Category D05. Cultural Insight
Idea Creation MEDIA.MONKS Madrid, SPAIN
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Ana Luna Media.Monks Executive Creative Director
Elías Rodriguez Galisteo Media.Monks Creative Director
Lía García Media.Monks Copywriter
Hugo Costa Media.Monks Art Director
Romina Martínez Media.Monks Managing Director
Clara Hernangómez Media.Monks Head of Account
María de la Gándara Media.Monks Project Manager
Nicolás Briceño Media.Monks Head of Social
Antonio Ruiz Media.Monks Content Manager
Pablo Sebastián Media.Monks Head of Video
Estefanía Nieva Media.Monks Audiovisual Editor
Roberto Castelli Media.Monks Director

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

Every summer, Spanish people celebrate the patron saints of their towns with festivals known as: “Las Fiestas de Pueblo”. The dates differ from town to town, but the tradition of live music is commonplace throughout the country. Each town hires an orchestra that plays covers of well-known songs from different eras of music. No matter the town, they all usually play the same songs in the same order The pandemic left these towns without their festivals for the second year running. More importantly, it left them without their music. So in collaboration with Spotify, we created a playlist that imitates these setlists as closely as possible. In order to ensure that it was authentic, we consulted six of Spain’s most famous orchestras to put the playlist together. On top of this, we filmed a documentary that recorded the entire editorial process to give people an insight into Fiesta de Pueblo.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

No translation needed, but you can listen to the playlist here:

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

In Spain, traditional orchestras are the heroes of the summer. They are famous for playing across festivals and people follow them as they tour throughout the summer. The songs they play and the order in which they play them is familiar to every Spaniard. Whilst there may be slight variations, everyone can tell what time of the night it is by what song is being played. When the pandemic put a stop to these festivals for the second year running, locals were devastated. Spain needed something to fill the void and get them through another summer without dancing.