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Entrant DDB Budapest, HUNGARY
Idea Creation DDB Budapest, HUNGARY
Production DDB Budapest, HUNGARY
Post Production DDB Budapest, HUNGARY
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Bálint Kovács DDB Budapest Art Director
Boglárka Csikó DDB Budapest Senior Copywriter
Karolina Galácz DDB Budapest Creative Director
Zsófia Maul DDB Budapest Digital Producer
Alexandra Kemenyiczki DDB Budapest Agency Producer
Zsuzsanna Varga DDB Budapest Associate Producer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

Theater to Go invents a new kind of theater experience, one that merges the physical world and audio. It uses audio to reinvent and to future proof the theater experience to a post-Covid world. To experience this performace, people buy the ticket, and they receive it with instructions as to where to go in the city. Out of the 20 locations, this one takes place in a Statue Park, where the statues of world religions are placed in a circle. People go there and listen to the play in their headphones. The play, entitled "Group Therapy", written by a famous playwright, turns this statue constellation into a story about a group therapy session. In the drama, Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Abraham and Ekhnaton, the founders of world religions, are in a therapy session. Abraham's statue is by accident knocked to the ground in the park, this is built into the story.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

“GROUP THERAPY”, A THEATER TO GO PLAY Context: this audio is listened to in a park where one is looking at the statues of Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Abraham and Ekhnaton, placed in a circle. Abraham's statue is knocked faced down to the ground. In the middle of the circle there is a sphere. THERAPIST: It looks like all of you are here. Let’s start, shall we? Because I have the next group after this, so we shouldn’t be late. Well, then, welcome to the first session of Group Therapy for Religious Leaders! As we all know by now, religions are unnecessary, as common sense and science have triumphed over superstition. Yet, you are all here because you’ve been unable to let go of this whole thing, you are still searching for some self-fulfillment in religion, due to your various psychological conditions. One of you even founded a new religion, proving to me that you need the most help. The goal for this journey we take together would be to heal from your illusions of grandeur. This is a safe space. There are no right and wrong answers here. Whatever you say here stays within this park. The sessions are anonymous, but please choose a name and feel free to share now. JESUS Jesus Christ, son of God. BUDDHA Buddha, the Enlightened. LAO-TZU Lao-Tzu, the old child. (laughs) ABRAHAM (knocked over on the ground, inaudible) Abrhmmmm THERAPIST I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. JESUS He’s Abraham, the father of the people of Israel. He’s just knocked over to the ground, poor thing. THERAPIST Thank you, Jesus, for interpreting Adam’s words, but we have to move on… JESUS Abraham. Well, the Jews don’t accept me, but I don’t mind, I usually represent what he says anyway. ABRAHAM Yrr ntttt snn f Gddd! JESUS He’s on again about me not being really the son of God… whatever. THERAPIST Great, let’s put a pin in this and get back to this later. I’d like to introduce our fifth member: EKHNATON Pharaoh Ekhnaton. THERAPIST Great. I’d like to ask you to be only Ekhnaton for short. Our goal is to leave behind these narcissistic titles, like “the light of the world”, “good shepherd”, “the enlightened”, “pharaoh” and the rest, OK? EKHNATON Ok. THERAPIST Thank you, Aknathon. EKHNATON You’re welcome. THERAPIST Let’s start with something that just happened, and we all witnessed it. Lao-Tzu, you called yourself a child, despite your old age. What do you think - and what do you all think-, what could be the reason for this Freudian mistake? LAO-TZU Those who wants not, may decipher the original secret. But one who possesses wants can only watch the things of the world. THERAPIST Right. It all makes sense now. What I’d say off the top of my head is that you’re afraid of intimacy, you’re afraid of the needs of the body, and therefore you oppress them. In the background, this could potentially be caused by an abusive parent, that is why you refer to yourself as a child. I recommend that you find and you console the child lost inside you. How about the rest of the group? How does Lao-Tzu’s sharing make you feel? BUDDHA I completely agree with him. THERAPIST Thank you, Buda. Could you elaborate? BUDDHA Wanting and selfishness is the cause of all human suffering. Once we eliminate these and we exercise moderation in everything, we can live in peace and as wise. THERAPIST I see. This is what you founded your religion upon, right? BUDDHA That’s right. THERAPIST Did you follow your own advice? Have you always been moderate in everything? Didn’t you use to be a prince, living lavishly? Didn’t you escape from home, to then later sit under a fig tree and restrict yourself and fast without food or water, endangering your health? This doesn’t seem to be moderate behaviour for me. BUDDHA Oh yeah, that’s when I became enlightened. And the moderate thing started after that. THERAPIST Aha. So this is a bit like a diet, isn’t it? I’ll start tomorrow, but let me eat a whole chocolate today, Honestly, I think your psychological patterns are a little amplitudinal. It makes me suspect a hint of manic depression. BUDDHA I’m at peace with your opinion. This too is a perspective. THERAPIST Wow, this sounds overly uninterested. Could there be a depression phase on the horizon? Please be very mindful of your behaviour, Utah. BUDDHA It’s Buddha. THERAPIST Okay then, let’s talk about you, Jesus. I cannot not notice an intention of judgement in your personality. As far as I know, you overrode the decision of your dad, who imagined he was the god of Jews, when he started to propagate forgiveness and love…. ABRAHAM Gddd existssss THERAPIST Adrian, please don’t interrupt. You know that the Group Therapy Rules state that we let each other finish… ABRAHAM Nfdlsss yr gonna prsssh THERAPIST What is he saying? JESUS Nothing special. He’s only saying “infidels, you’re all going to perish”. THERAPIST Threats will not get you what you want in this space, Anthony. It’s evident that your over-submissiveness to your imaginary lord is a symptom of Stockholm syndrome. The best example for this is what happened to your son, Isac, who you nearly killed because you imagined the lord asked you to do this… ABRAHAM upset, inaudible THERAPIST You are angry at yourself, but you’re projecting it onto me. Do rest a little. But getting back to you, Jesus: I read the “evangelic news” that you’re spreading to the world. In it, you’re advertising love, but then how come you don’t have a single equal relationship? You’re terrified of your mother, you look down upon the apostles, you’re telling them off all the time like children, and you’ve been announcing stuff like some sort of king since you were 12. You wanna know what I think? I think you have narcissistic personality disorder. JESUS But I can’t perform miracles any more. THERAPIST How does that make you feel? We need to keep working with this feeling, Jesus. Now, for Ekhnaton. You’re so quiet. Why are you not being open with us? EKHNATON I don’t have anything to add. THERAPIST I’ll add something then: you are antisocial, what’s more, sociophobic! There was a perfectly normal religion in your country, people believed in several gods, and it worked fine for them. Then you came and founded monotheism. Just because. You’re crossing everyone just to avoid falling in line. JESUS I like that. ABRAHAM (inaudible) JESUS He likes a one-god religion too, he says. THERAPIST Thank you, Jesus and Albany, but I didn’t ask for commentary. It’s not only you that is antisocial, despite being an Egyptian tzar, but the god you made up is antisocial too, he’s sitting on the Olympos alone. You isolated him too, you projected... LAO-TZU laughs THERAPIST Leo, what’s so funny? LAO-TZU Just that Olympos is Greek and tzar is Russian. But he’s Egyptian. THERAPIST Thank you for showing us how cultivated you are. You love to be a smart egg, even though you identify as a little kid. I suggest you start working through your traumas. BUDDHA Guys, why does it matter if Ekhnaton is Greek or Russian? He’s a valuable being either way. THERAPIST Buha, I can see your maniac phase is starting. You’re already a comedian. Be careful not to found a new religion in this state! BUDDHA I wasn’t making a joke, but I accept you feel that way. JESUS What the doctor is saying is very acceptable. That we are all crazy. EKHNATON Yes, as if we were nutcases. And she’s the all-knowing outsider, the wisest. She knows no god, no nothing, only science. ABRAHAM Thrr iss a Gddd! JESUS Sure, sure, we know. We were just being ironic, Abraham. THERAPIST Stop this! I have vast clinical experience. My book was published last year, entitled “There are no secrets, only therapy” and it became a number one bestseller in the first week. I currently have 106,000 followers… JESUS Excuse me, I think we all have more followers here than you. EKHNATON And what makes you so sure that your science, psychology, is so omnipotent? Could it be just another religion, the idol of our times? ABRAHAM Nnnoo, idollll JESUS Abraham doesn’t really like idols. BUDDHA I completely agree with him. Also the opposite opinion. JESUS Then stay out of it! Ekhnaton, I love your reasoning. Today, the human sould is nothing but a problem to be healed - where is Mercy in this thinking? Where is love? THERAPIST Love is nothing but a psychological construct. It’s only the projection of our own wants and needs onto another person… JESUS Don’t make me crazy! LAO-TZU Thinking that knowledge is actually not knowing: the height of wisdom. Thinking not knowing is knowledge: illness. EKHNATON I say she’s totally mental. They’ve been doing this since Freud. Freud, guys, who was a sex addict, a horny old man! Something really went wrong here, guys. JESUS Dear Doc, we have the diagnosis: you have a personality disorder. You are an acute observer of a religion after all. EKHNATON But we’ll heal you! THERAPIST I’m making notes. The psychosis that’s unfolding here is a gold mine. I’ll publish a fantastic essay about acute religion funding based on this… BUDDHA I have an idea: let’s enlighten her! JESUS We can’t, she’s hopeless. THERAPIST I’m writing..writing down everything that you say..this is very interesting.. EKHNATON Let’s turn her into something! Let’s join the forces of all of our Gods and turn her into something else. What should it be? JESUS A fish! LAO-TZU A long road. ABRAHAM Rckkk JESUS He says a rock. EKHNATON Cat. BUDDHA A sphere. JESUS Sphere? Why? BUDDHA Because it’s perfect. It has no desires, because it’s already perfect. Yet it’s small and you can roll it away if it bothers you. JESUS I like it. Let’s turn her into a sphere! LAO-TZU Wow, she became so tiny. BUDDHA How perfect. JESUS And peaceful EKHNATON We evolved her. May she stand here forever as an idol and as the monument of all of our religions, combined.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

This is an audio file people listen to to experience a new kind of theatre play, Theatre to Go. One of 20 audio dramas, this one takes place in a Statue Park. After buying the ticket, people receive instructions to go to the Statue Park in Budapest, stand at a certain location, put in their headphones and listen to the theatre play via digital stream, in audio. All the Theatre to Go plays were written, directed and performed by the Jurányi theater company. This play, titled "Group Therapy", takes place in the Statue Park, and people are looking at the statues of Buddha, Jesus, Lao-Tzu, Abraham, Ekhnaton, who are placed in a circular way, which the writer interpreted as if they were holding a group therapy session. So, this is the play she wrote based on it. Abraham's statue is by accident knocked to the ground in the park.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

After 2020, people never fully returned to the theater in pre-Covid numbers. Jurányi, the country’s most progressive theater found that simply adapting to online streaming does not make up for lost revenue. Theater to Go is a new form of theater where the city becomes the stage. After buying a ticket, people receive it with instructions as to where in the city they have to physically go and stand, to face a precise occurrence that happens naturally in the city - such as, the regular installation of the flag in front of the Parliament, or the metro coming and going at a certain stop, or the statues at the statue park, etc. With the help of headphones, people stream the drama in audio. The audio was written, directed and performed by Jurányi's famous drama writers and actors. 20 dramas were created for 20 locations in the city, each 15 min.