Product/ServiceKETNET JUNIOR
Category C04. Branded Content / Podcasts
Entrant LUCY Brussels, BELGIUM
Idea Creation LUCY Brussels, BELGIUM
Production FLEDGE.TV Sint-Niklaas, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Laurent Dochy Lucy Creative & Strategy Director
Iwein Vandevyver Lucy Creative Director
Ruben Van Maldeghem Lucy Copywriter
Jonas Marysse Lucy Art Director
Thomas Vuerinckx Lucy Account Manager
Sofie Hoorens Lucy Account Executive
Jonas De Wit Lucy Managing Director
Dagmar Tureluren Lucy Logo Designer
Ken Wuytack Lucy DTP
Sidney Van Wichelen Fledge Director
Francis Bosschem Fledge Line Producer
Roeland Jeangout Fledge Executive Producer
Diederik Jeangout Fledge Executive Producer
Pandemie Pandemie Pandemie Post Production
Het Geluidshuis Het Geluidshuis Het Geluidshuis Audio Production
Leen Renders Het Geluidshuis Producer
Koen Brandt Het Geluidshuis Producer
Thomas Houthave Het Geluidshuis Sound Engineer
VRT Spotcel VRT Spotcel VRT Spotcel Radio Production Company

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The ‘Fantasy plays’ are fantastic audio stories where we leave room for imagination. The narrator takes you through a story and asks the parents to come up with a part of the story. Stimulating their imagination and making it entertaining for the kids. This way they are completely submerged in their kids’ fantasy world.

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Script: The Burning Volcano Sword Ketnet Junior presents: The Fantasy Games Narrator: Welcome, juniors, parents, and grandparents to this Fantasy Game. Are you sitting comfortably and ready to begin? Well, get up then. Because sitting still is not something we are going to be doing! Now, before we can start, we need one more thing: a wooden spoon. Yes, a big silly spoon like the one you find in the salad bowl. Or to make tomato sauce with, or pancake batter... Have you found it? No? Hurry, so we can get started! ... Ah-ah, you’ve got it! Well done. Now we can finally go and look for ‘the Treasure Chest of Goodies’ with mum or dad. This treasure chest is somewhere in a hidden place and is full of goodies like... spoilt sprouts in pickle juice! No, just kidding. The treasure chest is filled with golden chips and shiny whipped cream pies. Hmmm tasty, right? But be careful, the treasure is well protected. Thankfully, you have something you can conquer anything with. Because erm... what you hold in your hand is not a wooden spoon. What you are holding is... A BURNING VOLCANO SWORD SFX Soundscape/music starts The Burning Volcano Sword was made in Niceland, a tiny island in the Nice Ocean. And on that island is a very BIG volcano: the Eyjafyesnomaybeitiseälljustphöny – Try and say that now mum or dad! Go on, go ahead! ... No, no. Wait, we’ll split it together: Eyjaf – yes – no – maybe – it – as – äll– just- phöny. Saying that in rapid succession gives us: ... Erm... that is not going to work! But it was in this volcano that the Volcano Sword was forged by the trolls of Niceland island. It just so happens I kind of know the Troll Chief of Niceland Island, he knows everything there is to know about the volcano sword. SFX Fusjiee Ha, here he is! Troll Chief: Of course, I know everything about the sword! Atchoom! I forged the sword with my own hands in the burning lave of Eyjafyesnomaybeitiseälljustphöny. Atchoom! When I made this magma-nificent sword, so much smoke bellowed out of the Eyjafyesnomaybeitiseälljustphöny that the whole of Niceland was covered in dust. The trolls were sneezing a lot because of that. Atchoom, excuse me! For me, that volcano sneeze sadly never went away! Atchoom! Narrator: Say junior, come a bit closer. Mum and dad too. I’ll tell you what is so special about the Volcano Sword. Pay close attention. If you swing the sword hard ... SFX swinging sound. Yes, swing your sword along! SFX swinging sound. SFX fire sound It catches fire!! Troll Chief: Hahahahahahaha! Lav-amazing stuff! Atchoom! SFX Fire extinguishes Narrator: Ah no. The Troll Chief has extinguished your sword with his sneeze. Troll Chief: Sorry! Narrator: Not a problem! This sword can come in handy during your search for the treasure. But wait a minute! Have a good look at mum or dad. Don’t you think they are already starting to look like a... DRAGON. Look at their arms, they’re becoming wings. And there, from the bottom, a long tail is growing. Yes, your mum or dad has become a dragon. They even sound like a real dragon! ... Erm... Dragon, you’re on! ... I didn’t catch that. Do it again!! SFX space for a scream Easy, Dragon, don’t get so angry! Say, junior, Dragon has a nickname you know... ‘Windbeast’. You see, to fly, the Dragon must pass wind! Take-off winds! If Dragon would be so kind as to bend down... yes, bend down! So you can climb on their back, go ahead! Are you ready? Hold on tight to your Volcano Sword, we are flying away. And Dragon... Don’t forget to pass wind to take off! _______ Waw, look at that, what an amazing view you have from the back of the Dragon. There, there is the Ketnet forest. Can you see it? But what is that in the distance?? Oh no. It is a swarm of dragonboogerflies. If they catch you, you will get a case of runny boogers and speak through your nose for the rest of your days! The only way to beat them is to whack them with something hot. A hot sausage, a hot pancake, ... They are getting awfully close! BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Of course, the Volcano Sword!! Swing it and it’ll catch fire. Hurry! SFX Swinging sound SFX Fire Sound Yes, we it’s alight! Now, Dragon you can fly up and down by passing wind! Ready to whack all the dragonboogerflies out of the sky? Here they come! ... Watch out, behind you! There, on the left! Straight ahead! There, the last dragonboogerfly! Okay Dragon, just a little higher! Just one more ...! And GOTCHA! Hahaaa, all the dragonboogerflies are down on the ground in piles of slime. Well done. But why is it so hot?! Ow, yes. The sword is still on fire. Swing it around a bit to put the fire out! SFX Swinging sound SFX Fire extinguishes Well done! Get off the back of Dragon. I think it is safer to continue on foot. _______ Narrator: SFX Rustling What’s that? There, in the bushes! Oh no, there behind those branches, big ears are appearing. They look dangerous... If it is what I think it is, we will really need the Volcano Sword. Look, those big eyes in the bushes. Yes, I was right, IT IS THE ... SFX Music abruptly stops Hmm ... yes sorry, this is a little embarrassing, but I urgently need to go to the bathroom. It is the excitement, you see. Dragon, will you take over for a bit? Simply say what the beast is that’s coming out from the bushes. Think about it for a minute ... And then, you will need to conquer it together using your sword. Okay? Have you got a beast in mind? Right, I’ll get you started, and you finish it. Then I’ll go to the toilet because... Ready? Yes, I was right, IT IS THE ... ... Wow, well done! I see you overcame that beast. Come, let’s continue looking for the Treasure Chest of Goodies. _______ Narrator: SFX boiling water Say, do you also hear the bubbling? Come a little closer... Ow, not too close! It is the “Boiling Water River”. Now what? We can’t swim to the other side, we’ll come out like hardboiled eggs... And if we fly, we will be attacked by those annoying dragonboogerflies again ... Who could help us cross this river? Oh but of course... THE NICELANDERS! I have an idea, let’s send them a smoke signal. An SOS smoke signal to ask for help. Here’s how it goes: we need to wave our Burning Sword three times quickly, then three more times for longer and then three times quickly again. So, start off with: quick, quick, quick ... Then long, long long. ... And then again, quick, quick, quick. ... Well done! Hopefully, it worked ... Troll: Erm, is this where we need to be for the stoke signal?? Troll Chief: No, silly, SMOKE signal - Atchoom! I, Troll Chief of Niceland, saw your puffs of smoke and immediately came down here with our best and strongest trolls. But not our brightest! What is the problem? Troll: Ah, the smart one sees what’s up! Rolling, erm, I mean, boiling bater! We know what to do ... Let’s go trolls: waterboooomb! Narrator: Look, one by one, the trolls jump in the water. And just as they are hit the water in one big splash, they change... into a rock. SFX splash splash splash splash Troll Chief: There, now you can get to the other side by jumping from stone to stone. Troll: Yes, we are ready! Jump, nothing will happen to you! Narrator: Okay Dragon, will you go first? Be careful with the boiling water though! Ready? ... Troll 2: Well done! Junior, it is your turn! ... Troll Chief: Yes, success! Our work here is done. We shall follow the river back down to Niceland sea. See you soon, friends! Troll 2: Erm Troll Chief, you forgot to cough, erm, I mean sneeze ... Oppertrol: That’s right bright one! Could my Volcano sneeze finally be over?! Troll 2: Yes, I think it has disappeared! Troll CHief: Atchoom! Troll 2: Whoops, guess not ... _______ Narrator: Look over there! Do you see something shiny? Isn’t that... THE TREASURE CHEST OF GOODIES! We’ve found it. All thanks to you, Junior. This is going to be delicious! I would just like to kindly ask Dragon if they could pull out a tasty treat from the treasure chest with their tail. You’ve earned it after this fantastic adventure. Enjoy and see you for the next Fantasy Game!

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In the everlasting battle for attention between Netflix, YouTube Kids,... it’s crucial for a local children’s television network to have an edge. Everything Ketnet does is built around the simple idea that imagination is crucial for the development of kids. But sometimes it’s hard for parents to disconnect with the daily routine and tap into their own imagination. So we invented a new and entertaining way to stimulate their imagination and get into their kids’ fantasy world.