Bronze Eurobest Campaign Award
1 of 3 Campaign
Category A03. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Production STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Benita Struve Deutsche Lufthansa AG Head of Marketing
Claudia Dreismann Deutsche Lufthansa AG Head of Advertising and Mediamanagement
Fabian Frese Kolle Rebbe GmbH Managing Director Creation, Creative Director, Copywriter, Director
Nadine Nolting Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Direction
Sascha Petersen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter, Director
Juniper Horn Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Oscar Engelhardt Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Torsten Hennings Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Director, Editor, Sounddesign
Vanida Karun Freelance Speaker
Henry Sergeant Freelance Speaker

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

A minute-by-minute time protocol gradually describes the events that lead to a young man regretfully letting go on his relationship due to an incomplete whatsapp message send by his girlfriend Sandy seconds before boarding. However, Sandy doesn't notice anything at 30.000 feet above the ground. Only after switching on her phone after landing. Sadly, by that time her boyfriend has already donated their common property to a dubious esoteric institute. And Sandy realizes, that a lot can happen in 6 hours.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

SCRIPT ENGLISH FlyNet. „Sandy“ 8:35 While boarding, Sandy sends a text message to her boyfriend Steven: “I’ve met somebody else.” Then she activates flight mode. Her selfie with duty-free mascot “Walter the Duck” is accidentally not sent along with the message. 9:57 When Steven gets no response to his reply, “you’re telling me this five days before our wedding?” he decides to start a new life. 10:0 He books the online course “Letting Go” with the “Institute for Light and Awareness.” 10:48 Steven learns that only a life without possessions means true freedom. 1:10 The Institute for Light and Awareness is now the new owner of an apartment in Warrington and the travel agency “Sunny & Sandy.” 2:20 After landing, Sandy turns on her cell phone and sees a push notification from her travel agency, which now offers short trips to “the inner me.” In addition, there’s a message from her fiancé’s mother: “I never liked you anyway, tart. Furious smiley.” (Off-Camera Narrator:) A lot can happen in six hours. With Lufthansa FlyNet, you won’t miss a thing while above the clouds. Lufthansa. Say yes to the world. ---- SCRIPT GERMAN FlyNet. „Merle“ 8:35 Uhr Beim Boarding schreibt Merle ihrem Freund Steffen „Ich hab einen Neuen.“ Dann aktiviert sie den Flugmodus. Das Selfie mit Duty-Free Maskottchen „Flugente Walter“ wird nicht mehr mitgeschickt. SFX: kurzes Gequake 9:57 Uhr Als Steffen auf seine Antwort „Und das 5 Tage vor unserer Hochzeit?“ nichts mehr hört, beschließt er, ein neues Leben zu beginnen. 10:01 Uhr Er bucht den Onlinekurs „Loslassen“ beim Institut für Licht und Erkenntnis. SFX: esoterischer Sound 10:48 Uhr Steffen lernt, dass nur ein Leben ohne Besitz wahre Freiheit bedeutet. 13:10 Uhr Das Institut für Licht und Erkenntnis ist jetzt neuer Eigentümer einer Wohnung in Osnabrück und des Reisebüros „Sonne & Merle“. SFX: Ladentürklingel oder amateurhafter Gesangsjingle „Sonne und Meeeerle“ 14:20 Uhr Nach der Landung schaltet Merle ihr Handy ein und sieht eine Push-Mitteilung ihres Reisebüros, das jetzt auch Kurztrips zum „Inneren Ich“ anbietet. Außerdem eine Nachricht von der Mutter ihres Verlobten: „Ich konnte dich hohle Nuss noch nie leiden. Wutsmiley“. (Off:) In 6 Stunden kann viel passieren. Mit Lufthansa FlyNet kriegen sie auch über den Wolken alles mit. Lufthansa. Say yes to the world.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The good thing about a long flight: you can relax and switch off for a few hours. The bad thing about it: you are completely cut off from the outside world. Especially in today's times, an absolute horror show. You could miss so much. Because on many transcontinental flights there is still no reliable WIFI on board.