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Product/ServiceHUMAN RIGHTS
Category D04. Social Behaviour
Production 2 SKILL MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company BETWEEN MUSIC Aarhus, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Diether Kerner Philipp und Keuntje Chief Creative Officer
Jan-Sievert Krause Phillip and Keuntje Executive Creative Director
Tobias Fritschen Philipp und Keuntje Creative Director and Director and Concept/Idea
Valentin Burkhardt Philipp und Keuntje Creative Director and Concept/Idea
Wilhelm Eckert Philipp und Keuntje Art Director
Andrew Philip Wulff Philipp und Keuntje Art Director
Ronja Kühner Philipp und Keuntje Copywriter and Concept/Idea
Tanja Heier Philipp und Keuntje Executive Client Service Director
Lara von Kroge Philipp und Keuntje Account Director
Charlyn Schröder Philipp und Keuntje Project Manager
Carolin Rakoczy Philipp und Keuntje Project Manager
Ines Wolff Philipp und Keuntje Producer
Hans Goedecke n/a Director of Photography
Jan-Gero Kleist Philipp und Keuntje Post Production (Film)
Christian Lessner Philipp und Keuntje Post Production (Film)
Dirk Mävers Philipp und Keuntje Programmer
David Schubert Philipp und Keuntje Screen Design
Sven Fröhlich Philipp und Keuntje Post Production (Images)
Ansgar Struck Philipp und Keuntje Post Production (Images)
Johanna Petereit Philipp und Keuntje Social Media Manager
Diana Bartel Philipp und Keuntje Social Media Manager
Lisa-Marie Otto Philipp und Keuntje Social Media Manager
Insa von Zeppelin Philipp und Keuntje Social Media Manager
Katrin Joppig fischerAppelt, relations Influencer Marketing
Franziska Przymusinski fischerAppelt, relations Influencer Marketing
Ayleen Finkenzeller fischerAppelt, relations PROI
Mirjam Patermann fischerAppelt, relations PROI
Julika Hettlich fischerAppelt, relations Public Realtions
Alisa Wissenbach Philipp und Keuntje Public Realtions
Mark-Alexander Kaldenbach fischerAppelt, performance Performance Marketing
Laila Skovmand Between Music Composer
Torben Brüggemann SKILL Music Sound Engineer
Alex Henke SKILL Music Sound Engineer
Kostas Milonakis n/a Director of Photography
Dean Gdontakis n/a Production Manager and Director of Photography (Drone)

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An intriguing and eye-catching Trojan horse. Fascinating us with its beauty while slowly raising the hairs at the back of our neck as we realise with sorrow that this breathtaking performance is taking place at a grave. Recomposed into a requiem and performed by the underwater musicians Between Music, Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", the European Anthem, was played at the grave of thousands who drowned seeking help – at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Ode to Joy Joy, beautiful spark of Divinity [or: of gods], Daughter of Elysium, We enter, drunk with fire, Heavenly one, thy sanctuary! Thy magic binds again What custom strictly divided;* All people become brothers,* Where thy gentle wing abides. Whoever has succeeded in the great attempt, To be a friend's friend, Whoever has won a lovely woman, Add his to the jubilation! Yes, and also whoever has just one soul To call his own in this world! And he who never managed it should slink Weeping from this union! All creatures drink of joy At nature's breasts. All the Just, all the Evil Follow her trail of roses. Kisses she gave us and grapevines, A friend, proven in death. Ecstasy was given to the worm And the cherub stands before God. Gladly, as His suns fly through the heavens' grand plan Go on, brothers, your way, Joyful, like a hero to victory. Be embraced, Millions! This kiss to all the world! Brothers, above the starry canopy There must dwell a loving Father. Are you collapsing, millions? Do you sense the creator, world? Seek him above the starry canopy! Above stars must He dwell.

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

In recent years, Europe's frontpages were dominated by the refugee crisis. But with so much going on in 2020, it's no wonder we stopped paying attention. And yet, people are still drowning every day in the Mediterranean Sea. The current pandemic situation has left little room for the longstanding humanitarian catastrophe, so it has been ignored. Even the politicians who cared initially have started ignoring the drowning. Additionally, not only do private sea rescue missions lack any public support, the European governments actively undermine them. The challenge was to create a powerful reminder that brought the refugees' situation back into the public eye.