lausanne. There she must pick up Princess Mirabelle on behalf of her grandmother Una and bring her to the castle of Chillon, where she will be crowned as the new Queen of all fairies. In Nyon she met Charlie, a young fairy, who can ride the clouds. The two new friends are going to Lausanne together. Along the way, they heard about Portula, the evil witch, who is causing trouble in the lake. Only the fairy kings can defeat the witch with a magic sword... The sword is in Morges in an ancient stilt house, which is where they are now going. Because the sword is a part of the crown jewels, which you need for a coronation. (Conductor) Next stop, Morges! (Amelie) Come on, Charlie - we have to get off here. (Narrator) The two fairies flutter out of the train and fly above the roofs of Morges and reach the stilt house at the lake. Now they only need to go into the water because the jewels are stored down there. But as they dive into the water, everything seems a little strange. The water is violet, and the guards are asleep. (Charlie) Shouldn’t the guards be standing awake? But they are sleeping. (Amelie) Yes... that is really very strange. (Narrator) Amelie tries to wake up a guard... but they are all sleeping very deep. The door of the vault is open, and they fly into it... but slowly... because they are a little afraid. The crown jewels are still there, but in front of the jewels stands a strange vase with completely burnt handles... and not only two, but actually six... and all are coal-black! (Sea witch) Mariana trench!! This can't be. Finally I am standing in front of the crown jewels and I cannot take them in my hands. The fairies have put a spell on them - but they underestimate me. (Amelie, very quiet) Charlie, what is that? (Charlie, very quiet) Psssst! That is Portula the sea witch... she has spellbound the guards, which is why they are all asleep. She wanted to steal the crown jewels. But the grand fairy Queen Amethista has made a spell so that only a fairy can touch them and only the king or queen can swing the sword. (Amelie) You sure know a lot about the jewels, wow. (Charlie) Um... yes... we... we covered that in knight school. (Narrator) The sea witch is pacing back and forth, thinking about what she should do next. She pulls out a triangle from her bag, places it on the floor and starts casting a black magic spell. (Sea witch) Arugula, segula, madruga - winds of the alps and currents of the rivers come to me and break through the protective magic. (Narrator) Even though they are in the water, it suddenly becomes windy and the wind grasps everything in the vault. The wind turns in circles and even grasps Charlie and Amelie. It blows the crown and the sword, and they fly wildly through the room. (Amelie) Charlie... what if the witch sees us? (Charlie) We have to defeat her somehow. (Narrator) Charlie tries to fight against the wind, but it is just too strong... the witch now sees the two fairies and laughs loudly. (Witch) You tiny fairies have no chance against me! Bwhahahaha! (Narrator) The sword flies toward the two fairies and something strange happens. When Charlie tries to grip the sword, it starts to glow white. Very bright. He swings the sword and the circle of wind is sucked in by the sword so that it stops and suddenly it is very quiet in the vault. Portula cannot believe it. (Portula) But you are only a tiny fairy? From where do you get this power? (Narrator) Before Portula can do anything else, Charlie swings the sword up again and transforms the evil sea witch into a carpet of seaweed. Amelie throws her arms around Charlie’s neck. (Amelie) Charlie! Wow! You saved us. But how did you do that? I thought that only a king can use the sword? (Charlie) I don’t know... maybe Portula’s magic only half worked and now all fairies can use it? I did not know what I was doing... the sword actually did it all on its own. (Amelie) But now the witch is gone forever, and we are safe. And we are late! We have to get to Lausanne! (Narrator) The two fairies wake up the guards and help to clean up. Then they pack the crown jewels into an invisible and extra light bag. They say goodbye to the guards, who are still somewhat dazed and don’t know how dangerous things just were. Amelie and Charlie happen to catch a train and want to rest and digest everything that happened. But there is no time... because just then the train arrives in Lausanne... END PART 3 Part 4: Lausanne to Montreux Prologue (Narrator) The young mermaid Amelie from Geneva is in a train going to Lausanne. There she must pick up Princess Mirabelle on behalf of her grandmother Una and bring her to the castle of Chillon, where she will be crowned as the new queen of all fairies. In Nyon she met Charlie, a young fairy, who can ride the clouds and wears a melon hat. The two new friends are going to Lausanne together. They stopped in Morges to get the crown jewels and the sword in the old stilt house. But the evil sea witch Portula was already there and she tried to use her magic to steal the treasure. However, Charlie was able to transform the witch into seaweed with the sword. That was somewhat strange, because only kings are supposed to be able to swing the sword. But maybe the witch’s magic had something to do with it? There is no time for rest - in Lausanne the two of them must get Princess Mirabelle and quickly bring her to Chillon. (Conductor) Next stop, Lausanne! (Amelie) Alright, now we only still have to pick up Mirabelle. She is in Notre Dame cathedral where she is being prepared for the big ceremony. (Narrator) The fairies fly from the railway station to the beautiful cathedral in Lausanne. Charlie tells Amelie that he will wait outside and look around Lausanne. Amelie flies up to the top of Notre Dame and meets fairy Mera, who is waiting for her there. (Mera) Ah, you are Amelie from the Eau family, right? (Amelie) Correct. I was sent by my grandmother to bring Princess Mirabelle to Chillon. (Mera) Exactly. The young Mirabelle...oh, she has so much talent... but sometimes she does not want to take her role as queen seriously. Instead, she would rather have her head in the clouds. But with time she will certainly become a great queen. (Amelie) We all hope so. I am very happy to meet her. Where is she? (Mera) Mirabelle is currently in Pully at the Villa Romain, where she has been learning to dance since last week for the big ball. She was actually supposed to come here, but as always, she forgot. It is best if you pick her up there. (Narrator) Amelie says goodbye to Mera and flies off again to tell Charlie that they have to go to Pully. But he has somehow disappeared. She asks around, but nobody has seen the young cloud rider. And Amelie never did get his number. Strange. But work calls - there is no time! And so, Amelie flies into a train and quickly drives to Pully, where she gets off again and flies to the Villa Romain. She is still worrying about Charlie... maybe she should have waited longer? But... he knows how important Amelie’s mission is. And he also knows where she is going... maybe she will meet him again in Chillon. There are many fairies practicing the official fairy dance in the Villa Romain, and they are having a lot of fun. Amelie also gives it a try and at the start she really cannot do it. But Tangorella, a friendly instructor, helps her and soon she is dancing almost like the others. (Amelie) Thank you, Tangorella! That was really a lot of fun. Tell me, where can I find Princess Mirabelle? I was sent here to bring her to Chillon. (Tangorella) Mirabelle? She is in the cathedral practicing her speech. She has not been here in the dance school for a long time. (Amelie) What? But Mera sent me because she was supposed to be here. (Tangorella) No, she is in Lausanne. I am sure of that. (Narrator) Something is not quite right here. Nobody knows where Mirabelle is. Suddenly, there is alarm in the Villa Romain...a code pink-red alarm! Mera comes from Lausanne with her advisor and everyone sits together to discuss what to do. But they are all at a loss. Mirabelle has disappeared and nobody knows where she is. The wise Mera speaks with the fairies and reaches a decision. (Mera) Apparently, we all failed. But now we must act. Mirabelle MUST MUST MUST be crowned tomorrow. I will drive to Vevey and ask the all-knowing oracle. It will tell us where she is and then we will head straight to Chillon. (Narrator) Everyone agrees. Mera takes Amelie along and they drive to Vevey to the magical oracle. This is a magical place for fairies, because this is where kings seek seclusion when they have to make important decisions. The oracle can sometimes answer important questions and is always correct and true. Mera and Amelie fly to the train and drive on until Vevey. Not a word is spoken during the entire drive. Mera is really angry because Mirabelle has made her look very bad. Amelie does not dare say anything and she only looks out at the lake, which is shimmering in a special way. She thinks of Charlie and wonders why he has also disappeared... he would probably know what had to be done now. In Vevey, Mera speaks again. (Mera) Okay, let’s quickly go to the oracle. (Narrator) The two of them fly as fast as possible to the oracle, which stands in the water at the shore of Vevey. (Mera) Oh, wise oracle. I am here to ask for your help. In the fairy realm, a new queen will be crowned tomorrow. But she has disappeared, and we need to know from you where she is. The safety of the entire realm depends on that. Please, wise oracle, help us. (Narrator) The oracle opens its eye, looks at Mera, but then turns to Amelie, who is standing next to her and watching the scene in amazement. (Oracle) Mirabelle is with Charlie. (Narrator) The oracle is now really only looking at Amelie. She winks at her and then closes its eyes. Before Amelie can say anything, Mera grabs her and flies off. (Mera) Come on, the oracle has spoken and now wants to be left alone. And I now know where Mirabelle is. That girl... really. She is at the statue of Charlie Chaplin in Vevey. That was a famous person who always wore a funny melon hat. (Narrator) Amelie realises something. Charlie with the melon hat. That sounds familiar... and Charlie just disappeared when she was in Lausanne to pick up Mirabelle. Are you kidding me? Is Charlie Mirabelle? Is that why he was able to defeat the witch with the sword? (Amelie) Miss Mera... um... I think... I know something. (Mera) Quiet. We are now going to the statue to get the young Princess and then the old Queen can decide herself what she will do. (Narrator) Amelie does not say anything. The two of them fly directly to the statue of Charlie Chaplin, who is also wearing a melon hat. And look at that, Charlie himself is sitting on top of it. (Mera) Young lady! What you are putting me through again. Take off those clothes. (Narrator) Charlie takes off his golden suit. Below it, he is wearing a beautiful dress. He takes off the hat and long, blond hair falls to his shoulders. So, it is true. Charlie never existed, it was always Princess Mirabelle. (Mirabelle) I am sorry, Amelie. I did not want to lie to you... but (Mera) You know each other? (Mirabelle) Yes, Mera. We drove to Lausanne together. I fooled you all and went to a cloud riding school in Nyon. I just wanted to do something that had nothing to do with being a queen. I did not want to have so much responsibility. (Mera) Too bad! It is your calling. (Narrator) Mirabelle starts to really cry. Amelie has never seen her like this - up to now she was always brave and strong. She truly does not want to be queen. But that is actually understandable... how can a young girl rule over the entire fairy realm and make sure that everyone is doing well. That is not a job for one person. When Mera sees how Mirabella is crying, she understands that she has a serious problem. Mirabelle feels that she won't be able to do a good job. (Mera) Oh, my girl. You should have talked to me... I thought you were just lazy. But you are really concerned... and you want that we fairies are doing well. I understand you. (Amelie) Miss Mera... can we find a solution? (Mera) We cannot, but I know who can. At the top of Les Jumelles, there is a fairy council. We have to see them and ask for advice. They have been living up there for 5,000 years, always watching everything. (Narrator) Mirabelle looks at Mera in surprise... the fairy council of Les Jumelles... not even the famous Queen Amethista was permitted to question the fairy council. They only appear for something really important. But Mera is confident that they will listen to this problem. After all, this concerns the future of the fairies at Lake Geneva. The wise fairy calls a real cloud rider to her, who comes down from a cloud. The four of them make their way to the white cloud and fly high above the lake, finally landing up in Les Jumelles. From up there you can see everything... the oracle of Vevey, beautiful Montreux, and also the castle of Chillon. The cloud rider drops them off and disappears again. (Mera) Oh, council of fairies. You wise and all-knowing women. We are here today with Princess Mirabelle. She is supposed to be crowned tomorrow - but she has honest and real concerns. How can she, a young fairy, protect the entire fairy nation on her own? Help us, wise women. (Narrator) It becomes very quiet at the mountaintop. The sun shines directly on the three fairies and before their eyes, there is a twinkle and a sparkle. Three fairies appear. A very young blond one, one a little older with black hair, and a very old one with grey hair. They sit next to each other on chairs made of cloud. They closely look at Mirabelle. The youngest fairy flies up and reaches out to touch Mirabelle’s long, blond hair, smiling. Then she sits back down on the cloud. (The wise council, all together) A real problem, indeed. One person alone cannot do that. Finally, someone understood that. We have been waiting since the beginning of the time of the sun for someone to ask us about that. The solution is very simple. Even the humans have already understood it. We will create a large council of fairies who will protect the realm of fairies together with the queen. The fairies themselves will vote for this council and decide whom they wish to entrust with this responsibility. That is our solution. That is how it will be. (Narrator) And just as they appeared, they again disappeared. Amelie, Mirabelle, and Mera look at each other in amazement and cannot not say a word. But Mirabelle understood und is happy. She feels that this is the right decision. They fly very quietly to the castle of Chillon. -- It has been four weeks since Amelie experienced her adventure at Lake Geneva and a lot has changed already. The coronation has not yet taken place... first there is the first-ever election in the fairy realm. Every fairy from Geneva to Montreux will say who should represent her in the new fairy council. Someone is sent from every place who will then have a voice in Chillon. Mera is currently organising everything and she has a lot to do. And Mirabelle? She is helping and is very happy with her work. She flies across the fairy realm and explains to the others what all will change now and that she will never decide on her own what is good or what is not good for the fairies. She does that on a cloud - where she trains 2 hours every day and she is overjoyed. By the way, Amelie is always by her side. The two of them have become real close friends and Amelie is even trying to ride clouds herself. And when you look up and see a white cloud... then that is Amelie and Mirabelle, who are flying around lightning fast. Manuscript – The Great Ghost Meeting THE FAIRY TALE The Great Ghost Meeting The little castle ghost of Rapperswil Castle has been awake for an eternity. Like a wasp gone wild, it darts through all the corridors. "Wow! Today is the most beautiful day of my ghostly life," it excitedly shouts. "Today I’m taking the train to the great ghost meeting in Geneva! This meeting only happens every three hundred years! And only the most important ghosts are invited! Aunt Erika, Aunt Aurora, Uncle Kasimir… Wow, this will be a real family reunion! And that is: Abso-ghost-lutely fantastic!" "I wouldn’t exactly say that", coos the pigeon on the windowsill. "I have travelled far and wide, too. I have flown all the way to Jona! Watch out that you are not late for the train, you little show-off ghost." But the pigeon does not have to worry about that. The little castle ghost is standing with his spotted rucksack at the station in St. Gallen, right on time. What a crowd! All the people are already on their way to work. But because ghosts are invisible to people, the little castle ghost can easily float between all the many people. Suddenly, something pulls at his rucksack. "Wow, what kind of a little guy are you? You’re all red? From top to bottom?" The little red goblin from the red square stands on his tiptoes and calls out ((in St. Gallen-German)): "Red trousers, red sweater, I want to travel with you!" "But you cannot come with me", says the ghost. "Only invisible ghosts are allowed to go to the ghost meeting, and first of all you are not a ghost, and secondly everyone sees you far too well!" "Even if I close my eyes?" "Yes, I still see you!" "And if I hold my breath?" The little goblin turns even redder than he normally is. But even holding his breath does not help. He is just not invisible. "You don’t have to be sad, I will come and visit you again!" The ghost hops on the train and sits by the window. Soon the train arrives in Winterthur. Will the ghost from Kyburg Castle also be on the train? There are no castle ghosts in the family coach, but there are lots of funny jungle animals to see. The ghost rushes down the slide together with a little girl. But of course, the child does not see him. The train stops at Zurich airport. Wow, whose little pink suitcase is that standing in the exit? I am sure the girl has forgotten it. The ghost grabs the suitcase, rushes out of the train and quickly places it next to the girl on the platform. "You must take better care of your things," says the ghost. The girl looks around in surprise and nods. "Yes, Mommy!" - "I said that, not your mommy." The little ghost giggles and quickly rushes back into the car. And then the train is already stopping in Zurich. Just in time, the ghost remembers to visit Theodor in the park next to the big museum. This is the pigeon of its cousin. Theodor is very happy and packs some fine cake crumbs into the spotted backpack of the little ghost. "Wow, it is almost noon." Now the ghost realises that he should help the friendly Mister Waiter in the dining car. And just like that, he is in the next compartment. "Boarded in Zurich…" says the conductor. "Ouch! Who pinched my finger?" He looks down at his bag in amazement! "I did not see anything!" the little ghost calls out. "Who said that?" wonders the conductor, looking around astonished. But no one else is looking around. In Bern, many hungry passengers get on the train. "Wow, the dining car will be very busy!" Lucky for Mister Waiter that I am here to help." A man reads the newspaper and orders two Vienna sausages and an apple juice and there sits a family and two old ladies who also want to eat. The ghost puts out the cutlery. "The fork on the light and the knife on the reft? Or the other way around?" The little ghost makes a mess of things. Only the man with the newspaper is quite pleased that someone is kind enough to refill his apple juice. He even gives the waiter an extra tip. "Prochain Arret Fribourg!" calls out the ghost. "I also know French!" I will get off there, maybe I can find some meringue crumbs for Theodore as a souvenir. I’ll bring them to him on my way home. But the little ghost does not find any crumbs. Instead, it goes to the Tinguely Museum to visit the teddy bear, which is sitting on a funny machine. "And where is the important ghost meeting," asks the Teddy in surprise. "In Geneva in the English Garden by the big flower clock!" says the ghost. "Wow, I have to go! I still want to visit Drako the dragon in Lausanne. This ghostly life is really exhausting with so many friends all over Switzerland." "Au revoir!", grumbles the teddy bear as the ghost leaves. Drako in Lausanne is also very happy about the visit by the little ghost from Rapperswil. He has a hundred and one ideas about what they can do together in the castle. The little ghost most likes the idea of searching for Drako’s family in the attic. There is an extra treasure map for this. While the little ghost and Drako the dragon play in the castle, they do not notice time passing by. Only when the dragon says that he is already quite dragon-tired does the ghost look at the castle clock. "Wow, both hands are almost at twelve. This is a fluttering-ghostly catastrophe! Now I will arrive too late in Geneva!" Drako also does not know what to do. He even wants to become the fastest fast train and make time go backwards. When the little ghost arrives in Geneva, the clock at the train station shows that it is exactly one hour late. It wanders sadly into the English Garden. Everything is ghostly quiet. "I am sure no one is here anymore," it moans. "Wow, now I have to wait another three hundred years for the next meeting." But then it suddenly sees that it is not alone. Ghost aunt Erika is sitting on a bush and next to her is Aunt Aurora. The English Park is full of ghosts. They all hover around the flower clock. The big ones and the fat ones, the long ones and the thin ones, there are even three ghosts from the canton of Ticino. Did they all arrive too late? When the ghost looks around, it sees that someone is sitting on top of the big hand of the flower clock and is waving to him. "It’s me, the red goblin of St. Gallen. You will be pleased that I am here. I have adjusted the flower clock and told no one!" The goblin reports that he also travelled unnoticed on the train and hid in the conductor’s red bag. "Thank you!", rejoices the little ghost, "that is abso-ghost-lutely fantastic!" It quickly floats away with the other ghosts. Thanks to the goblin having adjusted the clock, it managed to get to the ghost meeting in time after all. And you know what? If you ever see that the flower clock in Geneva is a bit slow, then the little red goblin from St. Gallen is definitely to blame. Manuskript – THE RIVER NYMPH WHO WANTED TO SEE THE SNOW PART 1: ZÜRICH - PFÄFFIKON ( Wir hören das Geräusch von Wasser, Menschen am Plantschen und Lachen ). (Erzähler) On the banks of the Limmat, there is always plenty to do in summer. The whole of Zurich jumps into the river and is carried along by the current. But the Limmat is much deeper than you might think, and at the very bottom, (Wir hören ein Geräusch, als ob wir ins Wasser eintauchen würden.) (Erzähler) live the river nymphs, beautiful creatures with long green hair. Half fish, half human, they live underwater. They can also come out of the water, but only for 30 minutes, because after that they run out of air. So this is also where Lulu lives, the youngest of her seven sisters. She spends her days swimming and collecting stones. A few months ago, while she was playing along the Letten in Zurich, she came across an old, yellowed postcard. It showed gigantic mountains, completely covered in white. Since that day, Lulu has been under a spell. (Lulu) Is this white layer hard? Soft? Warm and pleasant? (Eine Schwester) L U L U! My God! Stop it with that! I can't stand hearing you - it's snow! Snow is nothing more than water, but cold. (Erzähler) No luck, Lulu can't stop talking about it. One morning, while swimming to the Werdinsel, she meets Moritz Peak, her best friend on earth. (Moritz) If you want to see snow, you have to go to Graubünden, there's a lot of it. (Lulu) And you can swim there? (Moritz) Well, I don't know, I always fly. But wait a moment! We can ask someone. (Lulu) Who? (Moritz) To the elephant Elena, she always knows everything. She lives in the zoo. (Lulu) But Moritz, I can't swim to the zoo. (Erzähler) And so Moritz quickly flies to the zoo, where he starts chatting with all his bird friends. He is having so much fun that he forgets why he is here. Finally, he stands in front of the great Elena and asks her advice. (Elena) A nymph who would like to see the snow. Hahahah! If only she knew that snow is nothing but cold water. What she needs are legs to walk on. And I only know one person who can give her those: Titus, the lake magician. BUT BEWARE little Moritz, the magician is dangerous! (Erzähler) Moritz rushes back to Lulu's house and tells her about the agitated Titus. Lulu has always been warned about Titus: he lives in a cave under the Zürichhorn. So she plucks up the courage to visit him. The cave is really scary. It's covered with hideous pictures of screaming creatures: men, fish, butterflies and monster statues. And at the far end, the magician is sitting on his stone. (Titus) Of course I can help you, my dear Lulu. But the question is: what can you do for me in return? (Lulu) I have collected a lot of stones. (Titus) Rocks? Look around you, I have more rocks than you can ever carry. More rocks than you sea creatures could ever pick up. No, I know what you have to do. In the round balloon museum, there is a golden balloon. I want it. Bring it to me and I will give you legs for your journey. (Erzähler) Lulu, a little confused, swims away to the surface. Moritz is waiting for her there, impatient. (Moritz) SO? (Lulu) He wants me to bring him the golden balloon from the round balloon museum. (Lulu) What? (Moritz) Hahaha! My God, Lulu! That's the Fifa museum... the football museum. You know, that popular sport, where they kick a ball around. No problem, I'll help you. (Erzähler) And without waiting for his answer, the bird flies away. The nymph waits and waits... She notices that her skin is beginning to dry out of the water. This is a sign that the 30 minutes during which she can stay at the surface are soon over. (Moritz) Hey, guys! Come here! (Erzähler) Moritz and some friends laboriously carry the golden ball to Lulu's house. (Lulu) Wow, great, Moritz! (Erzähler) Lulu catches the heavy balloon and quickly returns to the magician's house. (Titus) You are smarter than I thought, little nymph. Here, I'm giving you a magic belt: as long as you wear it, you'll have legs and be able to walk on land. Hahahahahahaha! (Erzähler) Lulu puts on the dark leather belt. As soon as she closes it, it starts to light up. The nymph gets dizzy and desperately swims out of the cave. As she does so, her tail turns into two small legs. Once she has surfaced, she sits down on the shore near the Tiefenbrunnen pool. Moritz is already waiting for her there. (Moritz) It worked! That's great! Look Lulu, I brought you some human clothes, you can't walk around naked. (Erzähler) Lulu is still a bit dizzy. (Lulu) What did I get myself into? I hope I didn't do anything stupid. (Erzähler) The river nymph, who now has a human appearance, puts on jeans and a T-shirt for the first time. The belt is tight, but she can still walk well. Moritz has even got her a train ticket and shows her where the main station is. Lulu boards the RegioExpress to Chur. As the train travels along the banks of the river, she looks out of the window in wonder. (Lulu) Wow! I didn't think it was so beautiful on land. END OF PART 1 PART 2: PFÄFFIKON - ZIEGELBRÜCKE (Prolog) Lulu, the river nymph, lives in the Limmat in Zurich. Ever since she found an old postcard of the Swiss mountains in the water, she has been dreaming of touching the snow. With the help of her best friend, Moritz the woodpecker, she visited Titus. He is a strange magician who collects awful pictures of screaming creatures. He gave her a belt that turned the little nymph into a girl. With her new legs, she takes the train to Chur to fulfil her dream. (Erzähler) Lulu sits back in her seat and admires Lake Zurich. But then a little fairy flies in front of her eyes and lands on her nose. (Lulu) Hey, in case you haven't noticed, my nose is not a chair. (Fee) Oh my God! Can you see me? We fairies are invisible to humans! (Lulu) You know, I'm a nymph, I'm not human. (Fee) Ahhh I understand better! Hihi, that's funny. I'm Isabella. I'm on my way to the Walenstadt lake where my family lives. (Lulu) But where did you go? (Fee) Actually, I had to go to Chillon Castle where Princess Mirabelle was to be crowned, but nothing happened as planned. That's why I'm going back home! (Erzähler) Lulu of course tells Isabella about her plans to see the snow and about Titus, the lake magician, who has given her legs. (Fee) Snow? But it's only cold water! (Erzähler) As the train arrives in Pfäffikon, the fairy has an idea. (Fee) You've probably never been to the Alpamare, have you? (Lulu) Alpa what? (Fee) Alpamare! It's a water park. All the kids love it. You have to see it, it's totally different from the river. (Lulu) An amusement park in the water... Wow, great! (Erzähler) Isabella throws her fairy dust around and there they are, both at the Alpamare, speeding down the biggest of the slides. They try out every pool and have a great time. They even stay in the wave pool for several hours. (Lulu) Look Isabella, I'll show you what I can do as a nymph. (Erzähler) Lulu dives to the bottom and swims in circles... But suddenly her chest hurts, very much so. She panics and stops in the water. When she doesn't see Lulu come up, Isabella starts to worry and sends fairy dust into the pool. Everything around the nymph turns green now. The fairy rushes in and magically brings Lulu out of the water. (Fee) My God, poor thing! (Lulu) Phew... thanks Isabella. That never happened to me... my chest hurt so much. (Fee) You're human now... and humans can't stay underwater for more than 3 minutes, just like nymphs can't stay on the surface for more than 30 minutes. (Lulu) Is that so? Is that what it feels like? I never want to go through that again. (Erzähler) Lulu, a bit shaken, has to recover first. So they both sit outside. (Isabella) I know what will make you feel better. An ice cream! I'm sure you don't know what it is: it's frozen, just like the snow. Just wait! (Erzähler) The fairy fetches two large ice creams from the kiosk. Lulu licks her ice cream shyly at first... (Lulu) Hummm! How good it is... Does the snow taste the same? (Fee) Hihi... yes, if you want. (Lulu) Everyone tells me that snow is just water, but cold. I can't imagine it. I want to touch it myself. (Isabella) I'm curious to know if you'll like it when you get there. (Erzähler) Suddenly a beautiful light blue butterfly comes fluttering by. (Schmetterling) Isabella? Who is that? (Fee) Bianca?? Hahaha! That's so funny! I'm walking with my new friend Lulu, how are you? (Erzähler) Bianca and Isabella are old friends. They talk so fast together that Lulu can't keep up. But when Bianca hears what Lulu has done, she gets very serious. (Bianca) Titus is not as nice as he seems. My sister went to see him one day when she was still a caterpillar. Tina always wanted to be a butterfly, but she didn't want to wait. So she went to Titus and since then she has disappeared. Take care of yourself, Lulu. (Erzähler) Bianca takes her leave and flies away. Isabella uses her magic to return with Lulu to the train and continue the journey. Lulu has a strange feeling. The story of the caterpillar Tina worries her a bit. (Lulu) So far, everything has gone well. Let's keep it that way. (Erzähler) "Next stop, Ziegelbrücke", we hear on the loudspeaker. (Fee) I have to get off here, you know, I live in Quinten, a village where the weather is very mild and which is on the shores of Lake Walenstadt. Come with me, I'll show you where I live. (Erzähler) Lulu, still deep in thought, thinks this is a great idea. A little distraction won't hurt. END OF PART 2 PART 3: ZIEGELBRÜCKE - SARGANS (Prolog) Lulu, the river nymph, lives in the Limmat in Zurich. Ever since she found an old postcard of the Swiss mountains in the water, she has been dreaming of touching the snow. With the help of her best friend, Moritz the woodpecker, she visited Titus. He is a strange magician who collects awful pictures of screaming creatures. He gave her a belt that turned the little nymph into a girl. With her new legs, she takes the train to Chur, where she finally wants to fulfil her dream. On the way, she met the fairy Isabella and discovered the Alpamare with her. There she also met a butterfly, who warned her that the magician Titus could not be trusted. Before continuing their journey to Chur, Lulu and Isabella make another short diversions to Quinten. (Fee) We have to take the bus to Ziegelbrugg. (Erzähler) At the station, they board the bus to Weesen. There they have to get off again, because Quinten is only accessible by boat or on foot. This little village is very special, because it is much warmer here than anywhere else around the Walenstadt lake. Even exotic fruits such as kiwis and figs grow here! (Fee) My family settled in Quinten 600 years ago. And since then, it's always been a bit warmer here than anywhere else. Hihi! (Erzähler) In Weesen, the boat is already waiting. Lulu is delighted, she's always wanted to come on board. (Lulu) It's moving a bit... Hihi, I don't feel very well. (Fee) It's called seasickness. A lot of people get it. (Erzähler) After a nice crossing, the boat drops anchor in Quinten. Isabella can't wait to get home and flies at full speed through the little village. Lulu finds it hard to keep up with her. (Lulu) Hey! Not so fast! (Erzähler) Isabella's family lives near the Quinten vineyard. Everyone is looking forward to meeting the young fairy. They want to have a party for the occasion and Lulu is of course invited. (Erzähler) In the evening everyone dances, laughs and eats lots of kiwis. Lulu has rarely had so much fun. And it's not until late in the night that everyone goes to bed. The fairies have even made a bed for Lulu. Exhausted, she falls asleep immediately. (Männliche Stimme) Luluuu... Luluuu! You are in great danger! (Erzähler) Lulu has a strange dream... A ghost speaks to her. (Männliche Stimme) Lulu... I want to help you. But you have to come to me. (Lulu) Where are you? (Männliche Stimme) Follow the light of the Flumserberg! (Erzähler) It is still dark when Lulu wakes up. What was that dream? A ghost that wants to help her? She has a funny feeling, but she wants to know more. She gets on the first boat and goes to Quarten, on the other side of Lake Walenstadt. She looks towards the top of the Flumserberg. (Lulu) It must be that mountain, but where is the light? (Erzähler) The sun rises slowly. The mountain sparkles in the morning light. A ray of sunlight streams down from the Flumserberg and illuminates the trees on the shores of Lake Walenstadt. Lulu examines the shoreline curiously... (Lulu) Over there! It must be there! (Erzähler) When she arrives in Quarten, she walks to the beach of Unterterzen and waits on the shore. She is convinced that this is where she will find out more. (Männliche Stimme) Lulu! You have found me! (Erzähler) Lightning flashes! A ghost comes floating over the water... Luckily, he looks very friendly. (Männliche Stimme) I know what you are looking for. Titus, the magician of the lake, gave you legs, but be careful, he didn't do it for nothing. Everything has a price with him. (Erzähler) Lulu doesn't know what to say. How does the ghost know all this? (Männliche Stimme) Titus played a trick on me, too. I used to have a boat here on the Walenstadt lake and I dreamed of a big steamboat. Titus offered me a trade... (Lulu) And what happened? (Männliche Stimme) My boat sank, and Titus made me the ghost of Walenstadt lake. (Lulu) Oh dear, I think I've made a big mistake. (Männliche Stimme) I would like to help you, and not only me... All the ghosts that have fallen victim to Titus. Our pictures are hanging in his cave and only when he's defeated will we be free. (Lulu) I saw those terrible pictures. My God! What can we do? (Erzähler) The ghost gives Lulu a white shell. (Männliche Stimme) You must lure him into a trap. Go to Chur to find snow. Titus will surely be waiting for you there. When he appears, call us with this special shell. Cry three times for help. All the ghosts will arrive and together we will defeat the evil magician. (Lulu) Thank you very much, Mr. Ghost! (Männliche Stimme) Go now... We mustn't waste any time. (Erzähler) The ghost disappears again, leaving the nymph alone. Thoughts are racing through her head. (Lulu) What have I done? Shouldn't I just go home? I just have to take off the belt. (Erzähler) Lulu tries to open the belt, but it's as if it's under a spell and closes by itself every time. (Lulu) Well, I'll just have to continue to Chur. I have no choice. (Erzähler) Lulu boards the next train to Chur. She looks out of the window in amazement, the mountains are getting bigger and bigger and more majestic. But even this beautiful landscape cannot distract her... All she wants to do now is to save all the ghosts that have been imprisoned by Titus. But suddenly Isabella sits on her nose. (Fee) Lulu. Luuuluuuu. (Lulu) Isabella? (Fee) You left so early this morning, I couldn't even give you my little present. Well, to be exact, it's waiting for you in Sargans. You'll be THRILLED! Oh dear! (Erzähler) The young fairy disappears again, leaving Lulu all alone in the train. What could be waiting for her in Sargans? END OF PART 3 PART 4: SARGANS - COIRE (Prolog) Lulu, the river nymph, lives in the Limmat in Zurich. Ever since she found an old postcard of the Swiss mountains in the water, she has dreamt of touching the snow. With the help of her best friend, Moritz the woodpecker, she visited Titus. He is a strange magician who collects awful pictures of screaming creatures. He gave her a belt that turned the little nymph into a girl. With her new legs, she takes the train to Chur, where she finally wants to fulfil her dream. On the way she met the fairy Isabella, with whom she went to the small village of Quinten, where they had a big party. In Quarten she met a ghost who warned her about Titus. The lake magician has fooled many people and all his victims now want to help Lulu defeat him. And to do this, the ghost has given her a magic shell. (Moritz) Hey, Lulu! (Lulu) MORITZZZZ! What are you doing here? (Erzähler) The little bird flies around in the compartment. Luckily there are not too many people around. The fairy Isabella has appeared to Moritz in a dream and has arranged for him to take the train to Sargans. Lulu is very happy. The surprise worked. She tells him everything that happened. (Lulu) And that's when the ghost gave me the shell and disappeared. (Moritz) We really can't leave you alone... Hahaha! Isabella gave me some kiwis from her village, do you want some? (Lulu) Oh no thanks, I had too many yesterday. Maybe later. So we're going to Chur and there we'll find snow, right? (Moritz) Not exactly. But I have a plan, of course. The birds at Zurich Zoo gave me a tip: we should go to the Bärenland in Arosa, the bear park near the Weisshorn. There's sure to be a lot of snow there. (Erzähler) "Next stop, Chur," we hear over the loudspeaker. Now it's a matter of getting from the city to the Bärenland. Fortunately, Moritz is a pro at public transport: in Zurich he likes to sit on buses and trams so he doesn't have to fly himself. He immediately finds a train to Arosa. As the train painstakingly climbs the mountain, Lulu feels a little sick. She is not used to curves. After a long and difficult journey, they finally arrive at the entrance to the Bärenland. (Lulu) Where is the Weisshorn? (Moritz) Ah... Look up there! The top. (Lulu) Ohhh! How do I get up there? (Erzähler) Moritz doesn't answer, he has another problem at the moment. A huge bear is standing in front of him. It doesn't look friendly at all when it opens its big mouth. (Moritz) LULUUUU, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! A BEAR! (Erzähler) They try to run away, but the bear is surprisingly fast. He catches up with them and gets in front of them. (Bär, CH-Deutsch mit Hochdeutschem Akzent) You look like a human, but you don't smell like a human. I don't understand, what are you exactly? (Erzähler) Lulu tells him about his belt, the evil Titus and the snow. (Bär, CH-Deutsch mit Hochdeutschem Akzent) Snow? It's only cold water! Anyway, I don't care, I'm hungry. So I'll eat you. (Moritz) Stop! Wait a second! Can I offer you some sweet kiwis? (Erzähler) Phew! That was a close one! Now that he's eaten, the bear becomes very friendly. He even offers to drive them to the Weisshorn. A little digestive walk is exactly what he needs now. Our two friends sit on his back and off they go. You can imagine how bad Lulu feels, as she was already having problems on the train with her turns. The higher they go, the paler the nymph becomes. She feels like she's running out of air. Titus the magician's magic belt becomes more and more uncomfortable to wear, as if it were shrinking. (Bär, CH-Deutsch mit Hochdeutschem Akzent) Now we have reached the top. Look, there's still some snow there. (Erzähler) Lulu gets off her back and has to stop for a while. Oh, she's afraid of heights. The destination is before her eyes. She gathers all her strength and runs towards the snow. But she can't go very far. Her belt starts to light up. (Lulu) What... what's going on? (Erzähler) Paff! She suddenly falls to the ground. Her legs turn into fishtails again. (Moritz) Lulu, you are a nymph again. (Erzähler) Stunned, the bear and Moritz look at the poor nymph, who is struggling helplessly on the ground. (Bär) Hahahaha! (Moritz) It's not funny, Lulu can only survive about thirty minutes without water. (Lulu) (Ringt nach Luft) Moritz... help! (Bär) Hahahahahahahah! (Erzähler) The bear can't stop laughing... and Lulu suddenly realises that this laughter is not foreign to her. (Titus) Little nymph! You'll soon suffocate, and then you'll be part of my collection too. Hahahaha! (Erzähler) My God! The bear is not a bear, in fact, it is Titus, the magician of the lake. And here he is again in his true form. (Titus) Hahahahaha! You're lost! (Erzähler) Lulu gathers her last strength to catch the shell. She whispers... (Lulu) Help... help... help. (Erzähler) The shell lights up. A strong wind starts to blow and a big cloud forms over the Weisshorn. It starts to... snow! Huge flakes fall from the sky. Within seconds, the whole mountain is covered with them. Lulu is also already white. She gathers her last strength and opens her mouth to catch a flake. That's when she says to herself: (Lulu) it's true: it's really only cold water! (Erzähler) The cold water saves the young nymph's life, because covered with snow, she can finally breathe again. (Titus) Nooooo! What's going on here? I can't move. (Erzähler) The snow also covers Titus, who is as if frozen. In a few seconds, he turns white... and turns into ice. Moritz flies towards him. (Moritz) Lulu! Titus is completely frozen. Wow, this shell really has powers! (Erzähler) When Moritz lands on Titus' big nose, it shatters into a million pieces. Suddenly the ghost of Walenstadt lake and many other ghosts come out of nowhere. (Männliche Stimme) Lulu, you did it. We are free. (Erzähler) Lulu, who is completely covered in snow, waves to them. The ghosts lead her down the mountain to the Rhine. Once in the water, she quickly regains all her strength. (Männliche Stimme) You're back on top form. Thank you for everything, little nymph. Good luck! (Erzähler) The ghost disappears again. Lulu and Moritz are stunned. They slowly set off on their way back... Over the Rhine they can indeed swim home to the Limmat. If only they had known this all along. In Zurich, all the nymphs are eagerly waiting for Lulu and Moritz. They are all happy to see that they are safe and sound. The sisters organise a big party and even Isabella is invited. Some little fishes ask Lulu what the snow is like. She answers them laughing: (Lulu) It's really just cold water! ENDE Voices Lulu Girl's voice, friendly and curious. Schwester Older and wiser version of Lulu Moritz Cool, confident boy's voice Elena Wise and royal voice Titus Condescending and malevolent voice Fee Similar to the one in the Geneva-Montreux tale Bianca Joyful female voice Traumstimme Ghostly male voice. Bär Like the voice of Titus. Manuskript – PANDORA'S BOX PART 1: LENZBURG - BONISWIL (Fauchi) Milo! You are late! (Milo, keuchend) Sorry, Mr. Fauchi, I did not wake up. (Erzähler) The young troll runs up the last steps of the celestial ladder where the dragon Fauchi is waiting for him, annoyed. (Fauchi) Buy yourself an alarm clock at last, Milo! (Erzähler) Milo is a member of the only troll family in the whole of the Seetal and for a week now he has had a new task: he has to watch over the sky ladder that leads to the Gofi - that's what the people of Lenzburg call the Goffersberg. In the past it was Milo's father who watched over it, and before him his grandfather and great-grandfather, and so on. This is an important mission, because the Gofi is right next to Lenzburg Castle and it is said that secret tunnels lead directly from the Gofi to the castle cellar, where Fauchi, the dragon of Lenzburg, lives. Once this little scare is over, the morning goes quickly. At break time, the little troll wanders through the city centre and goes to the old Roman amphitheatre, where he eats his bread roll and a branch of chocolate... Okay, two chocolate branches. As he wolfed down the last piece, he heard someone calling him. (hohe, sehr himmlische Stimme) Miii-loooo, Miii-looo (Milo) Who is there? Hou hou?? (Erzähler) The troll follows the voice into the forest, where the small Roman stone of Lenzburg is located. Behind the stone he sees a small black box with a large P on it. (Milo) Oh, what's that box? Is it calling me? Maybe it's like one of those magic lamps with a genie inside? Oh, I could wish for an alarm clock! (hohe, sehr himmlische Stimme) Miii-loooo, Miii-looo! (Erzähler) Milo grabs the box and opens it curiously. The heavenly voice becomes shrill and many small grey ghosts fly out of the box. (Milo) Well, then... no wish then! (Erzähler) Suddenly the sky darkens to a dark grey, while the atmosphere in the forest becomes frightening. All the birds fly away at the same time, and the foxes, mice and squirrels also run away at full speed. Fauchi comes flying in, very angry. (Fauchi) MILO! What have you done? (Milo) Well... I found this box... and I thought it was some kind of magic lamp with a genie in it... but... in fact, a lot of little ghosts came out of it... uh...  (Fauchi) It's not a magic lamp. You've opened Pandora's box... It's been keeping the Furies imprisoned for 2000 years. An old man gave it to me to watch over. But what did you do? (Milo) Pandora? (Milo) Who? What? How? (Fauchi) Pandora's box! Damn it! It's a disaster! (Erzähler) Milo has never seen the dragon Fauchi so nervous. He keeps pacing around the Roman stone. (Fauchi) What are we going to do now? We need advice! Milo! Go quickly to the great elf of Hallwyl Castle - he will know what to do! Go! (Erzähler) Without daring to ask anything else, Milo runs straight to Lenzburg station and jumps on a Seetalbahn train to Lucerne. Hallwyl Castle is very close to Seengen. He gets off the train in Boniswil and walks along the lake to the beautiful moated castle. He has trouble finding the entrance. Discouraged, he asks a little sparrow. (Milo) Hi, sparrow! I'm looking for the big elf in Hallwyl Castle. Do you know where he is? (Spatz) But why are you looking for him? (Milo) The dragon of Lenzburg sent me to him. (Spatz) The great elf only welcomes those who can solve his riddle. Can you do it? (Milo) What is this riddle? (Spatz) It is very simple! How many corners have 5 dice? (Milo) Hmm. Well... a dice has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...uh 6... 7... 8... AH! I know! 40! Five dice have 40 corners! (Erzähler) The sparrow starts to laugh and jumps in front of Milo. He flaps his wings, all his feathers fall off and he raises a lot of dust. (Grosskobold) Hi Milo! I've been waiting for you! (Erzähler) The sparrow has turned into a big elf. (Milo) Where do you know my name from? (Grosskobold) Since you opened Pandora's box, everyone knows your name. You've made a big mistake! (Milo) Oh my God! What do I do now? (Grosskobold) The box is older than you, older than me, older than Fauchi. I don't know much about it, except that there is a key to close it. And you have to find it! (Milo) Where can I find it? (Grosskobold) The old man who left the box with Fauchi also passed by and gave the key to the ghost of Heidegg Castle. (Milo) Hmm! OK, then I'll have to go to the ghost... But I don't like ghosts. (Erzähler) Silence has returned in front of the castle and the big goblin has already disappeared. Milo returns to the station, a little disoriented. END OF PART 1 PROLOGUE The little troll Milo has made a big mistake. During a break, while working as a guardian of the Lenzburg Sky Ladder, he came across a small box, which he of course opened with curiosity. Fauchi, the castle dragon, was not happy at all, because an old man had given him the box and asked him to look after it. Fauchi was very angry and sent Milo to the great elf of Hallwyl Castle. But he doesn't know much about the box either. He only knows that there is a key to close it. But it is in Heidegg Castle. That's where Milo goes now to try to make up for his mistake. PART 2: BONISWIL - BALDEGG KLOSTER (Erzähler) In Gelfingen, Milo has to get off the train again to get the key to Heidegg Castle. When he finally reaches the top of the hill, everything is closed. (Milo) Great! How come all the castles are closed? (Erzähler) The troll enters the castle through the rose garden and explores every room, from the cellar to the attic, looking for a ghost. (Milo) Heidegg's ghost! Where are you? (Wir hören wieder das Schreien der Büchse) (Erzähler) Milo suddenly stands still. (Milo) Oh my! That's the same scream I heard when I opened the box... (Erzähler) He quickly hides behind a large piece of furniture, but the unbearable scream gets louder and louder. And now a grey creature jumps into the room through the window: (Fury) Miiillllooooo (Erzähler) Milo rushes across the room but the fury is much faster than him and catches him. (Fury) Youuuuuuuuuu weuuuuuuuuu released. (Erzähler) The fury shakes the little troll savagely. (Milo) Stop, you monster! Let go of me! (Erzähler) Milo struggles with all his strength, but it's no use. The evil creature throws him vigorously out of the window. (Milo) Aaaaaahhhh... Help... Mamaaaaan! (Erzähler) Milo flies so far that he dives directly into the cold water of the Baldegg lake. All this is too much for the little troll: he faints from fear and sinks into the deep water. (Wir hören, wie der Troll in die Tiefe sinkt) (Erzähler) Milo continues to sink... How long will he last without air? (Eine Stimme aus dem Jenseits) Milooo...Milooo. Don't give up... Come on, wake up and swim! (Erzähler) Milo opens his eyes... and immediately notices that he has no air. He starts to swim as fast as he can. (Wir hören, wie er wieder an die Oberfläche taucht) (Milo) Ouf! (Erzähler) Milo lets himself be carried along by the current for a while, until he regains his strength. Suddenly, a hook falls from the sky, clings to his trousers and pulls him to the ground. (Nun) Oh, what a fish! (Erzähler) A nun from the Baldegg convent is fishing on the banks of Ron's canal and has just caught Milo. When she realises that it is not a fish, she remains strangely calm. (Nun) Come on! You're not a fish. This day is getting weirder and weirder. First the fury attacking us and now this! (Milo) (Milo) Get off me! Aaah! (Erzähler) The nun frees Milo and puts him down. (Nun) You are very cute, little troll! (Milo) Do you know what I am? Eh, how come? (Nun) People tend to underestimate us nuns, when in fact we know more than anyone else thinks. You're the little troll from Lenzburg Castle who opened Pandora's box, aren't you? (Milo) You know that too! (Nun) Last night I had a dream... An old man came to me to warn me. He said that a young troll will open Pandora's box and release the furies. (Milo) The furies? (Nun) 666 furies were imprisoned in the box. You set them free and with their screams. Now they spread fear and terror everywhere. He also told me that you will be looking for a key. So I ran to the castle before breakfast. (Erzähler) The nun smiles and shows the troll her necklace, the medallion of which is an old white key. Milo can't believe his eyes. (Milo) You have the key? And where is the ghost of the castle? (Nun) He's at a ghost meeting in Geneva, he couldn't have helped you. (Milo) That's great! So I can close the box again and everything will be fine? (Nun) No, you have to catch the 666 furies first. Only then can you close the box again. Have you noticed that the sky has turned grey and the sun doesn't shine properly since you set them free? Only when they're ALL gone will the sky turn blue and the weather turn nice again. (Milo) And how do I do that? That's a lot of fury to catch. (Nun) The old man in my dream said you should go to the convent in Eschenbach. The gardener can help you. That's all I know. (Erzähler) The nun hands the key to Milo, who puts it in his backpack, together with the box he has also taken with him. (Milo) I'll prove to Mr. Fauchi that I'm a good troll. Catching 666 furies is right up my alley! END OF PART 2 PROLOGUE The little troll Milo has made a big mistake. During a break, while working as a guardian of the Lenzburg Sky Ladder, he came across a small box, which he of course opened with curiosity. Fauchi, the castle dragon, was not happy at all. Milo opened Pandora's box and released 666 furies. Fauchi had received the box from an old man who had given him the task of guarding it. Very angry, Fauchi sent Milo to the great elf of Hallwyl Castle to find a solution. But the great elf doesn't know much either, except that there is a key to Heidegg Castle. There, Milo is attacked by a fury - fortunately he is saved by an old nun. In fact, she was waiting for him... PART 3: BALDEGG KLOSTER - ESCHENBACH (Milo) Goodbye. And thank you very much! (Erzähler) Milo says goodbye to the nun who drove him to the station, so that he can catch the right train. His next destination is the convent in Eschenbach. (Milo) I have to find the gardener in the convent garden. Can he help me? But it's strange. It was an old man who gave the box to Fauchi and the nun said she had a dream about an old man who told her where the key was. Could it be the same man? And who is he? (Erzähler) The train sets off in a southerly direction. Soon he's out of the Seetal. Milo has never been so far from home. He gets off the train in Eschenbach and immediately goes to the convent. In the colourful garden he stands among the flowers. He looks around, but there is no gardener in sight. Suddenly he hears thunder. (Milo) What? Thunder? Don't tell me there's going to be a storm! (Erzähler) Milo sees the biggest wasp he's ever seen, flying straight at him. (Milo) Help, a giant wasp! HELP! (Wespe) Bzzzzz! Are you looking for the eternal gardener? You'll only find him if you answer the riddle correctly. (Milo) Another riddle? Go ahead, I'm listening! (Wespe) Bzzzz! A mother has four daughters. Each daughter has a brother. How many children does the mother have? (Milo) So... uh, 4 times 4... no, that doesn't make sense. There are four daughters... so 8? But each one has only one brother... and uh... there's a catch! There are only five children! (Erzähler) White lightning falls from the sky, passing close to the troll who leaps back. And suddenly a man stands before him. (Gärtner) You are crushing my flowers! (Erzähler) The man is very tall, with long white hair and sparkling eyes. He looks angry. Well... The troll is really standing on a beautiful orchid! (Milo) Oh, excuse me! I'm a bit nervous. Are you the gardener? The nice nun from Baldegg sent me here. For Pandora's box! (Gärtner) I know, Milo. I know everything. Do you know who I am? (Milo) The gardener? No?  (Gärtner) I am Zeus, the god of Olympus. I once ruled over ancient Greece. No one is more powerful than me. I command lightning and thunder. The whole world fears me! But after 5,000 years, I got tired of my role as father of the gods... Everybody wanted something from me all the time. That's why I left Olympus - a big mountain in Greece - and looked for a small quiet place. (Erzähler) The little troll doesn't dare to say a word... He only heard about Zeus once at school, but he would never have thought that he lived here in Switzerland! (Gärtner) I have been all over the world, but I liked it here the most. Here I can live in peace and take care of my flowers. Until YOU, LITTLE TROLL, feel compelled to open that damn box. (Milo) I'm so sorry! I didn't know what was in the box! (Gärtner) Pandora had already said the same thing as you. You young people have to learn that you don't always have to open everything at once. You have to be patient! Now we're in trouble! (Milo) Can you help me to catch the 666 furies? (Gärtner) I am retired, little troll. But I can give you two tools that can help you. Come with me! (Erzähler) The old man strides away, while Milo tries to run after him. He stops in front of the big sundial and throws a lightning bolt in the middle of it. A great light fills the sky, so great that nothing can be seen. (Gärtner) You can open your eyes again, little troll. (Erzähler) Zeus holds a large olive leaf in his hand. (Gärtner) This is a divine leaf, the furies are allergic to it. It will make them sneeze immediately and they will not be able to stop. You will then have a chance to catch them by opening the box. You can only close the box when all 666 furies are inside. Then throw the box from Mount Pilatus directly into Lake Lucerne, so that no one will ever do the same mistake as you. (Milo) Thank you, thank you, thank you! But you mentioned two tools... What is the other one? (Gärtner) The second tool is a tip from me. The furies always go where there are the most people... They have fled to Lucerne, that's where you'll find them all. (Milo) Thank you again, Mr. Zeus! (Zeus) Go and don't bother me EVER AGAIN. (Erzähler) Thunder and lightning rage in front of the sundial. When Milo opens his eyes, the old man has disappeared. He runs as fast as he can out of the convent to the station. (Milo) Catch 666 furies with an olive leaf. Oh my! How can I do it alone? END OF PART 3  PROLOGUE The little troll Milo has made a big mistake. During his break, while working as a guardian of the celestial ladder, he discovered Pandora's box and immediately opened it. He released 666 furies that are now spreading fear and terror everywhere. Fauchi, the castle dragon, was not happy at all, because he should have been watching the box. So he sent Milo on a journey to fix his mistake. On his journey, he met a great elf and a kind nun, who even gave him the real key to the box. But the big surprise was the gardener from the Eschenbach convent. The gardener was none other than Zeus, the ancient Greek god of Olympus, who is enjoying his retirement in Switzerland. He was also the one who gave the box to Fauchi and now he helps Milo with a special weapon. Milo now has to go to Lucerne to catch the 666 furies before he closes the box forever. PART 4: ESCHENBACH - LUCERNE (Erzähler) The train leaves Eschenbach... The closer it gets to Lucerne, the darker the sky becomes. (Milo) Oh dear! It looks terrifying! (Erzähler) In Emmenbrugg, the train stops one last time, before going straight to Lucerne. A little mouse gets on the train... Of course, it hides so that the passengers and Milo don't see it. (Milo) Hey, mouse... Psst! Psst! You can come and hide here. (Johnny) Hey, thanks a lot. You're very kind. I'm Johnny from Lucerne. What's your name? (Milo) Milo from the sky scale. Where are you going? (Johnny) I went to Basel to visit my good friend Topolina. Now I'm going home again, but actually I'm on the wrong train... Hihihi! And you, are you going to Lucerne? (Milo) Yes... But it's a long story. (Johnny) Oh, I like long stories! (Erzähler) Milo tells Johnny about his adventures: the Pandora's box near the Roman stone in Lenzburg, the nice nun with the key and the old Zeus in the convent, who gave him a magic leaf that was supposed to help him defeat the furies. (Johnny) I'll help you catch them! If the furies are in Lucerne, we'll find them! I know the town like the back of my hand. I've already had so many adventures... With my friend Topolina, we even defeated a spider once. (Erzähler) Milo is happy to have found someone to help him. The train is already arriving in Lucerne, where we quickly realise that something is wrong. The sky is inky black and the station is almost empty. As they get off the train, all they hear is screaming. (Milo) Can you hear it, Johnny? It's the furies! (Johnny) It's hard not to hear them! Come on, let's get them! (Erzähler) The troll and the mouse rush out of the station. Right next to the big door, an ugly grey fury with long greasy hair runs towards them. Milo takes the Zeus leaf out of his backpack while Johnny prepares the box. The fury starts sneezing and can't stop. (Fury) Sneeze! Sneeze! (Milo) Open the box. (Erzähler) When Johnny opens the box, the fury is magically sucked in. Whoops! It's gone! (Johnny) Hey, great! It works great! Now we just have to find the next one! (Erzähler) A real hunt begins. The furies are scattered all over the city of Lucerne: here are 5 of them on the Lucerne bridge. (Furien) Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze... (Erzähler) Then 3 more on the beach by the lake, one near the lion sculpture, 3 more hiding in the old town. Oh dear, it never stops. (Fury) Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze... (Erzähler) In the Museum of Transport, there is a real nest of furies: there are at least 3 in each room, but thanks to the leaf, Johnny and Milo find them all, because as soon as they are near one of them, they hear it sneeze. (Johnny) Hey, we've caught so many furies that there's no room in the box. (Milo) I think we're almost there. I can't hear any more. (Erzähler) Suddenly a loud, piercing scream breaks the silence... They get out and look around. (Milo) Where is she? I don't see her. (Johnny) Erm... I think... I don't know how to say it. Look at the top of the mountain! (Erzähler) Milo points his finger in the direction of the Rigi, where a huge grey cloud envelops the summit. It looks like the last of the furies have gathered up there. (Milo) Great! How are we going to get up there? (Johnny) Hey! What would you do without me? (Erzähler) Johnny whistles with his fingers in his mouth and a large dove descends from the sky. (Taube) Hey, hi Johnny! Do you have to fly somewhere? (Erzähler) Johnny jumps on the dove's back. (Johnny) Can you take us to the top of the Rigi please? (Taube) Of course, let's go! (Milo) What? No... I'm afraid of heights! (Erzähler) Milo sits down on the dove's back, not very reassured, and off they go. They fly high above Lake Lucerne. Milo doesn't dare look down. (Milo) Oh dear... Are we there yet? (Taube) Hold on tight, we are almost there! (Erzähler) They finally land on the Rigi, where the last four furies are screaming and running around like panicked chickens, until they see Milo and run straight to him. (Milo) Johnny, quick, open the box! (Erzähler) Johnny opens the box again, Milo holds the sheet in front of him as the furies pounce on him and... (Furien) Sneeze! (Wir hören ein Niessen, welches immer leiser wird) (Milo) Are they gone? (Johnny) YES! We got them all! Finally! We did it! (Milo) Not quite yet. Now we have to throw the box from Mount Pilate into the lake, so that nobody will ever open it again. (Johnny) So let's go! Dear Dove, can you carry us once more? (Erzähler) The dove seems a bit tired, but wanting to help the two friends, she prepares for a second flight. Milo is now more comfortable. And at the top of Mount Pilatus there is even sunshine. The dove drops the two friends in the middle of the climbing park. Milo takes out the key and puts it into the lock of the box. (Milo) All that remains is to throw it into the lake. (Erzähler) He puts the box on the ground, takes a swing and kicks it with his foot, as if it were a football. The box flies high into the sky and then falls straight back into Lake Lucerne. Thunder rings over the lake and lightning flashes across the sky, even though there are no clouds on the horizon. And then it finally calms down. (Johnny) Did it work? (Milo) Well, I hope so! (Erzähler) At the station, Milo says goodbye to Johnny. He returns to Lenzburg. On the train, the little troll falls asleep immediately... Poor guy, he's exhausted! An old man with long white hair sits next to him and pulls a blanket over his legs. (Gärtner) "You did a good job, Milo. (Erzähler) Outside, the thunder rings out once again, accompanied by lightning... The old man has disappeared and Milo sleeps soundly in the Seetalbahn. ENDE STIMMEN Fauchi Deep and powerful voice Milo Young and cheerful voice, hesitant and anxious Spatz High and sympathetic voice Grosskobold Like the red elf, without the Eastern Swiss German accent. Fury Shrill and ghostly voice Nun Old woman's voice, husky and confident Wespe Female witch voice Gärtner Deep male voice (perhaps use effects!) Johnny See story Topolina Taube Old woman's voice (similar to the tale about the little ghost, without the Zurich accent) Manuskript – THE LOST FAIRY PART 1: BASEL - MOUTIER (Narrator) The first rays of the sun are still shy when the little meerkat Monti opens his eyes. His stomach is already crying out for food. He leaps up and goes in search of the food that the keepers normally prepare for him. Monti lives with many of his fellow creatures in Basel Zoo, and people come from all over Switzerland to admire him. While looking for his food, Monti stumbles over a small basket made of nenuphar leaves. (Monti) Ouch! Who put that there? (Narrator) As he gets closer, Monti sees that the basket contains a sleeping fairy. (Monti) Hey! Hey, you! Wake up! (Gloria) (Yawns) Mum, no... Just give me five more minutes. (Monti) Mum? You're not there at all! (Narrator) The little fairy is still very sleepy and doesn't understand what's going on. After a few minutes, the meerkat has had enough: he fetches some cold water and pours it directly on the poor fairy's face. (Gloria) Heeeyyy! Stop it! I'm awake, I'm awake. (Narrator) The fairy leaps to her feet and looks around in confusion. Something is wrong. (Gloria) But I'm not at home at all? What's going on? (Monti) You are in the Basel Zoo! This is not your home, this is my home! (Gloria) Strange, I don't remember anything... the last thing I remember is that I was at home in Yverdon-les-Bains... playing with my friends by the big stone. And then nothing. (Monti) Yes, and now you're here, in Basel. Look, I found you in this basket. (Narrator) Monti shows her the basket made of nenufar leaves. The fairy takes a look at it, but it doesn't help her any more, she can't remember anything. (Gloria) Maybe my magic powder can help us. (Narrator) All fairies have a little bag of fairy dust that gives them very special magical powers. It works very easily. The fairy throws the powder in the air and thinks very hard about what she wants. And presto! The wish comes true. (Gloria) Oh God no... My bag is gone! What shall I do now? (Erzähler) The fairy is really desperate. She is far from home, she doesn't know how she got there and she has no magic power left. She starts to cry. (Monti) Hey, hey, no! Don't cry, you'll wake up the other animals. It's not so bad. We'll find out what happened. (Gloria) (Sobbing) Really? You'll help me? (Monti) Of course I will. I'm Monti, the smart meerkat. (Gloria) I am Gloria, the fairy from Yverdon-les-Bains. (Monti) Let's see, let's think logically. You were lying in this little basket that someone made and brought here. You must have been sleeping very deeply not to have noticed anything. (Gloria) Yes, I don't remember anything at all... the last thing I know is that I was near the big stone with my friends, in Yverdon-les-Bains. Who brought me here? (Pigeon) I did! (Narrator) An old grey pigeon flies in, lands directly in front of Gloria and looks at her with its big eyes. (Pigeon) I brought you here. I was told to take you to a safe place. And the safest place I know is Basel Zoo. (Narrator) The pigeon turns to the meerkat. (Pigeon) Isn't that right, Monti? (Monti) Yes, it is! (Gloria) But who asked you to do this? (Pigeon) The nymphs of Laufen! They gave me the basket made of nenuphar leaves and asked me to hide you. (Gloria) The nymphs? What are they doing in there? My God! Dear pigeon, can you take me to them? (Pigeon) What? Noooo. I flew all night to get you here. And now I'm tired. (Monti) So we'll go to Laufen on foot?! (Pigeon) You'll never make it. (Narrator) It's true, it's a long way to go on foot. But the pigeon has an idea! (Pigeon) Take the train! I'll take you to the station! (Narrator) Gloria sits on the pigeon's back. (Gloria) Thank you very much, dear pigeon. (Monti) Hey, wait! I want to go with you too, it's going to be a fun adventure! (Pigeon) You are too heavy, Monti! (Monti) You're too heavy! What if I sit in the basket? (Pigeon) Let's try it! (Narrator) Monti climbs into the basket, the pigeon grabs the basket with its feet and starts flapping its wings. They fly away very slowly in the direction of the station. (Pigeon) (Out of breath) Here we are! The train to Laufen is leaving... quickly, quickly! (Narrator) Gloria and Monti quickly say goodbye to the pigeon, because they have to run to catch the train. They get there just before the doors close. The fairy and the meerkat hide behind the passengers' luggage. (Monti) By the way, do you know where the nymphs are? (Gloria) Yes, they live near the waterfall in Laufen. Nymphs are sort of cousins to fairies. I hope they can help me, because without fairy dust I won't be able to go home. (Loudspeaker) Next stop, Laufen. (Gloria) Come on Monti, let's get off the train before someone sees us. (Narrator) Gloria and Monti jump off the train and immediately head for the river. While Monti waits on the bank, Gloria flies over the water. (Gloria) Ahoy nymphs! Ahoy nymphs! I need your help. Show yourselves! (Narrator) Suddenly, a glittering woman with long green hair emerges from the water. (Nymph) Hi Gloria, glad to see you're awake now. (Gloria) Dear Nymph. Was it you who gave me to the pigeon? (Nymph) Yes! You were drifting down the river... who knows how long. I thought it would be better to keep you safe. (Gloria) Oh dear, but you don't know how it happened either? Or what happened to my fairy dust? (Nymph) Unfortunately not. Hihihihi. You don't have any fairy dust left? (Gloria) No, I haven't got any, it's gone. I don't know what to do. (Nymph) Hmm... the parrots from Cremines were here last night and they said that there are very strange things happening in the park. A wolf has been turned into a sheep... the lions have been sleeping for days... it looks like someone stole your bag of magic powder to do some mischief, don't you think? (Gloria) My God! That's all we needed... in Cremines you say? How can I get there? (Monti) Er... hello!? By train! There's a special stop there. And I know lots of animals there! (Nymph) Then you know what you have to do, Gloria. Don't let the fairy dust fall into the wrong hands... who knows what might happen. (Narrator) The fairy is worried... she says goodbye to the nymph. With Monti, she rushes to the train and continues her journey to the Sikypark, to find out who has stolen her magic powder. END OF PART 1 PROLOGUE The fairy Gloria is beside herself! Instead of waking up as usual in her little bed in Yverdon-Les-Bains, she was woken up by the meerkat Monti. And that in Basel Zoo. She has no memory of how she got there. Worse still: her little bag of fairy dust is gone. So she has no magic powers and can't go home. Accompanied by the meerkat, she goes to Laufen to ask the nymphs for advice. There, it turns out that the magical creatures have fished Gloria out of the water and hidden her in Basel Zoo. The nymph also tells Gloria that strange things happen in the Sikypark near Moutier: animals turn into other creatures or fall into a deep sleep. And such a thing can only happen if magic fairy dust is used. Gloria suspects that someone has stolen her little bag and is having fun with her magic powers. So she jumps back on the train to find out what is really going on there. PART 2: MOUTIER - BIENNE (Gloria) Monti, I'm glad you're coming with me, because I'd be really scared here if I was alone. (Monti) No problem! I'm always up for an adventure! (Speaker) Next stop, Moutier. (Narrator) The fairy and the meerkat sneak out of the train and get on the Weiss Express, which takes them directly to the entrance of the zoo. But as soon as they enter the zoo, they notice immediately that something is wrong. (We hear animal cries, monkeys, parrots, owls, a wild mix) (Gloria) Uh, Monti... it's always such a chaos here? (Narrator) All the guards are lying on the floor and sleeping soundly, while the animals are screaming in panic and running around. (Monti) Uh, no! It's normally very quiet here. Look, the parrots are over there... come on, we'll interview them. (Narrator) A dozen parrots flutter around the tree. When they see Monti and Gloria, they all turn towards them and fly to meet them. (Monti) Look, they are coming towards us. (Gloria) Monti, they don't look very friendly. (Monti) Nonsense, they are just birds. (Narrator) A parrot grabs Monti with its claws and shakes him hard. While the others surround Gloria. She is a prisoner. (Monti) Hey, stop! What are you doing? (Narrator) Monti tries to defend himself, waving his arms and legs with all his might. The parrot laughs and drops him. (Monti) Ouch, it's so high! (Narrator) Suddenly a sheep comes running to catch Monti, who immediately faints. The sheep looks at the parrots around Gloria in a nasty way. (Sheep) BÊÊÊÊÊHHHH! GET OUT OF HERE! (Narrator) All the colourful birds immediately disappear in fear. (Sheep) Let's go, it's not safe here. (Gloria) Thank you, Mr. Sheep. Actually, we're just looking for my little bag of fairy dust, have you seen it? (Narrator) The sheep gets angry. (Sheep) You call this magic? You're the one who caused all this chaos? (Gloria) No, you don't understand... I think someone bewitched me and stole my fairy dust... I don't remember anything. (Sheep) The owl! (Gloria) The owl? (Narrator) Monti slowly comes to his senses and hears the end of the discussion: (Monti) The owl? (Sheep) Yes, the little owl... he's the one who stole your fairy dust... and he bewitched us all last night. Actually, I'm not a sheep. I am the wolf - but the owl found it funny to turn me into a sheep. All the animals went completely mad or fell asleep... just like our guardians. (Gloria) Oh my goodness! And where is the owl now? (Sheep) I don't know, it flew away. (Gloria) Oh, damn! I really need my little bag. Do you have any idea what I can do? (Narrator) An old hawk arrives over the sheep, Monti and Gloria. He first takes time to examine them before talking to them. (Falcon) Little fairy, the owl went to Bienne... I saw it. (Gloria) Oh! Biel, OK! Monti, did you hear? (Narrator) Monti hid behind Gloria, because he is very afraid of the hawk. (Falcon) Don't be afraid, my little friend, today I won't do anything to you. We have to catch the owl together to take back the fairy dust... who knows what he will do if we don't. (Narrator) Gloria and Monti thank the sheep... or the wolf in sheep's clothing. Then the falcon takes them back to Moutier, where they take the train to Biel. All that remains is to hope that the owl is there... but how can they find it? (Monti) Where could an owl with a lot of fairy dust be hiding? END OF PART 2 PROLOGUE The fairy Gloria is beside herself! Instead of waking up as usual in her little bed in Yverdon-Les-Bains, she was woken up by the meerkat Monti. And that in Basel Zoo. She has no memory of how she got there. Worse still: her little bag of fairy dust is gone. So she has no magic powers and can't go home. It turns out that the nymphs have pulled Gloria out of the water and hidden her in Basel Zoo. She now tries to find out what happened. Her journey takes her to the Sikypark, where all the animals have been bewitched. There she learns that it is an owl that has her little bag of fairy dust and that it has run away to Biel. PART 3: BIEL - NEUCHÂTEL (Gloria) Monti, I have an idea how to find the owl in Biel. My aunt lives in the clock museum... she can help us. I'm sure she will! (Narrator) On the train, Gloria and Monti hid among the luggage again so as not to be seen. (Monti) Your aunt! So cool, I'll even meet a second fairy! Will she give you some powder so you can do magic again? (Gloria) Unfortunately it's not that simple. Each fairy has her own powder, you can't just mix them. (Monti) Really? But what are we going to do at your aunt's in Biel? (Gloria) You'll see! (Narrator) When the train arrives at the station, many people get off. Gloria and Monti have to be careful not to be seen as they slip out of the train. They run as fast as they can along the platform to find the exit. Then they head for the Omega Museum in Biel. (We hear the sounds of the city) (Gloria) To the left now, I think! It must be here! (Monti) How much further is it? (Gloria) No, look! It's over there! Let's hurry and get in, we don't want to be seen. (Narrator) Gloria and Monti slip into the museum. There are many people admiring the beautiful Swiss watches and they pay absolutely no attention to the two little creatures passing by. In the largest room of the exhibition, Gloria flies to a particularly large clock and sets the hands to midnight. A very old fairy immediately arrives at the large clock, which is now out of tune. (Miranda) Hey, who's been messing with my clock? (Gloria) It's me, Aunt Miranda. I'm sorry, but I need your full attention. (Miranda) Gloria? What are you doing here? Hide from the humans. (Gloria) I can't hide, I don't have any magic powers. (Miranda) What? But this is a disaster! (Narrator) The friendly old fairy hurriedly threw some powder in the air so that Gloria would be invisible to the humans again. (Miranda) That's it! That's it! And now I want to know everything! What happened? (Narrator) Gloria tells what happened and asks Aunt Miranda for help. Aunt Miranda immediately knows what to do. (Miranda) We have to find out if it's really the owl that has your little bag. (Narrator) The fairy throws some powder on Gloria. She turns white... (Gloria) My head is spinning. (Miranda) It's normal, I wished for your memory to come back... and it can make you dizzy. (Gloria) Hmm... I was with the other fairies in Yverdon... near the stone. It's been a long time since you visited us, Aunt Miranda. (Miranda) Focus! What happened? (Gloria) I... we were playing and then... it's a black hole. (Miranda) Damn it! The magic isn't strong enough. (Narrator) Aunt Miranda fetches a pocket watch from the exhibit and holds it directly in front of Gloria's face. The watch swings from right to left. Monti watches with great interest as Aunt Miranda hypnotises the young fairy. (Miranda) Gloria. Look at the watch. What has happened? (Gloria) We were playing. (Miranda) What happened next? (Gloria) It was already dark. And then I saw something shining... no, two things. They were... eyes... yes, they were eyes. I'm sure of it! (Miranda) Eyes? And then? (Gloria) I flew towards the eyes to get closer... then I heard something... a laugh. And then, a bang... yes! No... not really... it was as if... I had slipped? And then everything went black. (Miranda) Oh, great! We won't know more for now... but it's clear you've been mugged. And you've been robbed. You need to find your bag. Do you really think it was the owl? (Gloria) That would make sense, owls do have glow-in-the-dark eyes, don't they? (Miranda) Yes, they do. You have to find the owl... but not on the ground. In the air. (Gloria) In the air? What do you mean, in the air? (Miranda) You need a cloud rider from Lake Neuchâtel! (Gloria) But they only help the queens. Not me! (Miranda) Don't worry, some of them owe me a favour. Wait here! (Narrator) Aunt Miranda magically disappears, leaving Gloria and Monti behind. (Monti) What are they, the cloud riders? (Gloria) They are fairies who can fly on the clouds. Much faster than me with my wings. They protect our queen. (Narrator) A few hours pass before Aunt Miranda appears again. And she is indeed accompanied by a young rider from the castle of Grandson. (Miranda) There you go! Go and get your magic powers back, my favourite niece! (Cloud Rider) Let's go, little lady. Miranda has already told me everything. (Narrator) Gloria kisses her aunt goodbye. Outside, in front of the museum, the rider asks a cloud to come down from the sky. The young fairy settles down with Monti - and off they go. (Monti) Yippee, I'm sitting on a cloud! It gets better and better! The other meerkats are going to be so jealous! (Gloria) You'll have to help us, Monti. We're looking for an owl that flies around here. (Narrator) The cloud flies high over Biel and even over the lake... They pass many different birds... but no owl on the horizon. (Cloud rider) So we will continue to Neuchâtel. Maybe we will find something there. END OF PART 3 PROLOGUE The fairy Gloria is beside herself! Instead of waking up as usual in her little bed in Yverdon-Les-Bains, she was woken up by the meerkat Monti. And that in Basel Zoo. She has absolutely no recollection of how she got there. Worse still: her little bag of fairy dust is gone. So she has no magic powers and can't go home. Now she tries to find out what happened. Her journey takes her to Sikypark, where all the animals have been bewitched. There she learns that it is an owl that has her little bag of fairy dust and that it has run away to Biel. So she asks her aunt Miranda, who lives in the clock museum, for advice. Miranda helps the young fairy to recover her memory. It seems that an owl has attacked her. Gloria has a new plan: with the help of a cloud rider, she flies around to regain her magical powers. PART 4: NEUCHÂTEL - YVERDON-LES-BAINS (Gloria) Here is Neuchâtel! Look, Monti! (Monti) It's so beautiful! (Narrator) Gloria and Monti go up high with the cloud, above the lake of Neuchâtel, and look around. (Gloria) Could we go down a little closer to the castle? (Narrator) As they fly over the castle of Neuchâtel, a flash of lightning suddenly strikes the cloud. (Cloud Rider) Hold on tight! The lightning will destroy the cloud! (Monti) Ooohhhh, we're going down hard!!! (Narrator) The closer the cloud gets to the ground, the faster it dissolves... Gloria and Monti fall several metres... until they crash to the floor of the castle courtyard. (Monti) Ouch! Gloria! Are you alright? (Gloria) Yes... I think so. Where is the cloud rider? (Monti) I don't know, he was still on the cloud just now. (Gloria) I hope he's alright. (We hear a grunt) (Narrator) There is a terrible growling noise in the inner courtyard of the castle. In a dark corner, Gloria sees bright eyes looking in her direction. (Gloria) Monti! Those eyes... I've seen them before... last night. (Narrator) A huge black dog with sharp teeth leaps out of the corner and rushes towards them. (Monti) I... I... think... the dog... doesn't want to, not really play... (Gloria) Monti! Run! (Narrator) They jump and run as fast as they can. But the dog is faster. He plants himself in front of them and opens his big mouth. (We hear barking and growling) (Monti) Erm... do you have a trick to calm the dogs down? (Cloud Rider) Not so fast, you monster! (Narrator) The cloud rider appears in the sky. He flies straight towards the dog... but the dog doesn't move at all. And when the cloud passes through the dog, it disappears... without a trace. (Gloria) Thank you, dear rider! You have saved us. (Cloud Rider) The dog was just an illusion. Whoever has your fairy dust, he set a trap for you. (Monti) But his teeth looked real. (Narrator) Monti is still shaking with fear. Gloria, on the other hand, is more determined than ever to regain her magical powers. (Gloria) That's enough! I can't take it anymore! We're going to Yverdon to ask my family for advice. We need magic to find this owl. Come on, Monti! Let's go back! (Narrator) Gloria grabs Monti, says goodbye to the cloud rider and heads straight for Neuchâtel station where they wait for the next train to Yverdon-les-Bains. The journey goes along the beautiful lake. Monti admires the landscape with enthusiasm! (Monti) Wow, so this is where you live? Really beautiful! (Gloria) What? I really like this place, by the lake. It's my home. (Narrator) There's a lot of activity at the station in Yverdon-Les-Bains. Our two companions sneak out of the train again and go as fast as they can to the menhirs of Clendy, large boulders near the lake. This is where Gloria lives with her fairy family. But there too, nothing is as usual. Everything is quiet! Very quiet, in fact. Too quiet. (Gloria) Where is everybody? Hello, is anyone there? (Narrator) Only then does Gloria notice that her entire fairy family is fast asleep behind one of the stones. As if enchanted! (Gloria) Great, they're all asleep. And now what? (Monti) Do you have any water? That's how I woke you up... hihihi. (Narrator) They try to wake up the fairies gently... then with cold water from the lake. But nothing works! They continue to sleep. Suddenly, they hear a noise in the bushes. Someone has been watching them and is trying to run away. (Owl) Ouch... ouch... (Narrator) Gloria and Monti run to the bush and find a small owl that has tripped over a root. Around its neck it carries a small bag of fairy dust, which actually belongs to Gloria. (Gloria) YOU! You stole my fairy dust! (Owl) Yes... well... um... well... it's a long story. (Gloria) Let's hear it! I'm very curious to hear what you have to say. (Owl) Well, well, well! I'm Jannic, the owl from Sikypark. I was really bored there... people all come to see the tigers, lions and parrots... but nobody is interested in me. That's why I run away from time to time, and last night I met you and wanted to play with you. But instead I knocked you down and you passed out. I'm really sorry. (Narrator) The little owl seems really nervous, whereas Gloria expected to find a rather nasty owl... all she found was a cute little owl all nervous. (Owl) And here... I thought I could help you with a little magic. But instead, I sent you somewhere with magic... and then I spilled some powder and that's why everyone is sleeping here. I wanted to go and get you and went back home to the zoo so that the other birds would help me. They didn't believe me when I told them I had seen a fairy. So I showed them the powder... and bewitched them. But I didn't do it on purpose! It seems that your powder doesn't work. (Gloria) Aha! And why did you let the bad dog loose on me? (Owl) Ah... that... that... uh. I went looking for you and the wolf told me that you had gone to Biel. So I followed you, but I couldn't find you. So I thought I'd wait by the castle in Neuchâtel, hoping you'd come by. I was so happy when I saw the cloud in the sky - and then I used powder again, I thought I could call you. "Oh dear! I see them!" - suddenly a bolt of lightning came straight at you... I was so afraid that something had happened to you. And the dog appeared by itself... but I am afraid of dogs. That's why I ran away... Luckily you found me! Here, take your powder back... it doesn't work. (Monti) You're a big clumsy one, aren't you? (Gloria) You know, Jannic, fairy dust is not so easy to use. At the beginning, I kept making mistakes too. You have to learn to use it. Thank you for giving me back my little bag. (Owl) Sorry again! (Narrator) Gloria takes some powder from her little bag and throws it on the stone. All the fairies wake up from their long sleep. Then she magically sends the owl back to the Sikypark, where all the animals have come to their senses, as have the guards. Finally, she says goodbye to Monti. (Monti) Hey, Gloria! That was really fun. Shall we do it again? (Gloria) Thanks, Monti. You really helped me a lot. We'll make another trip soon, but this time with magic. But now I have to go home... Hi! (Magic sound) (Narrator) The first rays of the sun are still shy when the little meerkat Monti opens his eyes. His stomach is already crying out for food. He leaps up and goes in search of the food that the guards have normally already prepared for him. (Monti) Wow, what kind of dream was that? A fairy, a cloud rider, a wolf in a sheepskin and an owl... hihihi... (we hear a belly growl) - Oh my, I'm SUPER HUNGRY! END Gloria: girlish voice, happy Monti: cheerful, energetic Pigeon: know-it-all, gossipy style Nymph: playful, magical Sheep: serious and severe Falcon: majestic Miranda: a grand old lady Cloud Rider: young, brave Owl: shy, confused Manuskript – ON THE WAY TO SAFFRON COUNTRY PART 1 BERNE - THOUNE (Susi) Pfffff, I'm bored again today! I'm already on my third round and I can't find any good flowers with a bit of pollen to pick. I can't even drink a little nectar. If it's like this, I'd rather go to Marcel's. It's true that I won't find any flowers either, but there at least I have fun with him. (Narrator) The little bee Susi is still very young. She lives with her swarm in the Obstberg district of Bern, where the artist Ludovic looks after them. But the fact is that above the bear pit of Bern there are not many flowers. Susi and her sisters often have trouble finding good flowers to drink the nectar and collect the pollen. (Susi) Maarcccccccccel! Maaarccccccccel! Where are you? (Marcel) Hey Susi, stop shouting so much! Where do you want me to be, where I like to be! In the restaurant! (Marcel laughs and giggles with amusement) (Narrator) Marcel is a big, beautiful caterpillar, who lives in an imposing vineyard in front of a beautiful old villa. He always says that this vineyard is his restaurant and it makes him laugh. Marcel is Susi's best friend. Marcel is a big-hearted gourmet who likes to listen to Susi and often gives her advice. (Marcel) Why are you in a hurry again? Did you drink too much nectar? Why are you so nervous? (Susi) Nooo, not at all! I didn't find any nectar. And even less pollen. Once again. I don't know why the other bees can't figure this out. It's silly to fly around all day for nothing, just because our queen wants it that way. (Marcel) Stop worrying about it. The flowers will come back and if they don't, you can go after the many geraniums in the neighbourhood. (Susi) Oh nooooo, certainly not geraniums! Yuck! Yes, well, you're right. But until the flowers come back, I'll have to drink Ludovic's sugar water. And I don't like it much either, although Ludovic does it to please me. (Marcel, loud) HELLO OLAF! HOW ARE YOUR CHILDREN? BYE, SEE YOU NEXT TIME! (Susi) Who did you just say hello to? (Marcel) To Olaf. He's a sparrow. He's a good chap! I've already spent more than one nice evening with him. Even though he's supposed to eat us rather than be friends with us, hahahaha. (Susi) What do you mean, eat us? (Marcel) Well, yes! Those damn birds love to eat insects, caterpillars and worms! But not Olaf. He's a vegetarian. He comes here in autumn to eat the delicious grapes, yes, he knows what's good. (Susi, not present) Interesting! It was nice to see you, Marcel. But I think I need some time alone now. See you later! Bye! (Marcel) Hi, Susi! And be careful not to fall under a fly swatter! (Marcel almost chokes with laughter) (Narrator) It's no secret that Susi is a bit different from the other bees. And although she loves Ludovic very much, she would like this world to hold more than just work and sugar water for her. That is why she often goes to the bear pit. There she sits on a stone and thinks. Or she just watches the big bears in Bern playing and lazing in the sun. Just like today. (Sandra) Pssst! Excuse me, is there still a small seat next to you? (Susi, drawn out of her thoughts) Er, yes, I think so. Hello! (Sandra) What are you doing here alone, little... (Susi) Well, I needed some time alone to think. It's not really my day, you know. (Sandra) You can call me Sandra. I'm a nomad bee from the Valais and I'm in Bern (Susi) Really? A nomad bee? I didn't even know that existed! Don't you have a swarm or a hive or a queen or something? (Sandra laughs) Hahahahohoho! You seem to be a phenomenon! There is not just one kind of bee. Honey bees live in swarms and have a queen. We nomadic bees are free and fly from one place to another. (Susi) Oh, that sounds exciting! Do you think I could fly from one place to another too? (Sandra) You are a fun little honey bee! Yes, you are! Go wherever you want to go! Oh, but I know a great place for you. In Mund, in the canton of Valais, there are the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen! Crocuses! Beautiful saffron crocuses! (Susi) Oh, that sounds just fantastic! But how do I get to the Valais, dear Sandra? (Sandra) Just fly south all the time. And if you don't find them, it doesn't matter: what matters is the way to get there! But I have to go now, I have to reach my next destination! (Flying away) Take care of yourself, little honey bee! (Narrator) Suddenly Susi stops thinking and gets excited again. But this time for a good reason. She says goodbye to the bears in the Bern pit and flies as fast as she can to the Obstberg district. (Susi) Marcccceeeeellll! Maaaarccccccceeeellll! I have a plan, I have a plan! But where are you hiding again? (Marcel) Well, in the restaurant, you little scatterbrain! (He laughs and wriggles with pleasure)! What's going on? (Susi, panting, then out of breath) Marcel, I've just met a nomadic bee! Did you know that such things exist? Her name is Sandra and she flies to a new place every day and she experiences fabulous things. And she told me that there is a beautiful place in the Valais with crocuses... something like a saffron country! Did you know that? I absolutely want to go there, and preferably right now. (Marcel, relaxed) Mmm, a saffron country you say? It sounds like a legend, doesn't it? And what do you want to do there? Alone, without me? (Sad) Wouldn't you miss me? (Susi) Oh Marcel, of course I'd miss you. But you know I've been dreaming of adventure for a long time! And of a place where there are flowers, nectar and lots of colours. And it wouldn't be forever. But if I don't go now, when will I? Please, Marcel, don't blame me. (Marcel) Mmm, Mmm. Yes, you're right. Just because I'm living my dream here in this vineyard doesn't mean I can stop you from living yours. And guess what? I even know how I can help you. (Susi, happy) Oh thank you, Marcel, you are the best! I promise you that when I come back, I'll tell you all about my trip. But how can you help me? (Marcel) Well, to start with, you have to go to the station first. You are too small to fly to the Valais and you don't know where the station is either. But Olaf does, and he can put you on the right train, otherwise you'll end up in Zurich (laughs at his joke). (Narrator) No sooner said than done: Olaf picks Susi up early the next morning at the Obstberg and takes her to the train to Brig. (Susi) Ah, this is what the inside of a train looks like. Um, I'd better sit on the window sill. I just hope I made the right decision. (Narrator) Susi looks out of the window as the train slowly leaves Bern station. On the Lorraine viaduct she is amazed at the beauty of the city from the other side. The cathedral, the Lorraine Bridge and the old town seem like masterpieces to her. Even the Aare seems a little greener than usual. (Susi, to herself) You see Susi, Sandra was right: it's the way you get there that counts! END OF PART 1 PART 2 THUN - SPIEZ (Prologue) Susi is a little honeybee who lives in the Obstberg district of Bern. But the monotonous life among the geraniums and the sugar water is becoming increasingly boring for her. One day she meets Sandra, a nomadic bee who tells her that she flies from place to place and has many adventures. Sandra also tells her about a magical place: in the small town of Mund in the Valais, the wonderful saffron crocus grows, an incredibly fragrant plant. Susi devises a plan with her best friend Marcel, a caterpillar. And it is the sparrow Olaf, whom Marcel has known for a long time, who leads Susi to the train to Brig. (Susi) It's really funny on the train. I smell a lot of things, but I don't recognise anything. No flower scent, no sugar, no other bees. I think I'll go to the next carriage, maybe I'll recognise something. (Narrator) Susi flies from one carriage to the next. She does this by following the customer assistant very closely. Every time he opens a door, she takes advantage of it and flies in too. She doesn't recognise any smell, or anything else for that matter. But suddenly something catches her eye. (Susi) Oh, but wait! I just smelled a flower, didn't I? (Narrator) That's right: in the last carriage there is a woman with a huge bunch of flowers on her lap. Susi can't believe her eyes. (Susi) What's that? Flowers? On a train? That's unexpected! (Narrator) Susi runs straight to the bouquet and slips into a beautiful blue flower. (Susi sniffs) Let's see what kind of flower it is! (Sniff, sniff) Aaatchoum! Oh my goodness, what is that horrible flower? And the one next to it? And the other one? (Narrator) Susi can't find any nice flowers in this bouquet. And to top it all off, the woman has noticed Susi and tries to crush her with a handkerchief, but Susi manages to escape at the last moment. (Susi) Phew, that was close! What a nervous lady! Well, I'm getting hungry, and thirsty too! (Announcement) Next stop: Thun. Travellers to... (Susi) I'm going to make a stop too. I've never heard of this Thun before. But I'm sure I'll find some little flowers to drink the nectar from. (Narrator) Without waiting, Susi gets off the train in Thun. She is in no hurry to get to the Valais anyway. And Sandra has said that it's the journey to get there that counts. (Susi) So that's Thun! But where am I going to find a flower quickly? I'm going to start by taking a little walk and flying away. (Narrator) Perhaps it wasn't Susi's best idea to set out on an empty stomach to explore the town of Thun. Apart from geraniums, there's not much in this town and Susi hates geraniums. Soon the little bee is completely lost and has no energy left. Sadly, she stops at the Mühleplatz, not knowing where to go. And then a city sparrow lands next to her. (Susi) Oh... A sparrow? Maybe I should ask him for help? Just like Olaf, maybe he's a nice sparrow too. Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Sparrow! Can you help me? (Aschi, with a soft voice) Hey, hello little bee! What's wrong with you? It seems to me that you are not in good shape. (Susi) Oh Mr. Sparrow, I came from Bern to Thun by train and I actually want to go to Mund, in the Valais. But I'm very hungry and thirsty and I can't find any good flowers to pick. (Aschi) So, first of all: I am Aschi from the Aare. Secondly, you were right to ask me for help. Come on, I'll show you a beautiful meadow with lots of flowers. Then I'll take you back to the train. (Susi) Oh thank you, Aschi from the Aare! You're really very kind. (Narrator) Susi and Aschi fly off together. They fly over the roofs of the historic town, past the castle and up to a rich meadow with a magnificent view of the beautiful Lake Thun. (Aschi) You see, Susi, I didn't lie to you! Eat something first. Go ahead, don't be shy! (Narrator) Susi is not told twice. Delicious clover, buttercups and dandelion flowers are waiting for her. She sucks in the nectar. (Gundula whispers) Pssssssssssssssssssst, hello little bee! Come here quickly! (Susi) Who is it? I can't see you. (Gundula) I'm under the dandelion leaf, wait, I'm coming out. Don't be afraid, I'm just a cricket. My name is Gundula and I would like to help you. (Narrator) Susi hesitantly flies a little lower, towards the thick grass. (Susi) How could you help me, cricket? I've found some food and Aschi is taking me back to the station later. (Gundula) That's the problem! Aschi isn't as nice as he looks. All he wants to do is eat you, I'm sure. (Susi) What do you mean, eat me? Stop telling me stories! The sparrows are nice to us, aren't they? (Gundula) I don't know what kind of sparrow you are. But Aschi is certainly not a nice sparrow. Wait, I'll prove it to you! Sybil, show yourself! (Narrator) A beautiful little spider emerges from the thick grass. (Gundula) This is Sybil. Aschi tried to eat her recently. She managed to escape, but look: she only has seven legs. She should have eight! (Susi) My God, that's horrible! I'm sorry, Sybille! Then we'll have to get even with Aschi. Oh, I'm so angry, I'd just like to bite him in the ass. But I can't do it, because I'll lose my stinger and die. (Sybille) Yes, but it's not such a bad idea! Gundula, can we call Walter? He's a wasp and he's always stinging people all over the place when he's hanging around the breakfast tables on Sundays. And nothing ever happens to him. (Gundula) Sybil, that's a brilliant idea! But how do we get Walter here? (Sybille) Wait a moment! I'll be back! (Narrator) Sybil disappears and Susi and Gundula wait impatiently to hear what she has planned to do. They start to get restless. Because Aschi starts to call Susi. (Aschi) Susi, Susi, where are you? Is everything alright? Where are you? I'm a bit short-sighted and I can't see you very well. We have to go if we don't want to miss the train. (and then silently and in a muffled voice) And I'm especially hungry... (Susi shouts in the grass) Wait a little longer, Aschi, I won't be long, I have to drink a little more, because I have a long journey ahead of me. (Aschi) Okay, eat as much as you like, so that you are strong and plump... (laughing quietly) (Narrator) But now Sybille is back. On her back, she has tied a slice of salami with a thread that she has carefully woven. (Sybille) That should attract Walter in no time. That leggy stomach is always craving salami (laughs). (Narrator) As soon as Sybille finishes her sentence, she hears a loud buzz: Walter lands in the middle of Sybille's back, to which the salami is still attached. (Walter) Yummy, whose delicious slice of salami is this? (Sybille moans) You can start by going downstairs, because I'm underneath too. (Narrator) While Walter eats the salami greedily, the other three tell him what Aschi did to Sybille and that he now plans to eat Susi. And then they tell him about their plan, in which Walter plays an important role. (Walter, amused) Hahahahaah, that's a great plan! I'm in! I'd be happy to ruffle this scoundrel's feathers a few times, my insect friends. (Narrator) And here they are, putting their plan into action. (Susi) Aschi, Aschi, Aschi of the Aare, I'm ready! Can we go to the station now? Wait, I'm going upstairs! (Narrator) But instead of Susi, Walter flies towards Aschi. Aschi is not very good at seeing, he doesn't see that it's not the little bee, but a wasp that's flying to the station with him. And Aschi is tired of waiting. He is hungry and wants to eat the bee. So he sits down on a low wall. (Aschi) Listen Susi, we need to take a little break, ... (voice becomes threatening) because I am hungry! (Narrator) Aschi wants to catch the insect on his back and swallow it. But Walter is faster than him and... pick, pick, pick! - He stings Aschi's bottom three times. (Aschi) Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What's going on, you can't be a bee, they can't sting three times in a row... Damn bee! (Narrator) Aschi runs away from Walter and his stinger, cursing. Walter happily returns to the other three insects. (Walter) That's it! Aschi won't be back any time soon, I managed to sting him three times, haha! (Susi, Gundula and Sybille together) Youhou, our plan worked, thanks a lot Walter! (Walter) Now the fun is over! I think someone still wants to go to the Valais today, don't you Susi? You know what, I'll go with you to Spiez, if you agree. With all these emotions, it made me want to come with you. (Narrator) And so Susi and Walter say goodbye to the other two insects and fly off to Spiez. As they have just missed the train and are both too excited to wait, they decide to fly along the shores of the beautiful Lake Thun towards Spiez. END OF PART 2 PART 3 SPIEZ - VIÈGE (Prologue) Susi is a little honeybee who lives in the Obstberg district of Bern. But her monotonous life among geraniums and sugar water is becoming increasingly boring. One day she meets Sandra, a nomadic bee, who tells her about the village of Mund in the Valais. This is where the wonderful saffron crocus grows, an incredibly fragrant plant. Susi devises a plan with her best friend, the caterpillar Marcel, and it is Olaf, the sparrow Marcel has known for a long time, who takes her to the train to Brig. Susi got off the train in Thun because she was hungry. There she was almost eaten by the evil sparrow Aschi. But with the help of the cricket Gundula, the spider Sybille and the wasp Walter, she was able to escape. And now, together with the wasp Walter, she begins the long journey to the land of saffron. (Walter) Look Susi, behind that steep rock face is Spiez. There's a beautiful castle there and the harbour restaurant serves a great breakfast buffet. I often eat there on Sundays. (Susi) Oh, Walter, you really know your stuff. I'm almost a little sad to have to take the train again. (Walter) Do you still have some time? We could still visit other things. (Susi) Yes, I think I still have some time. Would you like to show me your favourite place on earth? (Walter) Oh yes, of course! I'd love to! But actually, it's a bit far. Hmmm...hmmm. (Susi) I still have a little reserve: I was able to eat a lot in Thun before Aschi from the Aare scared me away. (Walter) Oh, I have an idea! Let's go and see my friends in Frutigen! There's a house there with a warm, tropical climate and all sorts of fun animals. Maybe they'll know how to get to Kandersteg. (Narrator) And so Walter and Susi set off for Frutigen. At the tropical house, they fly between strange trees with strange fruits. Susi has never seen anything like it. Suddenly Walter stops and dives towards a funny stone. (Susi) Hey Walter, what's that? The rock is moving! (Walter) Hahaha Susi, but that's not a rock! It's Stephen, a turtle! (Narrator) No sooner has Walter finished his sentence than four legs come out of the living stone and, finally, a funny head with very endearing little eyes. (Stephen) Hey, I thought I heard Walter. Hi, how are you, you crazy wasp? And who did you bring here? (Walter) Hi Steph, I'm fine, how are you? This is Susi, a little honey bee from Bern. We'd like to go to Kandersteg and Lake Oeschinen, but Susi is still a bit young and can't make the whole trip. Do you have an idea how to get there? (Stéphane) Aha, aha, well I only see Morla, who lives over there, under the big monstera plant. She has magic powers, don't you remember? She's the one who helped my wife when she was sick. (Walter) Oh yes, that's right, I should have thought of that. You know, Susi, Morla is a magical snail, whose slime is supposed to give strength. (Susi) Ugh, that sounds disgusting. Snail slime. Ew! (Walter) It's not disgusting, you just don't know about it. Come with me! Bye Stèph, thanks and see you soon! (Narrator) Susi and Walter fly to the huge monstera plant. Under its gigantic leaves it is dark and a bit gloomy. Before Walter can even call him, a giant snail emerges from the shadows. (Morla) Hey, who do we have here? Walter, the wasp! And Susi, the honey bee. I knew you would come. How can I help you today, my dear? (Walter) Hi Morla! Listen, Susi and I would like to go to Kandersteg and Lake Oeschinen, but Susi can't fly that far yet. Do you think you can help us? (Morla) Of course I can! I can't refuse anything to such a cute couple! Come on, Walti, you first, get under my shell. (Narrator) Walter immediately disappears under the snail's shell. Susi has no choice but to watch. Long minutes pass. Susi looks at the shell with concern. (Morla) Don't be afraid, my dear. Walter will be out soon. (Narrator) Indeed: soon after, Walter emerges from Morla's shell with a smile. Susi can't believe her eyes: Walter looks bigger and his yellow and black stripes look freshly painted. (Walter) Wow, that bath felt so good, I feel like I could fly to the Jungfraujoch and back. Susi, it's your turn now! (Narrator) Susi too slips under Morla's shell, albeit hesitantly. It is certainly dark inside. But suddenly she is no longer afraid. Because she realises that she has to get into the little snail slime pool and bathe in it. It's a wonderful feeling. And she feels relaxed and strong. When she's done, she comes out of the shell too. (Walter) Oh, look at our Susi! You sure have grown a couple of millimetres! And you're all shiny! I can't believe it! (Susi, excited) Yes, I feel like I've been reborn. Come on, let's fly to Kandersteg! (Narrator) Susi and Walter say goodbye to Morla and fly together to Kandersteg. And because they have gained so much strength after the snail bath, they don't even need to take the cable car and fly straight up to Lake Oeschinen. (Susi) Hey Walter, now I understand why this is your favourite place. It's so beautiful here! And all these flowers, I don't even know where to start. (Narrator) Susi and Walter are having a party at Lake Oeschinen: they're having a great time in the flowers, drinking and bathing in the lake, and driving the cows that graze there crazy. But Walter has an idea. (Walter) Hey Susi, before we leave, we absolutely must go for a ride on the sledging hill. It's going to be great fun! (Narrator) So off they go to the sledging hill, where they simply sit on the shoulders of the children on the sleds and go down the hill at full speed. They keep flying up and sledding down. (Susi) This is so cool, Walter, it's the most fun I've ever had! Hey, but wait: there's no one left... And the sun has almost disappeared behind the trees... I think it's getting dark. Come on, I must catch the train to the Valais! (Narrator) And so, invigorated by the bath in snail slime, they return directly from Lake Oeschinen to Spiez, to catch the last train to Brig. They arrive just in time: the train enters the station. (Susi gasps) Phew, that's just about enough for me! (Narrator) They say their goodbyes sadly and Susi promises to visit Walter when he returns to Thun, before slipping onto the train at the last moment. She sits on the windowsill of an empty compartment and looks out at the lights of the houses reflected in the lake at dusk. She suddenly gets a strange feeling in her chest and realises that she is thinking about Obstberg, Marcel, Olaf and the other bees. And Walter, of course. Then she falls asleep, even before the train disappears into the Lötschberg tunnel. END OF PART 3 PART 4 VIÈGE - BRIGUE (Prologue) Susi is a little honeybee who lives in the Obstberg district of Bern. But her monotonous life among geraniums and sugar water is becoming increasingly boring. One day she meets Sandra, a nomadic bee, who tells her about the village of Mund in the Valais. This is where the wonderful saffron crocus grows, an incredibly fragrant plant. Susi devises a plan with her best friend, the caterpillar Marcel, and it is Olaf, the sparrow Marcel has known for a long time, who takes her to the train to Brig. Susi got off the train in Thun because she was hungry. There she was almost eaten by the evil sparrow Aschi. But with the help of the cricket Gundula, the spider Sybille and the wasp Walter, she was able to escape. And now, together with Walter the wasp, she begins the long journey to the land of saffron. After a diversion to the magic snail in the tropical house in Frutigen and to Lake Oeschinen, Susi boards the train for Brig, where she finally falls asleep after all these adventures. (Announcement) Next stop, Visp. The passengers for Saas Fee... (Susi, waking up with a start) What, what, what's going on? Visp? Where am I? And why is it suddenly so light? (Narrator) Susi looks out the window, still asleep. She curls up. Right in front of her is a big ladybird looking at her curiously. (Susi) Hey, who are you? (Pasci) Hi, little bee, my name is Pasci, and who are you? Do you have to go to Bern too? (Susi) Well... My name is Susi and no, I come from Bern and I have to go to Brig with the last train. (Pasci) Hihihihihi, you must have slept a long time, because this train goes to Bern. You probably slept all night in the depot. Hurry up and get off, you've got just enough time! (Narrator) Susi barely manages to murmur a "Thank you, goodbye" before jumping off the train at the very last moment. (Susi) Oh dear, I slept for so long. Too bad! Now at least it's daylight, and I should know by now: it's the way to get there that counts! (Narrator) The little bee has already travelled a long way and has learned a lot. One of them is that sometimes you have to be patient. And that's why she's just waiting at the station in Visp for the next big train to Brig. That's how easy it is to take the train. (Narrator) When she arrives in Brig, Susi decides to follow her instincts, but she takes the wrong direction and unknowingly heads for Brig-Glis. On the way, she suddenly notices a very special building. (Susi) What the hell is that huge castle? Snif-snif, there's a good smell coming from here. I've got to go and have a look. (Narrator) The majestic building that Susi discovered by chance is in fact the Stockalper Castle in Brig. And what she smells are the beautiful roses in the castle garden. (Susi can be heard sniffing) Hmm, that's not bad at all for a start. But that's nothing new either. I'll have to find that damn saffron crocus... I wonder if I flew in the right direction? (Narrator) Susi doesn't realise that she's been talking out loud to herself and that she's attracted the attention of two little mice lurking in the roses. (Johnny) Hey, little bee! Little bee! Where do you want to go? (Susi) Where do you want to go? Little mouse, is that you talking? Is that you calling me? Who the hell are you? (Johnny and Topolina together) We are Johnny and Topolina! We are here on holiday. (Susi) Oh great! Tell me, can you help me? I have to go to Mund to find some saffron crocus, but unfortunately I don't know which way to go. (Topolina) Oh, how lucky you met us. We've already had many adventures, even on this holiday. So, first of all: you flew in the wrong direction. But it's very simple: just go back to the station and take bus number 623 which will take you to Mund in 30 minutes. (Susi, happy) Oh, great! Thank you so much! That's what I'll do. Thank you very much, nice little mice! Have another great holiday! (Narrator) And so the little honey bee quietly travels to Mund on the post bus. As soon as she gets off the bus, the scent of saffron fills her nostrils and draws her to an endless sea of blue and purple flowers. Susi is completely amazed. (Susi) Yeahhh, I've done it, I've found the land of saffron. Sandra was right: this is an incredible plant! (She takes a deep breath and flies away) Now I'm not sure if it's only the way to get there that counts, when the destination is so great! (Narrator) Susi is completely intoxicated by the saffron field and flies around the flowers. But soon she feels that strange sensation she had on the train from Spiez to Visp. (Susi) It would be great if Marcel, Olaf and Walter could be here with me... It's so nice, but who could I share this moment with? (Narrator) That's when she notices a shadow brushing against her. She looks up and sees that a sparrow is circling over the crocus field. And on closer inspection, she sees that the sparrow is wearing glasses. A sparrow with glasses? She looks closer again and is all panicked. (Susi, frightened) Oh no, it's Aschi from the Aare! He must have come here to take revenge on me. I should never have told that scoundrel where I wanted to go. And now he wears glasses to see me better. (Aschi) Hi Susi, little bee from the city of Bern! How we meet again! It seems to me that I still have a score to settle with you... So know that I will eat you, is that clear? (Narrator) Susi would like to escape by hiding under a leaf. But Aschi has spotted her for a long time and dives straight into her. She thinks her last hour has come. (Susi) Goodbye, beautiful Earth! It was wonderful to... (Narrator) At that moment, another bird appears from behind the tree and flies straight at Aschi from the Aar. Aschi turns his head, but too late: the other bird hits him with its wings. (Aschi) Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! What the hell... (Narrator) Aschi doesn't have time to finish his sentence when the other bird hits him with another one. He notices that he has no chance against him and gets angry. (Aschi, very angry) What the hell is going on? Well, excuse me, but this is a waste of time. Making a big deal out of a little bee is beyond me! You know what, you people down there? I am leaving, I am going to Italy! I've been wanting to join a band there for a long time. And the crumbs and bugs are much better there. Goodbye everybody! (Narrator) And there goes Aschi. Susi can't believe her luck. Until she realises that it wasn't luck: the bird that chased Aschi away lands in front of her. It's Olaf, the friendly sparrow from Bern! And on his back are two other well-known friends: Marcel, her best friend, and Walter, her... But what is he really to her? (Marcel) Look at that, folks! Susi! In a saffron field! And twice as big and strong as she was in Bern. (Susi) Wow, thanks Olaf, Marcel and Walter! You saved my life! But how did you know that Aschi wanted to take revenge on me? (Walter) Well, as soon as we got back to Thun, everyone was talking about it. Of course, Aschi bragged to anyone who would listen that he had a plan to avoid losing face after our little prank. So I sent messengers to Bern and with With your Bernese friends, we travelled all night to get to the Valais. We were afraid it would be too late, but luckily we arrived in time! (Susi) Wow, you guys are real friends! It's been a great adventure, but I don't think I want to go that long without seeing you. I've missed you! (Narrator) And so the four friends returned together to Bern. Walter apparently needed a change of scenery and left Thun to go with them to Bern. But in reality he did so because he and Susi had simply become inseparable since that day. Suddenly, the Obstberg no longer seems boring to Susi. And when they feel like a change of scenery, Walter always asks: (Walter) Susi, do you want to go on a little excursion? (Narrator) And so they had many more adventures together, but they always came back and told Marcel and Olaf everything. THE END VOICES Alle gesprochen in Berndeutsch ausser genannte Ausnahmen: Susi cheerful, girlish voice, fast and lively Marcel Placid, funny, imposing, laughing heartily Sandra Walliserdeutsch, Region Visp. Experienced, mature, feminine, friendly Aschi Evtl. Berner-Oberland-Dialekt. Guttural, sly, excessively kind, quickly becomes nasty Gundula Cunning, determined, almost masculine Sybille Soft, feminine voice, rather like a little girl Walter Young male voice, cool, charming, relaxed, confident Stifu Evtl. Berner-Oberland-Dialekt. Similar to Marcel, but more sleepy, less full and funny. More dry. Morla Hochdeutsch. Eloquent, rough but friendly Pasci Walliserdeutsch Region Brig. Young, boyish voice, funny and cheerful Manuscript – THE GHOST WHO WANTED TO EAT A RACLETTE PART 1: MONTREUX - MARTIGNY (Narrator) Today there is a great deal of excitement at Chillon Castle on the banks of Lake Geneva. Tables and chairs are being set up in the large courtyard, even the silverware is being polished for the occasion - a huge party is being prepared. People are in a good mood as they gather outside in the evening to enjoy an exquisite Valais raclette. The wonderful, unmistakable smell permeates all the rooms of the spectacular castle. The smell is so enticing that a little ghost wakes up from its deep sleep at the top of the tower. (Maurice) Wow! Mm... what is that delicious smell? What is it? (Narrator) The ghost flies to the courtyard to get a closer look at what's going on. (Maurice) What are these people doing here? Is that cheese melting? And what are these little pans? I really want to taste it. (Narrator) The ghost tries to snatch a pan. But of course it doesn't work... Ghosts can't lift a pan. (Maurice) Mm... I want to taste that cheese. It's so unfair! (Narrator) From nowhere, an elegant fairy of a certain age flies towards the ghost. (Henriette) My God! Have you woken up? (Maurice) Ha! It looks like it... But who are you? (Henriette) Maurice! Don't you recognise me? It's me, Henriette! (Narrator) The little ghost looks at the fairy with a confused look... (Maurice) HENRIETTE? No! How long have I been sleeping? (Henriette) The last time we played together, we were still riding horses, but there were already trains. Let's say about 130 years? (Maurice) What? Why didn't anyone wake me up? What a disaster! Is that why you look so old? (Henriette) Pff! Be careful what you say, eh? (Narrator) The fairy and the ghost sit down on the shore of Lake Geneva and Henriette starts to tell what has happened over the last 130 years. The ghost of Chillon Castle has missed a lot. No one has probably slept that long! (Maurice) And all over the place, this so-called Internet that we don't even see... Blimey! (Henriette) Yes! People love it... They find everything on it and they can't stop staring at their phones. Sometimes they don't even look where they are going and get a boo-boo on their head. So funny! (Maurice) But Henriette... What was that cheese that people ate? It smelled so good! (Henriette) Maurice, don't you remember the raclette? You always loved it, you always wanted to eat it... But you are just a ghost! (Maurice) What a bummer... I want to taste it! (Henriette) Hm... Maybe Roland can help you. He always knows everything. (Maurice) Who is Roland? (Henriette) The omniscient ibex of the Marécottes zoo. But it's true that you don't know him. Come on, hop! Let's get going. (Narrator) Henriette and Maurice fly to Montreux station where they take the train to Martigny. Maurice is amazed by the comfort and modernity of the new trains. The last time he took the train, there were no electric lights yet. There is even a restaurant. He is over the moon. (Maurice) Henriette... It's the best of the best! What a foot! Look how beautiful it is. And the mountains, wow! (Loudspeaker) Next stop: Martigny station. (Henriette) That's where we get off, come on! (Narrator) It's indeed in Martigny that our two travellers have to change train to go up to the Marécottes where there is a rather unusual zoo - with a swimming pool! (Maurice) The train takes us to the zoo? (Henriette) Yes, it does! It's as easy as pie. (Maurice) Sacrebleu! (Narrator) Before joining Roland, Henriette and Maurice take the opportunity to dive into the fresh water. (Maurice) How good it feels... Better than a shower! (Henriette) I must say that you smelled as if you hadn't had a shower for 130 years... Now let's go and find the ibex! (Roland) I'm here. I knew you were looking for me. (Maurice) Omniscient, really? Hihihi! (Narrator) A large ibex stands in front of the ghost and the fairy, scanning them from head to toe. He looks like a royal, but rather wise man. Henriette and Maurice are a little afraid of it. (Roland) I know everything... So, little ghost, you want to know what raclette tastes like? Don't you? (Maurice) Yes, I do. How do I do it? (Roland) I'll tell you an old legend. It was the Valaisan shepherds who lived high up in the mountains who invented the raclette. It was a cold night and a boy found a small frying pan and a scraper in the snow... The cheese was put on the fire and melted immediately, as if by magic. The shepherds took the recipe back to the valley but hid the magic pan and the scraper. It's up to you to find them! They will allow you to taste a raclette in your turn. (Maurice) Yes, great... But where will I find them? They could be anywhere! Even on top of the Matterhorn! (Roland) Don't forget, I am omniscient... (Maurice) It's true! Where are they? (Roland) The shepherds have scattered them around the Valais... The little pan is in Sion at the Château de Tourbillon. It's more complicated for the scraper. It was stolen by the dwarfs, and nobody knows where they live. (Maurice) Hm... How do I do it now? (Henriette) Let's go to Sion first. Let's go! END OF PART 1 PART 2: MARTIGNY - SION PROLOGUE After a sleep of 130 years, little Maurice, the ghost of Chillon Castle, has finally woken up. And this only because he has smelled the irresistible smell of raclette. Now he is determined to taste it. But there's a problem: ghosts can't eat! Fortunately, his friend Henriette comes to his aid. They travel by train from Montreux to Martigny, where they visit the legendary all-knowing ibex at the Marécottes zoo. He tells them the legend of the little magic raclette pan that is hidden somewhere in the Tourbillon castle in Sion - if Maurice ever finds the pan, he will finally be able to enjoy raclette himself! (Roland) Little ghost... Go and find the pan in Sion. Maybe you'll learn where the scraper is at the same time. The dwarves have stolen it... It's up to you to find it! (Narrator) Maurice and Henriette set off towards Sion. At Martigny station, they first look for the right train and end up finding a comfortable seat at the window. Well... Anyway, humans can't see them. Sometimes a traveller even comes and sits on Maurice. But he doesn't feel anything. (Maurice) Tell me, Henriette, how many trains are there today? (Henriette) Oh dear, Maurice, there are many. Switzerland is a real railway country, everyone travels by train... And when there are no trains, you can take the bus, the post bus, the tram and even the metro! (Maurice) The tram? What's that? (Henriette) It's like a train, but in the city centre. Absolutely great! (Narrator) During the journey, our two travellers wonder where the little frying pan in the castle of Tourbillon could be hiding. (Maurice) Is there a safe in the castle? (Henriette) Or is it in a secret room? (Sandra) It's in the cellar! (Narrator) A beautiful worker bee is buzzing around Maurice and Henrietta. She has been listening to their conversation all this time and seems to know more about the little magic pan. (Maurice) Who are you? (Sandra) Everyone in the Valais knows the story... The shepherds buried the frying pan in the cellar of Tourbillon castle. But to get there, you need no less than three pieces of Farinet! (Henriette) What are Farinet coins? Is it like the Swiss franc? (Sandra) Haha! What luck you have! I have three of them with me... But what can you give me in exchange? (Maurice) What do you want? (Narrator) The bee is circling around Henrietta, making big eyes at her. (Sandra) You are a fairy, aren't you? Couldn't you magically transport me to Mund where there are vast saffron fields? I am SO HUNGRY! (Narrator) This exchange seems fair. Henriette throws fairy dust on Sandra and teleports her to Mund. All that's left are Farinet's three shiny coins. (Henriette) I'm glad I can do magic tricks! (Narrator) The train enters Sion station. Maurice and Henriette fly straight to the Château de Tourbillon where they quickly locate the cellar. The space is dark and eerie... But as a little ghost, Maurice is used to it. (Henriette) And now what? Shall we dig? (Maurice) Look here... There are three holes as big as the coin! I'll put them on top and see what happens. (Narrator) As soon as Maurice puts the three coins in the right place, a secret door opens in the cellar. And indeed! A raclette pan sits on a small pedestal. Maurice can hardly contain his joy. He immediately flies in and grabs the little pan. (Maurice) Yippee! That's it! Oh dear, how heavy it is... (Narrator) As soon as the pan disappears, the base collapses. In the secret room, a huge sheepdog emerges from a trapdoor. (Henriette) Be careful, Maurice! That dog doesn't look very friendly. (Maurice) He's not going to hurt us, is he? (Narrator) The sheepdog growls fiercely at the intruders who have come to disturb him in his lair and starts barking loudly. (Henriette) Come on, let's get out of here... END PART 2 PART 3: SION - LEUK PROLOGUE After a sleep of 130 years, little Maurice, the ghost of Chillon Castle, has finally woken up. And this only because he has smelled the irresistible smell of raclette. Now he is determined to taste it. But there's a problem: ghosts can't eat! Fortunately, his friend Henriette can help him. They travel by train from Montreux to Martigny, where they visit the legendary all-knowing ibex at the Marécottes zoo. He tells them the legend of the little magic raclette pan that is hidden somewhere in the castle of Tourbillon in Sion - if Maurice finds the pan, he will finally be able to taste the raclette himself! At the castle, they do indeed find the magic frying pan... But they come face to face with a huge sheepdog who immediately growls at them. (Maurice) Let's get out of here! He's going to eat us up! (Narrator) With lightning speed, Maurice flies away, followed by Henriette. They leave the cellar and fly high above the castle. The dog is in the garden and looks up at the sky in confusion. (Henriette) That dog is terrifying. Fortunately, we can fly. (Maurice) Phew, that was close... But it was worth it. We found the little magic pan. (Henriette) All we need now is the scraper that goes with it... Without a scraper, it's not a real raclette! (Maurice) For that, we need to find the dwarfs. How can we do that? (Henriette) Hihihi, Maurice... I already have my little plan. (Narrator) The fairy throws a handful of magic dust in the air. (Henriette) Show us where the dwarves are! (Narrator) The dust ends up forming an arrow that flies away. The fairy and the little ghost follow it far above the town of Sion, the dust flies away towards the mountains. (Henriette) Look Maurice... Here's a postbus I told you about earlier. It has the power of fifteen horses! You've missed a lot by sleeping for 130 years! (Maurice) Why didn't we take it? It's so cold up here... Brrr. (Narrator) The arrow flies to Crans-Montana, the famous ski resort in the Valais Alps. It stops in front of a huge building. (Henriette) We must be there, there are dwarfs here. (Maurice) You think so? This doesn't look like a dwarf's hut at all, this building is gi-gan-tesque! (Dwarf) Ha! What looks big is big, little ghost! (Maurice) Who's talking? (Narrator) The ghost looks around nervously, the voice is clear and sharp... But where is it coming from? (Dwarf) Up here, I'm here. (Narrator) Ahoy! (Narrator) A tiny dwarf on the roof waves to them. (Henriette) Ahoy, Mr. Dwarf! (Maurice) Hello! We found you, that's great! Can we ask you a question? (Dwarf) Did you look for me? It's been 100 years since this happened to me! (Maurice) Well, it wasn't easy to find you. Where do you live? (Nain) Here, at the Alaïa Chalet in Crans-Montana. People come here to do sports. They go down the slopes on funny slats, it's crazy! We dwarfs live under this roof, it's a dream. We have fresh air and lots of sunshine and no one bothers us. What did you want to ask me? (Maurice) I'm looking for the magic scraper to match the raclette pan. The omniscient Ibex said that the dwarves have it. (Dwarf) Pfft, Roland? He's lying! We don't have it. It's hidden at Castle Stockalper where the shepherds left it. And why are you looking for it? (Maurice) Actually, I really want to taste a raclette. But for a ghost, impossible! That's why I need the little magic pan and the scraper that goes with it. (Dwarf) Do you have the right cheese too? (Maurice) What cheese? Can't we just take any cheese? (Dwarf) ANY cheese? You are crazy! No, no and no! We can only use Valaisan raclette cheese! That's what you need. (Maurice) Uh... and where will I find it? (Dwarf) We dwarves have hidden quite a bit... It's buried in the Bois de Finges between Sierre and Leuk. (Maurice) Is it true? Can I get some? (Dwarf) Absolutely. I'll come with you, I want some cheese too. How do we get there? (Maurice) Henriette, do you have any magic left and can you take us there? Please... (Henriette) Damn, I don't have enough magic dust on me... I didn't think we'd be on the road this long. Let's try anyway. (Narrator) The fairy throws away her dust and magically transports them all deep into the Finges Wood. The forest is cool and very quiet. (Henriette) Ouch... Now I only have dust for one more magic trick, and then it's over. (Maurice) We've almost done it! Mister Dwarf, where are we going to find the cheese? (Dwarf) Right here! Look under the stone. (Narrator) The dwarf moves a big stone and shows the surprised ghost a big piece of raclette cheese. (Dwarf) There you go. You can have this, little ghost. (Maurice) Thank you thank you thank you! (Narrator) Just as Maurice begins to rejoice wildly, a noise is heard in the forest. A growl. THE DOG! He has managed to find them and is now standing in front of them growling. (Maurice) Henriette! The nasty dog! (Narrator) The big dog runs towards them and opens its mouth wide. Henriette then takes out the rest of the magic dust from her bag and throws it at Maurice and the dwarf. (Henriette) Let's get out of here! (A magical sound is heard, followed by the sliding of a train on the tracks). (Maurice) Oh, how well I slept. Henriette? Where are you? (Narrator) Maurice looks around and sees that he is alone on the train. The display says: "Next stop: Leukerbad". But the dwarf has disappeared and so has Henriette. (Maurice) Now I have the cheese and the little magic pan, but no more Henriette... Hm, what to do? END PART 3 PART 4: LEUK - BRIG PROLOGUE After 130 years of sleep, little Maurice, the ghost of Chillon Castle, has finally woken up. But only because he has smelled the irresistible smell of raclette cheese. Now he is desperate to taste it. But there's a problem: ghosts can't eat. Together with his friend, the fairy Henriette, he visits the omniscient ibex, who tells them a legend: the very first raclette pan was magic and will also allow Maurice to taste it. So they set off for Sion to the castle of Tourbillon where they find the frying pan - but they are attacked by a large sheepdog. They flee to Crans-Montana where they meet a friendly dwarf who helps them find the authentic Valais raclette cheese. When they are deep in the woods, the bad dog threatens them again. At the last second, the fairy manages to make everyone disappear. One thing doesn't work out as planned, however, because Maurice wakes up alone on a train to Brig. No trace of Henriette. (Maurice) Oh no... I have to go back... I can't leave my two friends alone. (Narrator) The little ghost has a bad conscience. The fairy Henriette has used the rest of her magic dust to save Maurice. What happened to her? (Maurice) I don't even want raclette anymore! All I want to do is go home. If only I'd kept sleeping instead of looking for stupid things. This is what I'm going to do: I'm getting off the train and going straight back to Chillon Castle. (Narrator) The ghost gets off at Visp station. Lost in his thoughts, he flies without realising that he is getting further and further away from the station. The weather is cooler and the air rarer. Maurice finds himself at the top of the Weisshorn. He sits on a stone and looks down into the valley. He doesn't know it, but he sees Zermatt. But not even this splendid view can console him. He starts to cry. (Goat) Hey, you! Why are you crying? (Narrator) A curious black collar goat typical of the Valais tries to console little Maurice. (Maurice, crying) Henriette... She's disappeared! (Narrator) Maurice is so upset that it takes him some time to tell his story. (Maurice) All of a sudden, we had the dog in front of us in the forest. Then Henriette saved me. (Goat) And all that for a raclette? Well... Little ghost, I'm sure your fairy is well, that she was able to save herself and doesn't want you to be sad. Where do you have to go? (Maurice) I have to go to a castle called Stock something... I have the raclette pan now and even the cheese. All I need is the scraper. Without the scraper, no raclette! (Goat) Castle Stockalper? (Maurice) Yes! (Goat) It's in Brig and you're on top of the Weisshorn, you have to go down. Everything will be alright, little ghost. (Maurice) You think so? (Maurice) Good. Now I'm going to go to the castle and find the scraper before I go home where Henriette is waiting for me, I hope, and then we'll share a raclette. Yippee! (Goat) Come on, I'll take you back downstairs! (Narrator) The ghost sits on the friendly black-collared goat, which skilfully hops from stone to stone until they reach Visp. At the station, the two separate and Maurice gets on the train. Now that he has a little more time, he takes a closer look at the little stove. It is made of wood. It's strange... Wood burns over a fire? (Maurice) Who could have made this pan? Hm. It all sounds very exciting. And funny enough, I can even smell the cheese. Yummy, I'm getting hungry. But then I think about it, ghosts don't normally get hungry. I never thought about it, ghosts aren't hungry, but I am! I'm hungry for raclette. Yum... (Speaker) Next stop: Brig. (Maurice) Well, I'll get off here. (Narrator) Maurice flies out of the train. It's already evening when he tries to find his way around Brig station in search of Stockalper Castle. (Maurice) Should I turn left or right? Ah, here it is, it's marked. (Narrator) The ghost soon finds his way into the castle. An eerie calm reigns in these venerable halls. He looks around each space, but there is not a single scraper in sight. A little disappointed, he sits down in the inner courtyard and looks at the stars. (Maurice) Damn! No scraper, no Henriette, no raclette! (Narrator) A growl from a dark corner is suddenly heard. (Maurice) Who's growling? (Narrator) The sheepdog comes out of the shadows and stands in front of the little ghost. (Maurice) You again? What's wrong with you? I didn't do anything to you! (Henriette) Maurice! Maurice! It's me! (Maurice) Henriette? There you are... That's great! Where have you been? (Henriette) If you only knew... When I magically moved you, I thought the dog was going to bite me. But in fact, he only wanted to play. He's very nice. He spotted your trail right away and brought us here. Have you found the scraper yet? (Maurice) My God! I was so upset I didn't even look. This castle is huge! (Ghost) Hi Maurice! You've been looking for me. (Narrator) Suddenly, an imposing grey-bearded ghost stands before them. (Maurice) Did I look for you? Not at all, I'm just looking for a scraper for the ghosts. (Ghost) My little Maurice. You are still the same. Do you even know why the ghost that you are is craving a raclette? (Maurice) Do you know me? Well no, I don't. Do you know? (Ghost) I've known you for a long time. We used to spend time together on an alp, as humans! (Maurice) Oh dear, I don't remember. (Ghost) You're too young for that. Little ghosts can hardly remember their former lives. (Maurice) And why do I want a raclette at all costs? (Ghost) It's a great story. When we were once on the Alps, we were very cold at one point. That's why I made a fire. You put the cheese from the snack on a stone placed right next to the burning flames... And it melted. Do you understand what that means? (Maurice) Hm... no... What? (Ghost) You invented it! Young boy, you were the first of us to make a raclette. It was a real sensation at the time. So we all built the little pan and the scraper together so that we could all enjoy it. Look closely at the pan. There's something written... (Narrator) As the ghost turns the pan over, he discovers a large M engraved on the bottom. (Maurice) M... Does that mean that the little pan belongs to me? (Narrator) By Jove! Who would have thought it? It was the little ghost Maurice who invented the raclette. This is a celebration! The old ghost invites his family and friends to Stockalper Castle. It promises to be the biggest party ever! And what's on the menu? Ha! of course a raclette for the ghosts. END Manuscript – TOPOLINA'S JOURNEY TO THE CHOCOLARIUM PART 1: BÂLE-AARAU (Erzähler) In Basel Zoo, all the animals are calm. But in the meerkats' enclosure, it's a battle of wits. For hours Monti the meerkat and Topolina the mouse have been looking for the perfect present for their best friend Johnny. So far, no idea has really convinced them. (Monti) A watch? (Topolina) But what would a mouse do with a watch, Monti? Nooo! (Monti) A kite? (Topolina) So that it can be carried away in the air? Noooo. (Monti) Some cheese? (Topolina) Too common... No! (Topolina) Our present has to be super-mega-giga cool! Johnny deserves the best! (Monti) Give him some adventure! (Topolina) Oh yeah! A little action! (Monti) Hey! I have an idea! The birds always talk about a place... Wasserfallen. There you can go up the hill and come down on an electric scooter. Just imagine! (Topolina) Sounds great... but I'd like to try it first... The present must be just RIGHT! (Erzähler) Topolina doesn't want to leave anything to chance: she packs her bundle and runs to the station. (Topolina) Ciao Monti! Thanks for your help! (Erzähler) Topolina is only a little mouse, but she has already had adventures all over Switzerland... So she knows Basel station well and knows exactly which train to board. (Topolina) Well, in the family car I can hide easily. Wow, it's crowded! (Wir hören Geräusche von Kindern) (Erzähler) In the same carriage, there is a group of scouts on an excursion. (Pfadileiter) Good children! Sit down... it's still a long way to Gossau! You'll see, the Walter Zoo is beautiful! (Topolina) Oooh, they are going to the zoo. How cute. (Erzähler) The journey leads from Basel to Liestal, where Topolina leaves the happy group of scouts to take a bus to Wasserfallen. (Topolina) Hihihi! I love travelling by bus, it's so much fun. (Erzähler) In Wasserfallen she has to take a cable car to the top. (Topolina) Wow, this is great. A whole cabin to myself! (Erzähler) When she gets to the top, she easily finds the place to rent the scooters. The view is great and the air is so fresh. Lots of children are already queuing up and looking forward to their descent into the valley. But... there's a little problem: the scooters are WAY TOO BIG for Topolina. (Topolina) Great, and how do I get down with these huge machines? Pfff... no, it's not the right present for us. Too bad, the children seem to be having so much fun! (Erzähler) Disappointed, Topolina has found a stone at the edge of the forest and is about to take a break when a little troll calls out to her. (Milo) Are you looking for a present? For whom? (Topolina) Who the hell are you? (Milo) I am Milo, the troll from Lenzburg. Who are you? (Topolina) I am Topolina, the mouse from Basel! But what did you do to get there? (Milo) Erm... hmm... well... Actually, I wanted to go to Zurich, to the FIFA museum, but I took the wrong train and ended up here. (Topolina) Oh dear! This is not the right place at all! (Milo) I know... I wasn't very focused at the station. But what about you? You said you were looking for a present? (Topolina) Unfortunately, yes. You know... my best friend, Johnny, is having a birthday party and I wanted to get him a cool, super-mega-giant present. But I can't find anything. I thought I'd give him a bit of an adventure here in Wasserfallen. But the scooters are far too big for us mice! (Milo) Johnny? From Lucerne? (Topolina) Yes! Eeeh! So funny! Where do you know him from? (Milo) He helped me once, in Lucerne... a nice guy! (Erzähler) What a coincidence! Topolina meets someone in the Jura who also knows Johnny. It's a small world, even for mice. (Topolina) Well, Milo! Do you have any idea what I could give her? (Milo) Hmmm... he likes chocolate, right? (Topolina) Oh yes, he loves it! (Milo) In Lenzburg Castle they always talk about a place where you can find the best chocolate! Maybe you can find something there? (Topolina) YAY! Finally a good idea! I'll give her the biggest chocolate bar in the world! Where is this place? (Milo) In Flawil. (Topolina) Where is that? (Erzähler) Milo explains to Topolina that Flawil is in the canton of St. Gallen. It's not next door. But he wanted to go to the FIFA museum anyway, so she decided to take the train with him. (Topolina) You know what? I'll come down to Zurich with you and visit my great-aunt at the zoo, she'll love it! (Milo) That's great! We're going on a real trip. Yippee! Let's go, back to the station. END OF PART 1 PART 2: AARAU-ZURICH PROLOGUE Topolina the mouse from Basel wants to give her best friend Johnny an unforgettable birthday present. In her search for the perfect idea, she meets the troll Milo, who gives her an idea: the world's biggest chocolate bar! She finds it in the Chocolarium in Flawil. She sets off for Eastern Switzerland and takes Milo with her. But a first stop and several adventures await the new friends in Zurich. (Lautsprecher) Next stop: Aarau (Topolina) Milo! Wake up... we are already in Aarau. (Milo) Ooh! Already? It went by so fast. We'll soon pass through Lenzburg, you can see my house! (Topolina) Oh, I'm so glad. Tell me, I've heard that the castle of Lenzburg is home to a dragon. Is that true? (Milo) Yes, Mr. Fauchi. He's so nice! (Topolina) Oh, a real dragon. Maybe I'll come and visit you on the way back. (Erzähler) The train continues on its way and the mouse and the troll watch the landscape from their hiding place. After a long railway tunnel, you can even see the Limmat. (Milo) Wow, look at the river! (Topolina) Hey, Milo, I'd like to visit my great-aunt at the zoo, can you come with me? (Milo) OK, but in that case, will you come with me to the FIFA museum? (Topolina) Of course I'm coming! I love football. (Erzähler) As always, Zurich's main station is packed. Topolina and Milo sneak out of the train and look for the way to the Zurich Zoo. (Topolina) Do you think one of these trams goes to the zoo? (Erzähler) You bet! Tram no. 6 goes straight there. How convenient. The two companions jump in and make themselves comfortable at the back of the carriage. But they are careful not to be seen, because humans are a bit afraid of mice. (Milo) Wow, it's climbing! The zoo must be high up. (Erzähler) After about fifteen minutes they arrive. They make their way through the main entrance. Here too, they have to be very careful... If they get into the wrong enclosure, they are in real danger. A tiger would only make mincemeat of Topolina. (Topolina) Look at that! The capybaras are there at the back. This is where my great-aunt Giuseppina lives! (Milo) But what is a capybara? (Topolina) They're rodents, like me... but much bigger and with webbed feet. I'll introduce you to my great-aunt, so you can see for yourself. Zia! Zia Giuseppinaaaa! (Giuseppina) Topolina? Is that you? Che bello!! (Erzähler) The biggest mouse Milo has ever seen comes out of a bush. Or rather ... not a mouse, but a capybara! Great-aunt Giuseppina is very happy about the visit. She offers her guests plenty of food and drink. (Giuseppina) Don't you want to stay longer, Topolina? Why don't you stay and sleep here? Flawil is still far away. (Topolina) No, Zia. Thanks again for everything. I promised Milo that we would go to the FIFA museum again. (Giuseppina) So you need supplies. Here you are. (Erzähler) Great-aunt Giuseppina gives the two friends enough food for at least eight snacks. But there's no point in protesting. (Giuseppina) How do you get to the museum? (Topolina) We thought we would go by tram. (Giuseppina) What? Nooo! Wait a minute, wait a minute! (Erzähler) Giuseppina whistles a melody and a few seconds later, a lovely sparrow flies to them. (Moritz) Hey ciao, Giuseppina! Did you call me? (Giuseppina) Ciao Moritz! Say, could you take my niece and her friend to the FIFA museum on your back? (Moritz) Of course I can! Hop on! (Erzähler) The sparrow Moritz flies over the lake with the two friends to the museum. Before he leaves, however, he warns them: (Moritz) Be careful, the FIFA museum is haunted! (Milo) A fan-fan-fan-ghost? (Moritz) Yes, the spirit of a referee is walking around. Watch out for yourself. (Erzähler) Topolina and Milo have a strange feeling when they visit the World Football Museum in Zurich. But it's all forgotten, because there's so much to see and discover that you don't think about the ghost at all. (Topolina) Look, Milo. This is the ball used in the 2015 Women's World Cup. Do you think we can play with it? (Milo) I don't know... is it allowed? (Topolina) Come on! (Erzähler) Topolina grabs the ball in the window and starts to dribble. She shoots a bit too hard and the ball lands in the window, which shatters. (Topolina) Aaaargh! Quick, let's run away! (Schirigeist) WHO'S DISTURBING ME? (Erzähler) The friends run away, but already a grey ghost appears. It is certainly the spirit that the sparrow Moritz had mentioned. (Milo) Excuse us, Mr. Ghost. (Schirigeist) Who is talking? You deserve a RED card! Show yourself! I am the referee! (Erzähler) The big grey ghost walks through the hall, but it doesn't seem to see as well as before. Especially since Topolina and Milo are particularly tiny. (Topolina) Milo! He is blind. Come on, let's run to the exit! Let's go! (Erzähler) The mouse and the troll try to leave the room as quietly as possible, while the spirit continues to shout. (Schirigeist) Eeeh! Where are you? I must punish you! Red card, red card! (Topolina) Come on, Milo, we are almost there. (Erzähler) The two companions have just managed to escape from the grumpy ghost and are now at the Zurich Enge station. (Topolina) Phew. That was a close one. (Milo) What a scare! (Topolina) I've had enough of Zurich. Let's go to Flawil! Do you want to come too, Milo? (Erzähler) And so, after a short stopover, Topolina and Milo's journey continues: next stop, the Chocolarium, where hopefully the perfect present for Johnny is waiting. END OF PART 2 PART 3: ZURICH-FLAWIL PROLOGUE Topolina the mouse from Basel wants to give her best friend Johnny an unforgettable birthday present. Looking for the perfect idea, she meets the troll Milo who gives her an idea: the biggest chocolate bar in the world! She finds it in the Chocolarium in Flawil. She sets off for Eastern Switzerland and takes Milo with her. The first stop was Zurich, where they barely escaped the ghost of the FIFA museum. After recovering from their emotions, they continue their journey without further ado, straight to their goal: to find a present for Johnny. (Erzähler) Fortunately, the FIFA museum is located right next to Zurich Enge station. Topolina the mouse and Milo the troll quickly reach the main station and get on the right train. They hide in the family car and wait for the train to leave. Looking around, Topolina notices that the group of scouts who were travelling with her from Basel are also in the carriage. (Topolina) How funny, Milo! The children were already on the train with me in Basel. They are going to the Walter Zoo in Gossau! (Milo) Oooh! And in those uniforms... those scouts are funny. (Topolina) Hide well, Milo. They must not see us! (Erzähler) Too late... one of the scouts has already spotted them and is looking at them curiously. (Pfadibub) Hi, little mouse! How cute you are. (Erzähler) Actually, to be more precise, the boy only sees Topolina. Trolls can make themselves invisible in front of people: quite handy! (Kind) Do you want a piece of my bun, little mouse? (Erzähler) The boy is not afraid of mice at all and feeds Topolina with the crumbs from his snack. (Pfadibub) You are really cute... My name is Thomi. What's your name? (Topolina) Hi Thomi! I am Topolina! (Erzähler) Of course, the boy doesn't understand Topolina's squeaking. Unfortunately, humans don't speak Deaf. (bin nicht sicher auf das...) (Pfadibub) You have slipped into the train... don't be afraid, I won't tell anyone. (Topolina) Thank you, Thomi! (Erzähler) While the scouts play and sing songs, Topolina and Milo take a nap. The train leaves the canton of Zurich and quickly crosses the canton of Thurgau. (Lautsprecher) Next stop, Wil. (Milo) Topolina! Do we have to go out here? (Topolina) Hihi, no. I checked, first Wil, then Uzwil and finally Flawil. (Milo) Hey, that's a lot of Wil. (Topolina) You know, Wil is an old word. It means "hamlet" in Swiss German. It means that this place has been inhabited for a long time. (Milo) Oh well! (Topolina) So, where is the Chocolarium? And how do I get in? (Milo) Mr Fauchi told me that a magician lives there. He is very kind: if you solve his riddle, he opens his door and you can choose as many chocolates as you like! (Topolina) And what kind of riddles does he ask? (Milo) I don't know... but we'll succeed! (Lautsprecher) Next stop, Flawil. (Erzähler) The mouse and the troll rush out of the train and say goodbye to the scout who continues to Gossau. (Topolina) That's it, that's where we get off. Goodbye, Thomi! Have fun at the zoo! Watch out for the molur python! (Erzähler) In Flawil, a bus is waiting to take them to the fantastic Chocolarium. The building is huge and from the outside a sweet smell of chocolate tickles their nostrils. (Topolina) So where is this magician? (Milo) There must be a door somewhere, come on! Or maybe the magician is waiting for us somewhere? (Erzähler) Here they are, searching the perimeter of the Chocolarium. They immediately find the entrance for the humans, but the mice can't go in there... the humans would start screaming! Not all of them are as brave as the scout Thomi! (Topolina) Milo! Look, look! There! (Erzähler) On the other side there is indeed a tiny door. Topolina knocks politely. (Magier) Yes? Come in. (Topolina) Hello Mr. Magician! I've come from Basel to find a present for my best friend. (Magician) Ah...yesyesyes. What a great idea! Please sit down. I'm Chocolatl Chocolarius, the master chocolatier. You're in the right place! (Topolina) Great!!! I would like to buy the biggest chocolate bar in the world. (Magier) Buy? No way. If you answer my riddle, the doors of the chocolate kingdom will be open to you! (Topolina) So, what is this riddle? (Magician) Just a moment, I'm looking for one just for you. (Erzähler) The magician opens an old and imposing grimoire and leafs through it for a while. (Magician) Ah, here it is. PERFECT FOR YOU, little mouse. I'm very big, almost as big as a house, but I'm a bit scared of mice. I have big ears and a big belly, and my nose looks like a garden hose. Who am I? You have 30 seconds. Let's get started. (Topolina) Okay... big as a house... but who's afraid of me... But what could it be? (Magician) 20 seconds... (Topolina) It must be an animal, right? (Magician) 10 seconds... (Erzähler) Oh dear... time is running out and Topolina still doesn't have the right answer. Will she succeed? Or has she come all this way for nothing? END OF PART 3 PART 4: FLAWIL-ST. GALLEN PROLOGUE Topolina the mouse from Basel wants to give her best friend Johnny an unforgettable birthday present. Looking for the perfect idea, she meets the troll Milo who gives her an idea: the biggest chocolate bar in the world! She finds it in the Chocolarium in Flawil. She sets off for Eastern Switzerland and takes Milo with her. The first stop was Zurich, where they barely escaped the ghost of the FIFA museum. After recovering from their emotions, they continue their journey without further ado, straight to their goal: to find a present for Johnny. In Flawil, they meet the master chocolatier, who is willing to help Topolina, provided she can solve the riddle. (Magier) Can you solve my riddle, little mouse? I'm very big, almost as big as a house, but I'm a bit scared of mice. I have big ears and a big belly, and my nose looks like a garden hose. Who am I? You have 10 seconds left. (Erzähler) Topolina is so stressed that she can't think straight. But just when she thinks she's got the right answer, an anxious duck comes through the front door. (Ente) Chocolatl! Chocolatl! You have to help me! My seven ducklings have fallen into the Atlas lion's pen! I beg you, save them! (Erzähler) Oh dear... the poor duck is in a state. (Magier) Holy chocolate spirit! Not the little ducklings! Where is the Atlas lion? (Ente) At the Walter Zoo in Gossau!!! Hurry! (Erzähler) The magician walks up and down the room and thinks, frowning. Suddenly he looks at Topolina. (Magician) Little mouse! The riddles are over. I need your help. If you help me save the ducklings, I'll give you the endless chocolate bar as a thank you. (Topolina) It's a deal! Let's go! Milo, will you wait for me here? (Erzähler) The little troll nods. Topolina and the magician run to the station, jump on the first train that takes them directly to Gossau. (Topolina) What is your plan, Mr. Wizard? (Magician) You're going to distract the lion until I've saved the cubs. Then I'll get you out too. Do you think you can do it? (Topolina) I think so, I'm very fast! (Magician) If you succeed, the endless chocolate branch is yours! (Topolina) But what exactly is it? (Magician) The only chocolate branch that never ends. You can enjoy chocolate for the rest of your life. (Lautsprecher) Next stop: Gossau. (Magier) Hurry up, little mouse. (Erzähler) The magician gets off the train and heads straight for the Walter Zoo. Topolina has to run fast so that she doesn't lose sight of him. When they reach the zoo, everything seems normal. Topolina even recognises the Basel scouts she met on the train. (Topolina) Hihi, look, Mr. Wizard, how good the children are. They are the Basel Scouts. (Wizard) Maybe they can help us! (Erzähler) At last they are in front of the lion's enclosure, and he has already looked at the seven ducklings. He's even licking his lips! (Magier) Here's what we'll do: jump into the pen, but make sure you stay close to the edge so you can get out quickly. Try to attract the attention of the Atlas lion and let him chase you, as far away from the ducklings as possible. Can you do it? (Topolina) Of course I can! I can do it! (Erzähler) The brave mouse runs into the pen: (Topolina) Hello, lion! Don't you want to eat me instead? (Erzähler) The lion looks up, curious, and then makes a huge leap towards Topolina. She has never run so fast in her life. Fortunately, the enclosure is big enough to divert the lion away from the seven ducklings. (Magier) I've got them all! Come out, little mouse! Come on out! (Erzähler) Topolina looks behind her - uuuuuuh - the Atlas lion is on her heels. She uses her last bit of strength to jump through the fence. The lion roars in dismay, but he can't do anything else. Topolina is free! (Topolina) (Big sigh) Mamma Mia! Johnny won't believe me! (Magician) What a hero! You've done it! Come on, let's take the ducklings back to their mother. (Erzähler) In front of the entrance, the duckling is waiting for her children, worried. Milo tries to comfort her, a little clumsily. (Magier) Well, little mouse, here's to us. As a thank you, I'm giving you this branch of chocolate that never ends. (Erzähler) The magician hands her a branch of chocolate, wrapped in golden paper. (Topolina) Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's the perfect present for Johnny. I've done it. (Erzähler) Topolina and Milo say goodbye to the magician, the duck and her seven ducklings and head back home. Topolina is already looking forward to surprising Johnny with her perfect present. After a few minutes she is already asleep and dreaming of her next adventure. END Manuscript – Nicholas the Dwarf and the Maestrani Treasure Schaffhausen-St. Gallen ((Titel)) Nicholas the Dwarf and the Maestrani Treasure Part 1: Schaffhausen-Winterthur (Narrator) Nicholas the dwarf and his family live in Schaffhausen on the Rhine. But all dwarfs are small, you may say! Yes, but Nicholas is even smaller than his brothers and sisters. So small that he sometimes goes unnoticed... Today is a big day for Nicholas' family. Their respectable grandparents are coming to visit them. All the grandchildren want to put on a good show and attract their grandparents' attention. Nicholas is very excited. The last time they visited, his grandparents didn't even notice him... (Mother) Look, Grandpa, this is William, er, no, this is Sebastian... er, no, this is Rudi... oh, what am I saying, this is... (Nicolas, in a low, shy voice) Nicolas, Mum. (The mother) Oh yes, that's it, Nicholas. Grandfather, look at the beautiful work that little Melanie has done... (in a lower and lower voice) (Narrator) Once again, Nicholas goes unnoticed. He decides to go to the miniature world of Smilestones to take his mind off things. His friend, Milo the troll, told him about it. But until now, Nicolas has never had the time to go there. In the land of Smilestones, everything is represented on a small scale. Here, at least, he can feel big! He takes his things and boards the train to Bülach. Curious, Niklaus sticks his nose out of the window: it's his first time on a train. Outside, the landscape flies by! Even the Rhine seems to flow faster than usual! Nicolas gets off the train at the Neuhausen Rheinfall stop. (The ghost of the castle) Hello, what's your name? (Niklaus) Well, my name is Niklaus, and yours? (The ghost) I'm the ghost of Rapperswil Castle. (Niklaus, afraid) From Rapperswil? Oh dear, I'm not in Neuhausen? (The ghost, laughing) Yes, you are! It's just that I'm on holiday at Laufen Castle, a stone's throw from here. And today I wanted to go on a little excursion. Do you want to play with me? (Nicolas) Of course I do! Let's go, yippee! (Narrator) In the land of Smilestones, Nicolas and the ghost have a great time. They walk around the little Christmas market, watch a wrestling competition and climb the surrounding peaks. When they reach the highest mountain, Nicholas seems to be lost in thought. (The ghost) Nicholas? What's going on? Aren't you having fun here? (Nicholas) Yes, I am. It's really nice. It's just that... You know, at home, nobody pays attention to me, because I'm so small... All my brothers and sisters are above me. I thought that up here, I would feel bigger. But in fact I'm still the same. (The ghost) Oh, my poor Nicholas... Hm, let's think... You're going to grow up again? (Nicholas, in a very small voice) I've already reached my adult height... (The ghost) There must be a way to get their attention... (Nicolas) Hm... what for example? (The ghost) Good question... Oh, I know! You simply have to do something BIG. And I have a little idea... (Nicolas, impatient) Come on, tell me! Don't make me wait any longer! (The ghost) All you have to do is bring the treasure, the Maestrani gold, back to your family in Schaffhausen. You will be a real hero and believe me, they will finally pay attention to you! (Nicholas, excited) Is that all? Bring the treasure back to Schaffhausen? Okay, I'm going! Quickly, the train to Flawil! (The ghost) Minute, butterfly! There's one thing you should know: the treasure is under the custody of a fearsome lizard-caíman named Edgar. This animal is one of the largest lizards in South America. Caiman lizards are huge! Not as big as crocodiles, but still huge! (Nicolas, disappointed) Oh, do you think I can do it anyway? (The ghost) If you want to defeat it, I think you don't really need to be muscular, but rather smart. Let me give you a tip: go to the Technorama in Winterthur. You'll discover a lot of tricks that could help you get the better of Edgar. (Nicolas) Good idea! I've always wanted to go there. Besides, it's on my way! (The ghost) You'll also need a good dose of luck. Nicolas, accept this lucky magnet. I give it to you to wish you good luck. It has already helped me many times. (Nicholas) Oh, how beautiful! Thank you, little ghost! Now I have to go. See you soon! (Narrator) Nicolas doesn't wait a second longer and gets on the train. He looks for a comfortable place on the armrest of an unoccupied seat. At least there, no one will be able to sit on him by mistake. Besides, it's the ideal place to watch the passengers getting on and off the train. Captivated by this exciting back-and-forth, Nicolas almost misses his stop! He has already arrived in Winterthur. In front of the Technorama, Nicolas suddenly feels an irresistible force pulling him inwards... (Nicolas) Aaaaah, what's going on? (Narrator) He tries to resist, in vain. He is drawn by such a force that he finds himself floating through the air across the halls of the Technorama. END of Part 1 Part 2: Winterthur-Flawil Prologue Nicholas the dwarf has had enough: he is much smaller than his brothers and sisters and is always unnoticed. To take his mind off things, he goes to the miniature world of Smilestones in Neuhausen, where everything is tiny. Except him, of course! There he meets the ghost of Rapperswil Castle, who is on holiday nearby. The ghost advises him to accomplish a feat by bringing home the Maestrani gold. The problem is that the treasure is fiercely guarded by the ferocious Edgar. To give himself the best chance of success, Nicolas first goes to the Technorama to learn some tricks. He will need a good dose of luck to succeed in his mission. That's why the little ghost gives him his good luck charm: a small magnet. So Nicholas boards the train to Winterthur to visit the Technorama. As soon as he arrives, the dwarf is suddenly sucked into the building by an irresistible force. (Nicolas) Aaaaahh, help! Help! (Narrator) Suddenly there is a loud "plunge". Nicolas tries to regain his senses and finds that he is hanging from what looks like a huge magnet. He can't get away from it. Then he hears a small buzzing sound. (Ella) Hello, I am Ella the fairy. You can call me "Ella". Why are you hanging on this magnet? (Nicholas) My name is Nicholas. That's a good question... I was magically drawn here. (Ella) Hm, how strange. Do you have anything magnetic on you, by any chance? (Nicolas) No. Although... Yes, my lucky magnet! (Ella, laughing) It's lucky I found you! Wait, I'll set you free. (Narrator) Ella reaches into her pocket and pulls out a magic powder which she sprinkles on Nicholas, allowing him to be freed instantly. (Nicholas) Thank you, Ella. But, tell me, what are you doing here? Do you live here? (Ella, in a proud tone) Yes, I do! I've always dreamt of living in a special place. Castles, enchanted forests? Not for me. This is an exciting place where you learn something new every day. (Narrator) This reminds Nicolas why he came to the Technorama. He tells Ella about the challenge he's about to take on. (Nicolas) ... and so I have to find a good trick. (Ella) Wow, you're a real hero! I'll be happy to help you. Follow me! (Narrator) Ella and Niklaus set off to discover the Technorama. Ella knows a lot! Nicholas is very impressed. (Ella) I've shown you everything you need to know. Now all you need is one more quality: boldness! (Nicolas) Fearlessness what? (Ella) In addition to all the things you've learned, you'll need not only a lot of luck, but also a good dose of courage to get hold of the treasure. I know just the person you need: my friend Tiffany the mouse. She lives in Schauenberg Castle. (Narrator) Nicholas is puzzled. How could a little mouse help him to be more fearless? Admitting that he would never have imagined meeting a fairy at the Technorama, he decides to visit Tiffany at the castle ruins anyway. As it is already getting dark, he asks Ella to teleport him to the top of the Schauenberg with her enchanted powder. In no time at all, he is in the castle ruins. (sounds of a haunted castle, the cry of an owl in the night, cracking branches, etc.) (Narrator) As soon as he arrives, Nicolas already regrets having come. The ruins are even more gloomy than he had imagined. Suddenly someone taps him on the shoulder. (Tiffany) Boo! Hihi, excuse me, I couldn't resist. I suppose you are Nicolas. My name is Tiffany. (Nicholas, voice trembling) Co-co-how do you know who I am? (Tiffany) The owl told me. She saw Ella and they chatted. (Nicolas) Ah, I understand! So you must know what brings me here? (Tiffany) Yes, I do! You need to build up your courage. Or rather... confidence! (Nicolas) And what do you suggest? (Tiffany) You have to face your fears. Just like me. When I came here as a child, I was afraid of everything: animals, the dark, even plants. In the beginning, I always hid in the ruins of the castle. (Nicolas, impatient) And then? (Tiffany) Then I was so hungry, I had to venture out of the ruins to find food, otherwise I would have died! At first, I only dared to go out when it was light. Then I found the courage to go out at night. And one night I didn't even go back to the ruins to sleep and I ended up spending the night outside! The next day, I said to myself: nothing can scare me anymore! (Nicolas) Oh, what courage! (Tiffany) You are brave too. I'll prove it to you. We'll spend the night under the stars. (Narrator) As Nicholas turns pale, Tiffany simply continues to recount everything that has happened to her. A cruise on the open sea, a fire in her house, countless encounters with cats. Tiffany has been through a lot! Suddenly, Nicolas notices that the sun is beginning to rise on the horizon. (Nicolas) Tiffany! The sun is coming up! Wow, we've been out all night! (Tiffany) You can see. And nothing happened to us. You did it, Nicolas. We're ready to face Edgar. (Nicolas) You're right! But wait, did you just say "We"? (Tiffany, laughing) But of course, I wouldn't miss such an adventure for the world! (Narrator) Nicolas and Tiffany set off for the nearest station. After an already exciting journey, they continue the adventure on a post bus. Finally, they find themselves at the foot of a huge building. A divine smell tickles their nostrils. (Nicolas) Tiffany, we're here! This must be where the Maestrani gold is. Hm, it's strange, it smells like chocolate, doesn't it? (Tiffany) Nicolas, do you hear what I hear? (Narrator) Nicolas and Tiffany turn around and come face to face with... Edgar. END of Part 2 Part 3: Flawil-Gossau Prologue Nicholas the dwarf is tired of being unnoticed. He decides to take the gold from Maestrani and bring it home. But the treasure is in the custody of Edgar, a ferocious lizard-cayman who cannot be defeated by force of arms alone. So Nicolas decides to play a trick on the fearsome guardian. On his way, he stops in Winterthur to visit the Technorama. Since he will need to combine his cunning with a large dose of courage, Niklaus goes to Tiffany the mouse, who gives him some good advice on daring. They continue their journey together and arrive in front of the building that houses the famous treasure. Suddenly they hear a noise, turn around and find themselves face to face with a merciless looking Edgar. (Edgar, whistling) What are you doing here? (Narrator) Mouths agape, Tiffany and Nicholas are scared to death. After a few seconds, which seem like an eternity, Nicholas regains his senses and ventures towards Edgar. (Nicolas) Hello, Mr... er... Edgar. I... uh... we... we're looking for the Maestrani treasure. (Edgar, with a sinister laugh) Hahaha! The treasure, you say? You'll never get it, never! The great master chchchchocolatier Magicus Chocolarius has entrusted me with the mission of watching over the treasure like the apple of my eye. And now, disappear, if you don't want me to send you away myself! (Narrator) In no time at all, Nicolas, and even the reckless Tiffany, take their legs and their paws to their necks. At a safe distance from the ferocious guard, they sit down on a rock to take stock. (Tiffany) Sweet Jesus! Did you see how big he is? Did you see how strong he looks? (Nicolas) Hmm... We have to set a trap for him! We just have to find his weak point. But how? (Tiffany) I have an idea... Let's go and see where he lives! (Nicholas, surprised) But where can this villain live? (Tiffany) At Walter's zoo in Gossau! Let's go! That's also where Elvira, a very smart goat, lives. She'll surely be able to help us. (Nicolas) Great! I've always wanted to go to the zoo. And I've never met a goat! (Narrator) Nicholas and Tiffany set off for the station and take the train to Gossau. No sooner have they boarded than they've arrived. The train is fast! At the entrance to Walter Zoo, a long queue has already formed. (Tiffany) Damn, this is going to take forever! (Nicolas) Tiffany, follow me, I know a little secret passage. Dwarves always know how to sneak in! (Tiffany) Hihi, that's great! (Narrator) In no time at all, Nicolas and Tiffany slip through a small path and find themselves in the heart of the zoo. That's when they hear a shrill whistle. Then another one. And another. They are surrounded by a whole family of meerkats. They look at each other for a second. The smallest of them rolls a tiny ball towards Nicolas' feet. The dwarf in turn passes the ball and they are in the middle of an improvised football match. (sounds of ball, whistles, laughter from Nicolas and Tiffany) (Narrator) The game ends in a draw. As they catch their breath after this frenzied game, Nicolas and Tiffany suddenly remember that they have not come to the zoo to play football... The meerkats know Elvira and know that she lives not far from here. Our two friends thank their little friends and set off again. On the way they see beautiful blue frogs, mustached monkeys and bright pink birds perched on one leg... Amazing... (Elvira) Hello Nicolas, hello Tiffany. (Nicholas, surprised) How do you know who we are? (Elvira) We goats are naturally very curious and always on the lookout for the latest news. (Nicholas, surprised) Yes, but... (Elvira) And so you want to know how to set a trap for Edgar? (Nicolas) Yes, I do! You really know everything! (Elvira) Almost everything. I'm always on the lookout, of course, but my cousins, the ibexes at the Marécottes zoo, they don't miss a thing! (Nicolas) So, surely you can tell us how to play a trick on Edgar so that we can get closer to the treasure? (Elvira) Yes, I have an idea. If you can solve my three riddles, I'll tell you Edgar's secret. (Nicholas) What kind of riddle? (Elvira) The first one is: where is it summer and winter at the same time? (Nicholas) At the same time? But that's impossible! (Narrator) Niklaus thinks about it. One thing is certain: in Schaffhausen he has never seen summer and winter at the same time. The dwarf is racking his brains. Suddenly his face lights up. (Nicolas) I know! In the land of Smilestones in Neuhausen! You can see summer and winter in the same place. I saw a sawdust wrestling show there and I went to the Christmas market on the same day! (Elvira) And? (Nicolas) The wrestling competitions only take place in summer. And the Christmas market is in winter! It's as clear as daylight! (Elvira) Correct, Nicolas, well done. Now, here is the second riddle. Be careful, it's much more difficult than the first one. (Nikolaus, impatient) I'm ready! (Elvira) Second riddle: what makes it possible to stick two things together without using glue? (Nick) Hm, (in a low voice) without using glue... (Narrator) Nicolas is racking his brains. The first riddle was related to what he had discovered on the way. And this time? (Nicholas) Oh, I've found it! A magnet! That's what I learned at the Technorama. Magnets stick together by magnetic force. No need for glue! (Elvira) That's right! If you can solve the third and last puzzle, I'll tell you how to trick Edgar. The third one is the hardest... What can you see at night but not during the day, but is still there? (Narrator) This time again, Nicolas concentrates as best he can. He has no idea. No matter how many times he turns the question around, he can't find the answer. Just as he's about to give the cat his tongue, Tiffany lets out a little cry of excitement. (Tiffany) I know! Fear! It's always there, but often you only see it at night, when it's dark. (Nicholas) That's right! And when you face your fear, it disappears. (Elvira) I congratulate you! You have found the answer to all the questions. I'll tell you Edgar's secret. Come closer. ... When Edgar was a baby, his mother always sang him a lullaby. Even today, when he hears this melody, he falls asleep immediately. (Nicolas) Thanks Elvira, that's great advice. But how can we make sure that he hears this melody? (Elvira, laughing) I know a lot of things, but not everything. You and Tiffany are a great team, you'll surely have a brilliant idea! Come on, hurry up, before someone else gets the treasure before you! (Tiffany) That would be the best! Let's go, Nicolas, we have a long way to go. We'll have plenty of time to think on the way. (Narrator) So Nicholas and Tiffany set off, not without thanking Elvira. They board the train in the opposite direction. They look out of the window and comment on everything they see on the way. The time passes quickly and the two friends are already facing the dreaded Edgar. Will their plan work? End of Part 3 Part 4: Gossau-St. Gallen-return home Prologue Nicholas the dwarf wants to look like a big man at last. He decides to bring the gold home from Maestrani. The only problem is that the treasure is in the custody of Edgar, a particularly ferocious lizard-cayman. To outwit him, it is not enough to be strong. Throughout the adventure that will lead him to face Edgar, Nicolas learns everything he needs to play a trick on him. He meets Tiffany, a daring mouse, with whom he travels to Walter's Zoo in Gossau. There they visit Elvira, a clever goat. She offers to tell them Edgar's secret if they can solve three riddles. The two friends take up the challenge with brio and the little goat reveals that Edgar falls asleep immediately when he hears the melody of a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him as a child. We find Nicolas and Tiffany at the feet of the dreaded Edgar. (Edgar) You again? Get the hell out of here! (Narrator) The two accomplices exchange a wink. (Nicolas) Oh dear, missed again! Let's go Tiffany, we don't stand a chance against Edgar. (Tiffany) You're right, I give up. (Narrator) Once again, Nicolas and Tiffany turn back. At least that's what Edgar thinks. In reality, they follow him without him knowing. He is in the best position to lead them to the Maestrani treasure in this huge building. Unnoticed, Nicolas and Tiffany pass through the Hall of Luck, a room where lucky charms from all over the world are gathered. Then they arrive in a room with large vats. (Nicolas, murmuring) Tiffany, the treasure is surely in there. Look, Edgar can't take his eyes off it. (Tiffany) You're right. What should we do now? (Nicholas) I have an idea. Follow me, let's go to the office. (Narrator) Nick pulls Tiffany by the leg towards a door. (Tiffany) Damn, it's locked! (Nicholas, sure of himself) In two minutes, it will open, believe me. (Tiffany) What makes you say that? (Nicolas) In two minutes, it will be noon. Everyone will go and eat and leave through that door. (Narrator) At the same time, the door opens. Without hesitation, Tiffany pushes Nicholas through the doorway and slips into the room with him. They have indeed landed in an office. On the table, Tiffany sees an object she has never seen before. Curious, she approaches it. (Tiffany, curious) What is it? (Narrator) Giving in to her curiosity, she presses a button with her little paw. Suddenly, a shrill sound resounds throughout the building. (Nicholas) Tiffany! You are the smartest little mouse I have ever met. (Tiffany) Uh, thanks, but why? (Nicholas, laughing) You just found a microphone. That's the solution! I've already heard about it. All you have to do is speak into it normally, and the people in the room will hear us loud and clear. (Tiffany) Very interesting. But I still don't understand how it will help us get Edgar's attention. (Nicolas) That's easy. We play the melody in front of the microphone. Edgar hears it in the treasure room and falls asleep without even seeing us. (Tiffany) Great idea! (Narrator) All they have to do now is put their plan into action. Tiffany and Nicolas look around them. On the table: glasses of water, a cup of coffee, a spoon. The two partners nod and put the glasses and the spoon in front of the microphone. (Nicolas) Tiffany, you count to three, press the button and I'll play the melody on our new instruments, ok? (Tiffany) Okay. One, two, ... (lullaby) (Narrator) To make sure their plan works as planned, Nicolas plays the lullaby twice in a row. He wants to give them every chance. Suddenly, they hear footsteps approaching towards the office. (Nicholas) Look out, the employees are coming. They must have heard the melody too. As soon as they open the door, we'll get out of the office. (Narrator) Tiffany nods her head. Then, everything goes very fast. The door opens, Nicolas and Tiffany rush out of the office. (Nicholas, out of breath) Yippee, we made it! Quick, the treasure! Before Edgar wakes up! (Narrator) As they approach the treasure, they hear a heavy snoring. So their plan worked. (Tiffany, laughing) Hihi, he snores like a locomotive! (Nicolas) I hope he doesn't wake up! We still need the key. Look, the treasure is guarded by a lock. (Tiffany) Damn, and Edgar has the key in his ugly paw... How do you do it? (Narrator) Nicolas dives into his pocket looking for... (Nicholas) Tiffany, look, my lucky magnet! (Tiffany) What do you want to do with it? (Nicholas) Take the key out of its paws without even touching it! (Narrator) With his heart pounding, Nicholas holds out his magnet towards the key ring. And as if by magic, the keys move in his direction. (Tiffany, excited) Quick, open it! I can't wait. (Nicholas) Me too... Suspense... (Narrator) Once the door of the tank is open, the two friends can't believe their eyes. (Nicolas) But that's... (Tiffany completes her sentence with joy) ... choooocooolaaat!!! Mmm, good, smooth, creamy, velvety, fragrant chocolate... I want to taste it! (Nicolas) Wait a minute, butterfly. First we have to pack the treasure. Or at least decant it. Tiffany, take your flask. (Tiffany) What are you going to do? (Nicolas) Climb into the tank. I'll hold your tail so you don't fall out. (Tiffany) That's fine. But don't let go of me! (Nicolas) I promise, Tiffany. (Narrator) And so they manage to take a good portion of Maestrani's gold without the knowledge of the dreadful Edgar. Once outside, the two accomplices, relieved, fall into each other's arms. (Tiffany) What an adventure! (Nicolas) You don't say! What a feat! I'm really proud! (Tiffany) And rightly so! You're a real hero! I wonder what your family will say about it, especially your grandparents. (Nicolas) Oh, my family! I almost forgot about them! I have to go home and tell them everything. And you, Tiffany, what are you going to do? (Tiffany) I'm going to visit my friend the red kobold in St. Gallen, since I'm in the area. He always rhymes when he talks, it's fun. I'm going to practice too, by the way! (less and less loud) Let's go to St. Gallen, it'll be a treat! (Narrator) Tiffany and Nicolas separate at Flawil station: she takes the train to St. Gallen, he returns to Schaffhausen. He pulls himself up on a seat and looks out of the big window. But he finally falls asleep, exhausted. What an adventure! He even spent a night under the stars and played football with meerkats. Now he returns home with the Maestrani gold, or at least a small part of it, in his pocket. He is sure that his whole family will be proud of him. But most of all, he is really proud of HIM! END. Voice: Nicolas: shy, hesitant The ghost: same voice as in "The Great Ghost Gathering Ella: cheerful, charming, rather high voice Tiffany: confident Elvira: shaky voice Edgar: threatening voice with a lisp Manuscript – CHRISTINA AND THE MAGIC NUT PIE St. Gallen-Chur PART 1: ST. GALLEN-ST. MARGRETHEN (The narrator) The Abbey Library in St. Gallen attracts visitors from all over the world. It has stood here for almost 1500 years and contains a multitude of old books. It even contains the oldest book in German: enough to impress young and old alike! But what many people don't know is that the abbey's library is also home to Christina, a cute little spleen. When she was only three days old, the librarian found her outside the door, all alone. Her parents were gone and she was shivering with cold. Walter, who is in charge of the abbey library, kindly adopted the little spleen, named Christina, and took care of her. Christina grew up in the shelter, learned to read and "devoured" all the old manuscripts in the library. And then some! A real library spleen. Yes, Christina has a good life. But she still wonders what happened to her parents. It makes her anxious not to hear from them. She has often imagined a world full of evil monsters outside these thick walls. So she has never left the library in her life... but now that is going to change. (Christina) Well, what should I read today? The story of the monk Gall? No, I know it by heart... Oh, I know, the recipe for the magic nut pie. I haven't read it for a long time. (The narrator) Christina sneaks into the great hall and sniffs the books. She knows exactly how to remain unnoticed. Woe betide her if anyone finds out. Not all humans are like Walter, many are afraid of rats. (Christina) Ah, here she is! That's it... the magic nut pie of the Churwalden dwarves. It's an extraordinary pie: those who eat it become incredibly strong and powerful. So much so that they can climb ALL the mountains in Graubünden without getting tired. (The red elf) Go and see them at home, these fabulous beings! (The narrator) Deep in her reading, Christina does not notice that the red elf from the red square is standing behind her. He often comes to the abbey and makes fun of the library spleen. (Christina) Ah, hello elf... you again. (The red elf) It's clear, I'm going home and roaming around, free as a bird, no need for forms! (Christina) What brings you here today? (The narrator) As he only speaks in rhyme, the elf takes forever to answer. He tells Christina about his trip to Walterzoo, where he saw a mouse fight a big Atlas lion! But as usual, he also makes fun of our bookworm, especially today. He challenges her. (The red elf) Look for the walnut pie, or stay here forever! (The narrator) Normally, Christina never gets angry with the elf. But today it's different. Lately, she often wonders if she should get up the courage to leave the library. She can't spend her life with her nose in a book! And now that the elf is so boldly challenging her, she is thinking for the very first time: (Christina) VERY GOOD! I'll show you what I can do! (The narrator) Without thinking twice, she slips a piece of cheese into her backpack, dashes past the leprechaun and out into the abbey courtyard. She runs as fast as she can down the street and only stops once at St. Gallen station. (Christina) Wow, it's so noisy here! So many cars, so many people! I'm afraid... (The narrator) Christina is frozen in place. She finally realises what she has done. She has left the library without thinking, and landed in a world she doesn't know. Well, she knows it, but only in books. She inhales and exhales deeply several times in a row. She is undecided. Should she turn back? (Christina) No. No! I can do this! I know what I have to do. Take the train to Chur, of course! I've also read some modern books. I know that trains run regularly and can take me anywhere. (The narrator) The library spleen is courageous enough to continue her journey. She quickly finds the right train and climbs aboard. Let's go! (Christina) But how do you find the magic nut pie? According to the book, the dwarves are protecting it... in Churwalden. Can they help me? (The narrator) While our spleen is thinking up a plan, the train leaves the town of St. Gallen. Christina looks at the landscape with curiosity and enthusiasm. But it's in Rorschach that the biggest surprise awaits her. (Christina) IT'S INCREDIBLE! This is a LAKE? WOW! I've never seen anything so beautiful! (The narrator) Looking out over Lake Constance, Christina remembers an old book she read in the library: "The clever crab of St. Margrethen". (Christina) Yes! Sebastian! I've read that story so many times. He lives on the border between Switzerland and Austria, on the Rhine. I have to find him and ask his advice. (The narrator) So Christina already has a plan, she just has to wait for the train to arrive in St. Margrethen. "Next stop: St. Margrethen" (Christina) Well, that was quick. I'm getting off here. (The narrator) Christina first has to find her way around this small town. She studies the map posted at the station. It's a good thing she's read a lot of books about maps in the library! She soon realises that she has to head east to reach the Rhine. (Christina) Well, this is the border between Switzerland and Austria. Now what? How do we find the clever crab? I'll try to call him. Sebastian! Seeee-bas-tiaa-aaan! You-hoo? (Sebastian) Hello? Who is calling me? (The narrator) Quietly, without hurrying, a fire-red crab comes out of the water and stops in front of Christina. (Christina) Is that you, Sebastian? (Sebastian) Maybe it is. It depends on who's asking. Haha! END OF PART 1 PART 2: ST. MARGRETHEN-BUCHS SG PROLOGUE Christina is a real bookworm. Ever since Walter, the kindly librarian, found her in front of the famous library of St. Gallen Abbey, she has lived among countless books, all of which she has already read. Christina never dared to leave the library... until the day the red elf teased her too much and challenged her to go in search of the magic walnut pie in Churwalden. So Christina packed her rucksack for the very first time and plucked up her courage. Fortunately, she had learned a lot from books and was able to find her way around. She boarded a train and headed for Chur. But first she stopped in St. Margrethen to ask Sebastian, the clever crab who lives on the river between Austria and Switzerland. (Christina) My dear crab! I am the spleen Christina, from the abbey library in St. Gallen. I need your help. (Sebastian) My help? It's been a long time since anyone asked me for advice. It's fantastic! I'm very bored on the Rhine! What do you want to know? (The narrator) Christina tells the crab everything: all the time spent in the library without her parents, the elf's provocations and her decision to find the magic nut pie in Churwalden. (Sebastian) Interesting! You are really extraordinary. In all these years, I don't think I've ever met a spleen like you. There really is such a thing as a nut pie... I'll tell you what I know about it. A thousand years ago, the elves made this pie and gave it to the peasants in Graubünden so that they could survive the hard winters in the mountains. A small piece gives so much energy that whoever eats it will never get tired again. So far, so good. But Miro and Guiglermo, the evil magician brothers, heard about the pie and decided to take it. Together they chased all the elves out of Graubünden and tried to steal the pie. Fortunately, one elf managed to escape and hide the walnut pie among the dwarves of Churwalden before the two mages noticed. (Christina) Oooh! These characters look terrifying and dangerous. (Sebastian) You can say that again! It's even said that they captured the elf and locked him up in the cellar of Vaduz Castle as a punishment. Since then, no one has heard anything about him... or the pie. (Christina) Oh dear... what should we do now? (Sebastian) If you feel strong enough, go to Vaduz and look for the poor imprisoned elf. If you free him, he will certainly offer you a piece of pie! (Christina) E-e-e-and what if the magi are there? (Sebastian) Then you'll have to set a trap for them! (The narrator) The crab says goodbye to the spleen and disappears into the water. Christina is even more anxious than before. Facing evil magicians! She's never read anything about it. How do you do it? She trots to the station and waits on the platform for a long time. (Christina) Shouldn't I go home? I was so happy in my library! (The narrator) Thinking of the leprechaun and his naughty giggle, she decides: (Christina) No! It's time to take risks! (The narrator) So she continues on her way to Buchs. Sitting on the train, she tries to remember if she's ever read anything about magicians. All she remembers is a story about witches melting when water was poured on them. Could that really work? No time to think about it any longer: in Buchs, the spleen has to get off and take a bus to Liechtenstein. It is already late when she arrives at the imposing castle of Vaduz, and doubts again beset her. Suddenly she hears a muffled sob... (Christina) Oh, who is that sobbing? (The narrator) Christina listens. It's coming from the cellar! She goes around the castle and finds a small window. She looks in and sees... an ELF! A real elf! Sitting alone in a cage, it emits a green light. (Christina) Hey, you! Are you the elf from the nut pie? (The narrator) The elf looks around and finally sees the spleen looking at him through the tiny window. (The elf) Oh, it's been so long since I've seen anyone at this window! Yes, I'm Adi, the last elf of the Grisons. (Christina) I've been looking for you! (The elf) Help me, please! I've been imprisoned here for 200 years! And since the mage Miro was defeated by a nymph, his brother, Guiglermo, doesn't even give me food anymore. He has turned to stone with grief. (Christina) But that's terrible! Poor elf. How can I free you? (The elf) Look, the key to the cage is hanging on the wall there. You have to try to get inside. (The narrator) Easier said than done! The window is open, but the bars are so narrow that even Christina can't squeeze through. She tries anyway, but gets stuck between the bars. She needs an idea. (Christina) Adi! Do you think if I push the key to your cage you'll be able to free yourself? (The elf) Yes, but how will you do that? (Christina) Hmm... let me think. If only I had a long stick, I could knock the key off the wall and push it to you... (Christina) Wait! (The narrator) The spleen hurriedly looks for a tree nearby. She climbs and gnaws on a branch until it falls. She then approaches the branch, which is thin enough to fit between the bars of the window. Christina slowly steers the branch into the room and tries to knock off the key that is hanging on a nail on the wall. (The elf) You're almost there... a little more to the left... yes... that's it! YEEEEEEES! (Christina) YIPPEE! (The narrator) The key falls just in front of the cage: the elf grabs it and opens his prison. He is free at last! Adi flies up and squeezes through the bars. He's so small and scrawny that he passes without any problem. (The elf) Thank you very much for your help! What is your name? And why were you looking for me? (The narrator) Before Christina has time to answer, a terrifying scream is heard. (The mage) WHERE IS THE ELF? (The narrator) The mage! He has woken up and has already noticed that the elf is missing. (The elf) Come on, we'll talk later. Let's get out of here! Let's get out of here! (The narrator) As the elf is very weak, he climbs on Christina's back, and the two companions run away as fast as they can. The mage can be heard stamping and shouting in rage... END OF PART 2 PART 3: BUCHS SG-BAD RAGAZ PROLOGUE Christina is a real bookworm. Ever since Walter, the kindly librarian, found her in front of the famous library of St. Gallen Abbey, she has lived among countless books, all of which she has already read. Christina never dared to leave the library... until one day the red elf teased her too much and challenged her to go in search of the magic walnut pie in Churwalden. And so began her first real adventure. In St. Margrethen, she looked for Sebastian, the clever crab, who told her the story of the walnut pie. In Vaduz, she found Adi, the last elf of Graubünden, who was imprisoned in the cellar of the great castle. Christina found an ingenious way to free him, and only a second later the elf was riding on his back to escape from the evil mage Guiglermo. Christina and Adi then ran away on all fours. (Christina, out of breath) Are we far enough away now? I need a break! (The narrator) The little elf looks around and struggles to recognize where they are. (The elf) Ah, look! It's the top of the Grabserberg. Oh dear... We ran so fast, we're already back in Buchs. (The narrator) Unbelievable! It seems that fear has given Christina wings. The little spleen has run so fast that the two companions have left the Principality of Liechtenstein and are back in Buchs. At the station, the new friends take a well-deserved break. (The elf) Well, now that we have time, tell me who you are. And thanks for letting me go. (Christina) I am Christina from St. Gallen. I've been looking for you because I'd like to find the magic nut pie. (The elf) Is that so? And why is that? (The narrator) And Christina tells her whole story again: her life in the St. Gallen library and the red elf's mockery of her fear of leaving the safety of her home. (The elf) So you're trying to prove to yourself that you're brave. (The elf) Well... I'd say you've achieved your goal, seeing as you freed me from the cellar of the mage Guiglermo. To thank you, I'll help you. (Christina) You will? (The elf) Of course you will. You've earned it. You know, at the time I hid the magic nut pie. The mage Guiglermo wanted the pie all to himself, I couldn't accept it. So I hid it among the dwarves of Churwalden. (Christina) The clever crab Sebastian has already told me all this. Since then, no one has heard anything more about the pie. Or the dwarves. (The elf) Hihihi. Just because you don't hear about something or see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. (Christina) (Christina) Huh? What do you mean by that? (The elf) Have you ever heard of the water from Bad Ragaz? (Christina) Yes, I've read about it in the library. (The elf) This water has an incredible power: it can make things and beings invisible. When I hid the pie with the dwarves, I also gave them water from Bad Ragaz. So they live in Churwalden without anyone knowing! (The narrator) And so the secret of the dwarves is revealed. They have been living in peace in Churwalden for 200 years thanks to the magic of the water from Bad Ragaz, without anyone seeing them. (Christina) And how will we find them if they are invisible? (The elf) That's easy, we just have to take some water ourselves and we can see them! (The narrator) And here's a new plan: take the train to Bad Ragaz and get some water from the beautiful thermal baths. (Christina) Look, we can hide behind this seat. (The narrator) When the train leaves, the elf is stunned. He has been locked up in the castle cellar for so long that he has never seen a modern train. At first he is even a little afraid, but Christina manages to reassure him. (Christina) If you're worried, just look out the window. It always reassures me! And it's so beautiful outside. (The elf) Wow, that was fast! (Speakers) Next stop: Sargans. (Elf) Do we have to get off here? (Christina) Hihi, no, we continue to Bad Ragaz! (The narrator) It is already very late when our two companions arrive in Bad Ragaz. They are exhausted. The elf and the bookworm hide in a waiting room and immediately fall into a deep sleep. (Christina) Hmm! Oh, how well I slept! I needed it. But where is Adi? (The narrator) Christina looks around, confused. The elf has disappeared. (Christina) Adi? Uh-huh? (The elf) I'm home! I was out picking berries for lunch. I was SO hungry! (Christina) Look, I still have some St. Gallen cheese left. This lunch is a feast! (The narrator) After a delicious lunch, the two friends go to the baths in Bad Ragaz and have a relaxing break. Yes, the rats and elves like to play in the water too! They play around for hours and even eat a millefeuille from the restaurant. It's all good fun! (Christina) But now, Adi, we have to bring the water to Churwalden, don't we? (The elf) Yes, we do. Look, I've already got a bottle. (The narrator) Once dry, the spleen and the elf set off for the station, their bottle filled with magic water. But they didn't notice that a sinister creature was on their heels, watching our two heroes' every move. (The creature) Hahaha... yes! Show me where the dwarves are hiding. Hahaha! END OF PART 3 PART 4: BAD RAGAZ-CHUR PROLOGUE Christina is a true library rat. Ever since Walter, the kindly librarian, found her in front of the famous library of St. Gallen Abbey, she has lived among countless books, all of which she has already read. Christina never dared to leave the library... until one day the red elf teased her too much and challenged her to go in search of the magic walnut pie in Churwalden. And so Christina began her very first adventure. She started by looking for Sebastian, the clever crab, who told her the legend of the magic walnut pie. The last elf in Graubünden had hidden the pie among the dwarves of Churwalden, because the evil mage Guiglermo wanted it all to himself. Shortly afterwards, Christina found the elf in Vaduz and freed him from his cage. Together they set off on their journey to meet the dwarves, not without a stopover in Bad Ragaz. The dwarves are invisible thanks to the water in the thermal baths, and this same water can also make them reappear. The journey now continues towards Chur, but the two companions have not noticed that a sinister creature is hot on their heels. (Christina) Well, all we have to do now is get to Chur and we'll have succeeded. Well, I never thought I'd get this far! (The narrator) The elf and the bookworm have found a comfortable seat on the train and are enjoying the scenery. (Christina) But tell me, Adi, how will we find the dwarves if they are invisible? (The elf) Once, when I entrusted them with the pie, we agreed that if I called them one day from the top of Pradaschierberg, they would show up. (The narrator) Once in Chur, the journey continues by post bus. There, the two companions have to hide well and hold on tight, because the road to Churwalden is winding. (The elf) Ouch... I can't stand these curves... I feel sick. (The narrator) Poor Adi is not yet used to modern means of transport! And with good reason: he's been locked up for 200 years. Fortunately, the station of Churwalden is nearby and the little elf can soon come to his senses. (The elf) Aaah... I feel better already. Those turns are really sharp! (Christina) Hihi. Take a deep breath and you'll feel better right away. (The narrator) While Adi gets her colour back, Christina tries to get her bearings. Looking up the mountain, she notices something strange. (Christina) What the hell is that? A summer toboggan run? Adi, did you know this was here? (The narrator) Christina has never seen a toboggan run outside of books. But she always wanted to try it. (The elf) Erm... a what? Two hundred years ago, there was no such thing! Oh, I hope the dwarves are still around. (The narrator) The spleen and the elf start to climb. It's very tiring, but also very beautiful. After a few hours of walking, they finally reach the top. All they have to do now is call the dwarves. (The elf) The dwarves! The dwarves! It's me, Adi. I'm back. (The narrator) Christina is quiet. Adi is also on the lookout. They wait, curious. But nothing happens. Only the wind whistles through the branches. Suddenly, a rustle is heard in the leaves. Adi turns around with lightning speed. Could it be the dwarves? A sinister creature, wrapped in a thick cloak, stands before our two heroes. It is certainly not a dwarf, it is much too big. (The elf) Who are you? What do you want? (Guiglermo) The magic nut pie, of course. Hahahahaha! (The narrator) It's the evil magician from the castle of Vaduz! Oh no! (Christina) Aaah, Adi! Let's run away! (The narrator) Before the two friends had time to move, the mage cast a spell that froze them in place. They are now pinned to the ground. (Christina) Help me! I'm petrified. AAAH! (Guiglermo) Where are the dwarves? I've been waiting 200 years for this moment. To me, the pie! Hahaha! (The elf) You'll never find it! Don't even think about it! (The narrator) Suddenly, we hear footsteps from all sides. They get louder and louder, and seem to be getting closer, but nothing can be seen. The mage is confused and doesn't know where to look. Suddenly, a huge branch rises from the ground, as if by magic! The branch lands right on the mage's head and a huge bump appears. (Guiglermo) AAAÏÏEEE! (The narrator) But that's not all, the branch hits him again and again until he stops defending himself. The mage is then lifted into the air, put into a bag and tied up like a sausage. (Christina) But what's going on? (The dwarf) It's us, the dwarves of Churwalden! We were sure that one day that stupid mage would come back. And we caught him. Hahahahaha! (The elf) Dwarves! What a joy to see you here! You have saved us! Can you also free us? (The dwarf) For that we need the water from Bad Ragaz. Did you bring some? (The elf) Yes, in my jacket pocket, help yourself. (The narrator) The dwarf runs to the elf and takes the bottle from his jacket pocket. Of course, Christina and Adi only see the water bottle floating in the air. A few drops are enough to set the two friends free. And thanks to the enchanted water, the dwarves also become visible again. A thousand dwarves, dressed for battle, are standing on the mountain top. (The elf) I knew the walnut pie would be safe with you. (The dwarf) It's safe, we can be trusted. We also ate some of it so we could defeat the mage. Now we'll roll Guglermo down the mountain and then we can celebrate our victory! (The narrator) The dwarf grabs the bag where the magician is locked up and throws it down the mountain. He will not be heard from again for a long time. In the evening, a big party is organised in the dwarf village. All the dwarves dance with gusto, and even Christina gets carried away in the dance. At one point she sits down next to Adi, who watches the frenzy with joy. (Christina) Adi! What a great evening. I've never had so much fun. (The elf) I'm glad to hear that, Christina. You've earned it. You were so brave. Look, I have something for you. (The narrator) The elf gives the bookworm a piece of walnut pie, nicely wrapped in a green napkin. (The elf) This slice is yours. Take it home and show it to the red elf. (Christina) Ooh! Thank you so much. You know, I'm grateful to him for challenging me. I've had lots of adventures and learned that the world is full of beautiful things. From now on, I won't lock myself up in the library, but I'll go out and explore the world. (The elf) I will gladly accompany you from time to time, if you allow me. But no evil mage, please! (The narrator) Our two friends burst out laughing. They look again at the thousand dwarves dancing happily. (The elf) Well, it's time to dance. Let's go! (The narrator) And so our bookworm spent an unforgettable evening with his new friends. Who knows what adventures await him on the way home. But that's another story. END Manuscript – THE SICK BEAR PART 1: BERNE-FRIBOURG (Narrator) It's been awfully quiet at the Bern Zoo for a few days. The animals are all waiting for news about the bears. The youngest of them, Lucas, has a fever. A really high fever! No medicine can bring the fever down, not even the old remedy of compresses on the calves. Magda, the usually strong mother bear, is desperate and doesn't know what to do. And Ida, the yellow butterfly who always plays with Lukas, is also distraught. Every day she comes to the bears' house to ask if Lukas is better and every day Magda shakes her head no. Today, even the old owl from the zoo visits them. And yet this happens very rarely, as she doesn't like to leave her home. (Owl) I heard that Lucas has a high fever. Have you ever tried compresses on your calves, Magda? (Magda) Yes, every day... but nothing helps. What else can I do? (Owl) Hmmm. Does he drink a lot of hot water? (Magda) Of course he does! Two litres a day! (Owl) Oh dear, poor Lucas. It's really not funny to have such a high fever. (Narrator) The bear is really suffering, he's lying down, he can hardly eat anything and he's got the shivers. It can't go on like this! (Owl) There's only one solution left, Magda. (Narrator) The mother bear listens carefully to what the owl has to say... In Bern, she is known for her wisdom. She has travelled all over Switzerland and seen many things. If she has no more ideas, then all is lost. (Owl) During a trip, I once met the fairies of Lake Geneva. Their magic dust gives them extraordinary powers and could certainly cure Lucas. (Magda) Fairies? Magic dust? That's all very well, but where can I get some? (Owl) To Lake Geneva! That's the home of the fairy queen. (Magda) But... well, I don't want to contradict you, but how can I get to Lake Geneva? I'm a gigantic mother bear, after all. (Owl) Hmm. You're right! (Narrator) Ida, the yellow butterfly, has been quietly watching the scene. She's Lucas' best friend, so it's only natural that she's worried about him. But she has an idea! (Ida) I can fly to Lake Geneva! I'll find the fairies and save Lukas. (Narrator) The mama bear and the owl are wide-eyed! (Owl) Ida? You? You'll never be strong enough to fly that far. It will take forever! (Ida) It will! I'll take the train! I'll get there fast and get back just as fast. In the city too, I always take the tram when I don't feel like flying anymore. (Owl) Oh dear... I underestimated you, little butterfly. Yes... maybe that's the ideal solution. (Magda) But Ida! What if something happens to you? It's dangerous out there! (Ida) I'll be very careful, I promise. (Narrator) Ida has made her decision: she will find the fairies and heal Lukas with magic. There's no point in arguing any more. Before she sets off, the owl gives her some more advice. (Owl) I don't know exactly where on Lake Geneva the fairies live. But I know who can help you. The trolls of Romont work as guardians for the fairies. They can tell you where to find them. (Ida) Ah, great! So I have to go to Romont first? But where is that? Don't worry, I'll find it at the station. (Chouette) Once you've found them, be careful, Ida. Trolls are not always sincere and they like to have fun... especially at the expense of us animals. If I were you, I'd bring them a present. I hope that in return they will be nice to you. (Ida) OK, owl. I'll get them a nice little present! There will certainly be a thousand things on the way. (Narrator) And here's our Ida saying goodbye and flying off in the direction of Berne station. That's quite a long way for a butterfly to travel... so Ida occasionally lands on a cyclist's helmet or on the roof of a bus. (Ida) I have to save my strength... hihihi! (Narrator) At the station, she quickly finds the train that will take her to Geneva. She has just enough time to get on before the train starts. Fortunately, butterflies don't need a ticket. (Loudspeaker) ...This train runs non-stop to Freiburg... (Ida) Oh... Freiburg. I know that name... maybe I'll find a present for the trolls of Romont in that town? (Narrator) While Ida is thinking about the gift, the train leaves the canton of Bern. The butterfly looks curiously out of the window and sees lots of green. (Ida) Who would have thought that I would travel so far one day! But I have to stay focused. Lucas needs my help. END OF PART 1 PART 2: FRIBOURG-ROMONT PROLOGUE It's been awfully quiet at Berne Zoo for a few days. The animals are all waiting for news of the bears. The youngest of them, Lucas, has a fever. A really high fever! No medicine can bring the fever down, not even the old remedy of compresses on the calves. Magda, the usually strong mother bear, is desperate and doesn't know what to do. But the old owl has an idea: fairy magic can help them. The butterfly Ida sets off on a long journey to Lake Geneva. She has to ask the fairies for help. But to find them, she must first stop in Romont, where she will ask the trolls for directions. (Narrator) Ida, the yellow butterfly, is comfortably seated on the train to Geneva. Her destination, Fribourg, is not far away. (Ida) Hm, the owl says I have to be very careful with trolls. But why? Why can't they just be nice? And what present should I choose so that they will be sincere with me? So many questions! (Loudspeaker) Next stop, Freiburg. (Ida) Ouch, already. We have to get out quickly. (Narrator) Ida flies out of the train at lightning speed and hovers over Freiburg station. She doesn't really know where to go... because she still doesn't know what to take to the trolls. (Ida) Okay, Ida. Think about it... What do trolls like? Maybe something to eat? (Narrator) As Ida thinks out loud, she doesn't notice anyone listening. (Cloud Knight) Oh, something to eat is always good! (Ida) Oooh! Sorry, I was thinking out loud. Who the hell are you? (Cloud Knight) Haha! I'm James, the cloud knight. And who are you? (Ida) I am Ida, the yellow butterfly. But what is a cloud knight? (Cloud Knight) We are magical beings who can ride the clouds. We protect fairies all over Switzerland. (Narrator) Ida is lucky: she has met a legendary cloud knight! You rarely see them, they look a bit like fairies and have a special power: as their name suggests, they can ride the clouds, as if they were on horseback! Just imagine! (Ida) WAAAOUH! (Narrator) Ida is amazed... that's rare. (Cloud Knight) Who is lucky enough to receive a gift from you? (Ida) The... the... the trolls of Romont. (Cloud Knight) Oh. I know them well... Bring them some cheese from the region. They love it! (Narrator) Ida is still speechless... The cloud knight is glowing green and so elegant... She has never seen anything like it. She should take this opportunity to ask him immediately where the fairies are... but she is completely stunned. (Cloud Knight) Well, nice butterfly... I'm glad I met you, but I have a mission to do. Take care of yourself. (Narrator) Too late! The cloud knight is already hovering in the distance and Ida is as far away as before. Well... at least now she knows what she can bring to the trolls. The famous Vacherin fribourgeois, a delicious cheese. Fortunately, you can find it everywhere in Fribourg. (Ida) Ah, how stupid of me. If only I'd dared to ask her where the fairies are. Pfff... Well, there's no point in getting upset, I can't help it. I have to look for that cheese. (Narrator) After shopping in the beautiful city of Fribourg, Ida gets back on the train, loaded with cheese. Her next destination is Romont. (Ida) The owl told me that trolls live in the abbey. I hope it's not too far from the station... This cheese is so heavy! (Johnny) Did I hear "cheese" right? From the Valais? (Narrator) A little mouse is standing in front of Ida. (Ida) Hi, mouse. No... from Fribourg. Do you want a piece? (Johnny) How nice... Gladly! Yummy... I'm Johnny! (Narrator) The two animals become fast friends... Johnny is a mouse who likes adventures. He's on his way to Lausanne to visit Aquatis, a huge aquarium full of fish. (Ida) Aren't you afraid of fish, Johnny? (Johnny) No... they're behind glass. I've seen much worse than fish, you know! (Speaker) Next stop, Romont. (Ida) Oh, Johnny, I've got to get out now. It's been a pleasure... see you soon! Ciaaaoooo! (Narrator) Loaded with cheese, the yellow butterfly flies out of the train and goes in search of the Fille-Dieu de Romont abbey, where he hopes to find the trolls. (Ida) Oh dear... it's not that close. (Narrator) Very slowly, Ida reaches the imposing Abbey of the Fille-Dieu de Romont. A magnificent old building. But where to find the tiny trolls? END OF PART 2  PART 3: ROMONT-PALÉZIEUX PROLOGUE It's been awfully quiet at Berne Zoo for a few days. The animals are all waiting for news of the bears. The youngest of them, Lucas, has a fever. A really high fever! No medicine can bring the fever down, not even the old remedy of compresses on the calves. Magda, the usually strong mother bear, is desperate and doesn't know what to do. But the old owl has an idea: fairy magic can help them. The butterfly Ida sets off on a long journey to Lake Geneva. She has to ask the fairies for help. But to find them, she must first stop in Romont, where she will ask the trolls for directions. But for them to be cooperative, they have to be in a good mood, so Ida has brought along a real Vacherin fribourgeois... That will surely help! (Ida) So where are the trolls hiding? (Narrator) After a long flight from the train station to the Fille-Dieu Abbey in Romont, the yellow butterfly has put his cheese on a tower and is swirling around the inner courtyard. No troll in sight. She flies closer to the bushes and shouts as loud as she can: (Ida) Tro-olls! Tro-olls! Tro-olls! (Troll) SILENCE! We're having dinner! (Narrator) A tiny troll hops out of the bush. He seems to be quite old... and a bit gruff too. (Ida) Sorry, Mr. Troll. I'm really sorry! ...er... I didn't mean to disturb you... I... er... have some cheese for you! (Narrator) Poor Ida is in a state... she doesn't dare to say anything and just hands the whole cheese to the troll. (Troll) Eeh little butterfly, are you disturbing our peace? (Troll) And... (Narrator) The troll looks at the cheese and forgets the end of his sentence. (Troll) What the hell is this? What a sweet smell! (Ida) It's... it's cheese from Fribourg. I brought it especially for you. (Troll) For me? Oooooh! Then I can forgive you for intruding during our lunch break. (Narrator) The troll only has eyes for the cheese and no longer cares for Ida. From the bushes a multitude of other trolls spring up. They pounce on the cheese. In five minutes there is nothing left. (Troll) Yummy... that was good. Now ... where were we? Oh, yes. The butterfly disturbed us... why, by the way? (Narrator) Ida tells her story in anguish... Lukas' fever, the fairies who could help her, and even the cloud knight she met in Freiburg. (Ida) ...and here I am, because I need your help. The wise owl said that you would know where to find the fairies of Lake Geneva. (Narrator) The trolls listened carefully... they all look at each other, all surprised. (Troll) Mmmh... We need to discuss this. Wait for us here. (Narrator) The trolls disappear into their bushes and the inner courtyard of the convent becomes quiet again. Time passes... for a very long time. Ida has almost fallen asleep... Hours later, the old troll emerges. He has a letter in his hand. (Troll) There you go, little butterfly. We've held a meeting and we've decided to help you. You will find the fairies in Palézieux, where all the magical fairies live and even Queen Mirabelle. But to see her, you have to say the magic formula. I've written it down for you here... But only open this letter when you get to Palézieux! Otherwise it won't work! Do you understand? (Ida) YES! Palézieux, magic formula, open only there. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! (Troll) Hihi. You're welcome. (Narrator) And then the troll disappears into the bush again. It looks like everything worked out fine, Ida thinks. So she flies to the station. There, she must first find out where Palézieux is. She didn't dare ask the trolls. Fortunately, Ida can read human maps and discovers that Palézieux is not that far away. You can even get there very quickly by train. (Ida) Let's go, let's go! I hope Lucas is feeling a bit better in Bern... the poor bear. (Narrator) The journey only takes fifteen minutes, fortunately. Ida is already very excited. She's never seen a fairy and now she might even see the fairy queen herself! I hope she's nice! (Loudspeaker) Next stop, Palézieux. (Narrator) This is the moment of truth. Ida flies out of the train and starts looking for the fairies: where can they be hiding? The village is not so big... (Ida) Hmm. Maybe they're in a castle? If I were queen, I would like to live in a castle. But I don't think there are any here. I'll just have to try the magic formula the trolls gave me. (Narrator) Ida opens the letter and reads carefully what it says. But... uh... (Ida) What? It can't be! (Narrator) On paper, there is only one sentence: "HAHAHAHAHA! This is what happens when you disturb us during our lunch break. (Ida) NO! NOOOON! What do we do now? (Narrator) The ugly trolls got her... This is not funny at all. How will Ida save Lucas now? END OF PART 3 PART 4: PALÉZIEUX-LAUSANNE PROLOGUE It's been awfully quiet at Berne Zoo for a few days. The animals are all waiting for news of the bears. The youngest of them, Lucas, has a fever. A really high fever! No medicine can bring the fever down, not even the old remedy of compresses on the calves. Magda, the usually strong mother bear, is desperate and doesn't know what to do. But the old owl has an idea: fairy magic can help them. The butterfly Ida sets off on a long journey to Lake Geneva. She has to ask the fairies for help. But to find them, she must first stop in Romont, where she asks the trolls for directions. Although she has brought them a delicious cheese from Fribourg, the trolls play a nasty trick on her: they tell Ida that the fairy queen Mirabelle lives in Palézieux, but once there, she soon realises that they have lied, there is neither fairy nor queen here. (Ida) Ah, bloody trolls. This is really not the time for jokes! How do we find the fairies now? (Narrator) Desperate, Ida whirls around above Palézieux, without knowing where to go. Surely there are no fairies here. So she returns to the station. Her goal is Lake Geneva, so she heads in that direction. As she sits in the train, she looks outside and gets lost in her thoughts... She doesn't know what to do. When she finally looks up, everything is white outside the window, white as snow... Curious... (Ida) What is it? What is it? Is it snowing? Or is it fog? (Jacques) Yes...Hello little butterfly. I thought it was you who was flapping your wings frantically in Palézieux. (Ida) The cloud knight!? Did you see me? (Narrator) Unbelievable! The cloud knight saw Ida from the sky and followed her. The train is wrapped in clouds, that's why everything is so white outside. James the cloud knight sits down comfortably. (James) I was travelling to Lausanne and recognised you straight away: yellow as you are, you can be seen from a distance. (Narrator) The last time Ida met the cloud knight, she almost lost her voice. This time it won't be like that. She doesn't even give the knight time to ask her a question, the whole story of Lucas and the trolls gushes out of her mouth like a waterfall. (Ida) And the trolls just sent me to Palézieux! Ah, the bad guys! (Jacques) Aah, the trolls. Sometimes they can be really nasty. I'm sorry for you, little butterfly. But now, luck is with you again. I'm on my way to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne where the fairy queen Mirabelle is organising a big ball. (Ida) Really? Wow, a ball! (Jacques) I suggest you come with me and we can see if the fairies can help you. (Ida) Wow! That's fantastic! Lucas needs help urgently. (James) I sit back and we travel together to Lausanne. We don't need the cloud anymore. (Narrator) The cloud knight snaps his fingers and the white cloud that surrounded the train disappears, leaving the sun to invade the compartment. You can even see the beautiful Lake Geneva. (Ida) I'd like to know where these fairies live now. (James) Our queen lives in the castle of Chillon and we, the cloud knights, live in Nyon. The fairies in our kingdom live all around Lake Geneva. They like water, you know. (Loudspeaker) Next stop, Lausanne. (Narrator) The station is hectic, but the cloud knight is sharp and knows the way. Ida flies behind him, curious. She is a little excited because she has never been to a ball before. (Ida) And what is a ball like? (James) Haha... we dance and have fun. You'll see, you'll like it. (Narrator) They are already in front of the imposing Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Ida looks around... but doesn't see any fairies. (Ida) But where are they all? (Jacques) Aah, I completely forgot to tell you that fairies are invisible to you... You only see me because I want you to. That's our little trick. Put this on, you'll see better. (Narrator) The cloud knight hands Ida a pair of small green glasses. When she puts them on... Wow! Fairies swirl around her. And everything glows green. Ida's mouth is agape again. (James) Come on, let's go in. (Narrator) In the museum there are lots of different rooms and they are all filled with dancing, laughing and singing fairies. It's an incredible party. Ida can't stand it any longer and she is waving her wings to the music. What fun! But after a few hours she has to get serious: Lucas! (Ida) James, who could help us save Lukas? (James) You're right, from dancing so much, I almost forgot Lucas. Let's go and talk to Mirabelle immediately. (Narrator) They both fly through the countless rooms of the museum and land in the garden. Ida immediately recognises who the queen is: she has long blonde hair and wears a shining golden crown. (Ida) Can we really approach her like that? (James) Of course, I've known Mirabelle since she was a baby. Mirabelle! (Ida) Hi! (Mirabelle) James! What a joy to see you again! And who is accompanying you there? (James) Mirabelle, this is Ida, the yellow butterfly from Bern. She needs our help. You know, her best friend, Lucas the bear, has a high fever and there's no medicine to cure it. (Mirabelle) Hmm... not even calf compresses? (Ida) No, alas... not even the good old compresses. (Mirabelle) It's very brave of you to come all the way here from Bern, all alone, to help your friend. He's very lucky to know you! (Narrator) The little yellow butterfly is turning red! (Ida) Lucas is great... You'd like him too if you knew him. (Mirabelle) I'd love to meet him. But he has to get better first. (Ida) That's why I'm here! Could you please help her? (Mirabelle) Of course, little butterfly! (Narrator) Queen Mirabelle takes out a green dust from a small purse and throws it in the air. Ida watches with interest the magic tricks of the fairy queen. The dust turns into a small bottle with green and shiny contents. (Mirabelle) And there it is! Throw a few drops on Lukas' forehead and the fever will quickly pass. (Narrator) Ida's eyes are shining with joy. (Ida) Thank you very much! I'll take it to Bern soon. (Mirabelle) Oh dear, do you want to go home again today? It's far too late. (Ida) But Lucas... he needs me! (Narrator) Mirabelle looks at Ida with concern. Then an idea occurs to her. (Mirabelle) Jacques! Please take her back to Bern quickly. (Narrator) The cloud knight is not told twice. He snaps his fingers and a snow-white cloud descends from the sky. He rides it and puts on his helmet. (James) Come on, Ida! Let's fly away. (Narrator) Not quite reassured, Ida climbs onto the cloud. And off we go! In a few seconds, they are already in the air. They are flying at full speed. They are so high up in the sky that Ida can see the whole of beautiful Lake Geneva. (Jacques) Hold on tight, Ida. We're going to pick up speed. (Narrator) Jacques follows the train tracks. We soon recognise Palézieux, then Romont, the town of trolls. Ida even sees Fribourg and finally Berne! In no time at all, they are back at Ida's house, at the zoo. Ida is dizzy... Ouch, what an adventure! All the animals come running to the cloud. Of course they want to see who brought the big cloud. The butterfly doesn't let himself be distracted. He flies straight to Magda, the mother bear, and gives her the bottle with instructions from Queen Mirabelle. (Ida) Just a few drops, eh? That should do it. (Narrator) Magda carefully puts a few drops on Lucas' forehead. At first, nothing happens. Then the teddy bear starts to glow with a green light. He opens his eyes and looks around, confused. Then he jumps to his feet. (Lucas) Hey, what's going on? What are you all doing here? (Narrator) With tears in her eyes, Magda hugs her son. She is relieved. (Lucas) Mamaaan! What's the matter? And Ida! Where have you been? (Narrator) Ida is overjoyed. (Ida) Hihihi! I'm so happy you're cured. If you only knew what I've been through. It was the Fairy Queen who healed you! And I met a cloud knight and... a lot of trolls, but these ones aren't very nice. And the Olympic Museum! And Lake Geneva... (Narrator) She talks and talks and talks... She tells Lucas everything and he listens carefully. They are finally together again and can start playing together again. THE VOICES The owl: very old, slow and wise Magda: maternal, worried, caring Ida: very playful, sometimes a little insecure, quickly distracted Jacques the cloud knight: proud, elegant, self-confident Johnny: see Basel-Chiasso tale Troll: grumpy, condescending, surly Mirabelle: cf. tale Lausanne-Geneva Lukas: teenager, a bit rebellious

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Nothing shapes culture like language. Unfortunately, Swiss German/French/Italian is only a spoken language and even kids-entertainment is in high German/French/Italian. To keep these local languages alive and make them accessible to Swiss kids all fairytales are not only linked to their home country's landmarks but written and spoken in Swiss German, Swiss Italian and Swiss French.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

RailTales is a real time data and geo targeting based fairytale podcast that makes landmarks that you pass by on the train part of the fairytale in exactly the moment you pass by. By doing so, the kids interact with the landmarks and landscapes in a kid-feasible way. All fairytales are self-created and written in dialect of the area they play in.