Category D05. Cultural Insight
Media Placement ZENITH Paris, FRANCE
Production IC CONTENT Paris, FRANCE
Post Production PRODIGIOUS Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company SNCF Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Marco Venturelli PUBLICIS CONSEIL President overseeing creativity
Mathieu Dubray Publicis Conseil Art Director
Tanguy Gallis Publicis Conseil Copywriter
Maud Robaglia Publicis Conseil Head of art
Chloé Doisneau Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Maho Benotmane Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Tristan de Laval Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Eva Chapiteau Publicis Conseil Strategic Planning
Raphaël Lévy IC Content Producer
Cyril Bettane IC Content Producer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

The film shows that the railways of the SNCF are not just part of the French landscape, they are at the heart of French people’s lives. In fact, they are so much part of French life that they are a mirror of the French personality. As the film develops, the osmosis becomes clearer and more striking. A real common character a real personality is expressed with its own loveable flaws. Because being French is not about fitting into a mould of culture or religion or ethnicity, it’s about refusing to fit into a mould and being proud to be paradoxical- poetic and pragmatic, traditional and avant-garde, this can be as glorious as it can be inconvenient. To proclaim with pride and humility all the commitment and the attachment SNCF has towards the French, we chose a Frenchman: Gael Faye, a slam poet known as very agile with words and emotions.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

Creative and inventive, Great artists, Great feminists, Loudmouths, Big hearts, But especially fabulous complainers. Pompous at times, Marching with passion, And full of enthusiasm, But romantic, like a young Apollinaire. Elegant like no other, equipped with the best of devices, Dressed with style, and cat walking in the Grand Palais. But always ready to walk for equality To declare rights for all men For all women, and our little ones. Humanist to the tip of our toes Human to the depth of our souls, The sound of crickets in our ears The taste of ocean on our lips All sorts of cheeses in our mouths and in between our teeth, We live, we cry, we laugh From the six corners of the country we breathe the same wind. Often too pessimistic, facing adversity or facing opponents, but we should not be, simply look at our past. Mother earth supporters, In love with nature with our forests, our fields, our seas, Blue, white, red, but every day a bit more green. We are not static; we are dynamic, Let’s admit it: sometimes we arrive late, But we are never latecomers, we are avant-garde. We are not uptight; we have unmatched humour. We are not cynical; we are just a little paradoxical. We are not square... we are hexagonal.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

The work has been built on what makes the French Culture and spirit. The fundamental values that are making the French heritage (freedom, equality and fraternity) and by that the will to fight for universality, inclusion and accessibility in all aspects of society. But also, the paradoxes that make the very unique French spirit: Being as enthusiastic as they are fatalist and grouchy, Having a pioneering spirit as well as a conservative mind, Being as refined and meticulous as they are messy and sloppy, Being as liberal as they are protectionist, Being as conservative as they have ecological consciousness All the values and paradoxes that SNCF shares with the French and make it so unique.