Category C05. Audio Led Creativity
Media Placement MEDIAPLUS Moscow, RUSSIA
Production ANTIDRAMA Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company FANCY STATE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alex Schill SERVICEPLAN GROUP Global Chief Creative Officer
Jason Romeyko SERVICEPLAN GROUP Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Olga Starichenko Serviceplan Russia Chief Executive Officer
Ruslan Gadeev Serviceplan Russia Account Director
Evgenia Arabkina Serviceplan Russia Executive Creative Director
Anastasia Boykova Serviceplan Russia Strategic Planning Director
Sergei Soin Serviceplan Russia Lead Account Manager
Andrey Artyushin Serviceplan Russia Senior Copywriter
Ksenia Golovina Serviceplan Russia Art Director
Anna Kuptsova Serviceplan Russia Junior Art Director
Anastasia Khizovets Serviceplan Russia Junior Art Director
Maxim Kazantsev Serviceplan Russia Senior Interactive Designer
David Khandamov Serviceplan Russia Junior Interactive Designer
Anastasia Gritskova Louder Chief Executive Officer
Maria Aleshina Louder Senior PR Manager
Daria Tarasova Louder PR Manager
Maria Bukina MEDIAPLUS Digital Manager
Pavel Tseytlin Fancy State Music Agency Executive Producer
Natalia Petrova Fancy State Music Agency Celebrity Management
Aleksandr Ivanov Fancy State Music Agency Producer
Maxim Golubchikov Fancy State Music Agency Producer
Oleg Fedorov Fancy State Music Agency Recording, Mixing, SFX
Aydar Sharipov Antidrama studio Director, Director of Photography
Igor Virabov Antidrama studio Director of the second unit
Aleksandra Smirnova Antidrama studio Set Designer
Daniil Demidov Antidrama studio Editing Director
Andrey Borovkov Antidrama studio Color
Ilya Petrukhin Antidrama studio CG Supervisor
Ivan Oganesov Antidrama studio Creative Producer
Ivan Oganesov Antidrama studio Creative Producer
Ivan Oganesov Antidrama studio Creative Producer
Maria Gasparyan Antidrama studio Executive Producer
Valerya Yudina Antidrama studio Producer
Genadiy Zhen Antidrama studio Production Manager
Dmitry Tyklin Antidrama studio Production Assistant

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

The attached track was one of those recorded in Laundry Records - a studio built inside a laundry. Yes, a real laundry full of working Miele washing machines. To prove how quiet they are, we invited popular musicians to record their tracks inside – live. Right next to washing machines that were working during every take. Videos of their recordings were spread online and their compositions were released both as singles and as an album branded by Miele, spreading awareness of Miele washing machines’ superiority in quietness.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

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Please outline the innovative elements of the work

The composition was recorded in a real laundry, but you wouldn’t guess that from the sound of it. We used the existing Miele washing machines in a working laundry and rebuilt its interior to turn it into Laundry Records - a recording studio. We invited a legend of Russian pop-music to record his new track inside and posted a music video of him performing with the washing machines right next to him. And you couldn’t hear the washing machines at all! Those who still doubted the machines’ quietness were invited to come and record their own songs – and a lot of popular musicians accepted the offer. We released all the recorded songs as music videos and a full album branded by Miele. People took part in the follow-up contest by playing music in front of their own washing machines - showing how loud washing usually is.