Category A01. Consumer Goods
Entrant BBDO Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Idea Creation BBDO Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Media Placement OMD Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 2 STUDIO FUNK Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Till Diestel BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Kristoffer Heilemann BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Creative Managing Director
Anno Thenenbach BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Creative Director/ Copywriter/ Director/ Script
Jörg Tavidde BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Creative Director
Dominique Becker BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Copywriter/ Script
Christian Korntheuer BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Copywriter/ Script
Florian Behler BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Copywriter/ Script
Cornelius Kölblin BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Managing Director
Steffen Gentis BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Production Officer
Axel Niehaus HAUS International LCC Sound Engineer / Director
Marco Manzo Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Sound Engineer
Jalal Hachim - Voice Over Artist
Timo Kockemyer Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Voice Over Artist / OFF
- - HAUS International LCC Casting

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In 2020 Sennheiser – famous for producing both state-of-the-art microphones and headphones - celebrated their 75th anniversary. Time, to remind of some outstanding moments in music history and how to enjoy them best. We decided to do so simply through the power of words. The result was a series of radio ads, that tell the stories of great songs, bring them to life - and point out all those details, that one can hear with a Sennheiser headphone.

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“Hangman looks round as he waits. Cord stretches tight - then it breaks.” That’s what Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis predicted in his last recorded song – four days before he ended his life by hanging himself. “In a Lonely Place” is actually not a song; it’s a chanted testament set to music. Its grim and dark production gives the impression he’s already singing from his grave. His hollowly recorded quiet but deep voice seems to slowly disappear under monotonous heavy drums, that set the pace for the last march of a dying man. “How I wish we were here with you now.” One last wish that overshadows the following two minutes and 24 seconds of majestic, and at the same time disturbing, instrumental. So, discover what you’ve never heard before. And listen to “In a Lonely Place” as if for the very first time. Because great moments deserve great sound. Sennheiser. For over 75 years.