Category C01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Entrant IMAGO Zagreb, CROATIA
Idea Creation IMAGO Zagreb, CROATIA
Name Company Position
Hrvoje Hrvatin Imago Ogilvy Creative
Luka Mavretić Imago Ogilvy Senior Copywriter
Darko Bosnar Imago Ogilvy Creative Director
Igor Mladinović Imago Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer
Krešimir Đurić Imago Ogilvy Art Director
Hiam Hamed Imago Ogilvy Account Director
Dina Dretvić Imago Ogilvy Strategy director
Aklea Neon Aklea Neon artist song producer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

Calmtone is a soothing ringtone for which the actual seismographic recording of the earthquake was used for basis. To keep it all natural, calming frequencies of plants and trees were isolated and added on top of the processed earthquake sound wave. With its story, scientific and holistic sound design, its light rhythm and a specific pattern, Calmtone has a beneficial effect on the traumatised human psyche.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.


Cultural / Context information for the jury

A strong earthquake hit Croatia in 2020. It was followed by hundreds of smaller earthquakes in the upcoming months which had a terrible effect on people’s mental condition. Every sudden vibration would trigger a stress reaction. The most common vibrations in our lives are those coming from our mobile phones, through numerous messages and calls we get in a day. In stressful months for Croatians, the leading teleoperator in the region has decided to mute all those unnecessary mobile phone vibrations in a creative way, to avoid adding ‘fuel to the fire’. Also, in the city most affected by the earthquake, the local elementary school was dangerously hit and was not safe for children to attend.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

The innovation that Calmtone brings is in the choice of ‘musical’ instruments – every single sound in the melody is made by the nature. Actual seismographic recording of the strongest earthquake in Croatia was transformed into a sound wave and it functions as a basis for the melody. To create a soothing psychological effect of the melody, calming frequencies of tree bark, roots and leaves were isolated and added on top of the earthquake sound wave. Besides the calming effect on thousands of people, each download of the Calmtone ringtone was a donation for rebuilding the music school heavily damaged in the earthquake.