Category C01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Entrant ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Production ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Post Production ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Nina Bugge ANTI Art director/ director/ copy writer
Gerd Stangeland ANTI Art director/ set designer/ copy writer
Torstein Drogseth ANTI Account director
Nora Gauslaa ANTI Account Manager
Tom Andre Engli Storsveen ANTI Brand Strategist
Vivian Ramfjord ANTI Motion design
Linn Engen ANTI Producer
Kenneth Pedersen ANTI Photo
Benedicte Bølling ANTI Producer
Reiel Lien Bruland Motion air Drone footage
Ruben Anda Ruben Anda Edit

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

Road safety is one of the top priorities for the Norwegian auto federation "NAF" and their members. But it doesn't seem to be for Norway's biggest company - the government. So we needed to give Norway's poorly maintained roads a voice that spoke directly to the Norwegian politicians. In contrast to the screams from activists outside the Norwegian parliament, we wanted to reach all the way inside with our message. That's why we composed a song based on the many potholes from a Norwegian road, turning them into musical notes. We sent the song in the form of a music box to the new Norwegian government directly. To make them listen - literally.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

“Pling, pling, pling, pling and pling” The idea is based on giving the bumpy roads a voice, and technically making the potholes into musical notes. So no need for translation, just listen to the song in the video.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Norway we have 10 political leading parties, which often leads to not one, but several parties winning the election together. The leader of the most voted on party is elected prime minister. Explaining why we in the movie talk directly to Trygve (the leader of “Senterpartiet”) and Jonas (the leader of “Arbeiderpartiet”), who just won this year's election. NAF also released the film on Facebook the same day our new government was presented, showing the music box and talking directly to our new political representatives. Just in time before starting the government negotiations and choosing which issues to focus on in the coming years.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

Ever heard about a road composing a song before? Us neither. We turned an often forgotten problem into music, challenging the way we usually experience it. And by doing so, we gave the many poorly maintained roads of Norway a voice, to make the new government listen - literally.