Product/ServiceWWF RUSSIA
Category B01. Use of Music
Media Placement YANDEX.MUSIC Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company UNIVERSAL MUSIC Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alexey Fedorov BBDO Moscow Executive Creative Director
Natalia Tsyganova BBDO Moscow Managing Director
Alexey Litovka BBDO Moscow Art-director
Petr Martyuk BBDO Moscow Copywriter
Alexandr Kuznetsov BBDO Moscow Client Services Director
Anastasia Vikulina BBDO Moscow Account Director
Valentina Zubareva BBDO Moscow Account Manager
Meri Asatiani BBDO Moscow Producer
Yuriy Marin BBDO Moscow Head of Production
Denis Bykov BBDO Moscow Digital Creator
Alexey Shevchenko BBDO Moscow Senior TV Studio manager
Elena Novoseltseva BBDO Moscow Digital Producer
Maria Penkova BBDO Moscow Producer Assistant
Andrey Dovzhik Yandex.Music Marketing grouphead
Dmitry Konnov Universal Music Russia General Director
Kristina Lugovenko WWF Russia Senior project manager
Marina Seryakova WWF Russia Senior project manage
Nikita Starun Yandex.Music Brand Manager
Irina Vorobieva WWF Russia Head of corporate fundraising
Alexey Zhuravlev Universal Music Russia Celebrity Manager

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To create a sustainable revenue stream WWF, Yandex.Music and Universal music found Birds Records - the first non-profit music label transferred the streaming model to the charity. We turned birdsongs of endangered species into music samples that are free for musicians, but all streaming profits go to WWF to protect birds. This became the foundation of the Birds Records music label. We launched Birds Records with a track of musician Ivan Dorn. It burst into the charts and went viral on YouTube. Soon we got over 500 tracks from popular and upcoming artists – they used birds' samples and shared singles on streaming platform. Best were released as the second album. Streaming revenue from the singles generates money for birds via WWF. We changed the donation model to simply clicking the “play”. Our solution provided WWF with a stable income to protect birds while people listen to music.

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Look at him raising his head! Worried? The cuckoo’s counted His years, He hasn’t a lot. Scary-scary, Don’t worry! Raise your weapon! You, the one watching us fly into sunset, Now what? We make a stew Or a hand fan If we’re lucky. If we are You won’t make stew, You won’t get sued. How do we then punish you, Human? How do we do that? How do we do we do do do How do we punish you? You won’t fly high, You won’t dive head first. How do we punish you, Human? How do we? Our name is in the Red Book Written in black ink. Well, that gives you credit, savior, Decimating us. Even in the strongest nets, We stay free. Our name in the Red Book, Written in red blood, There to stay Stork, ring dove, swan, woodpecker, Small and eagle owl, ostrich, kiwi, Dotterel, kestrel, sandpiper, Oriole Wounded at the side — Blood. Pain below the wing. Pellet, probably. Wail, Can’t wail Loud enough To the flock in the sky. That I’m not coming. Take cover in shrubs, Stay here, they’re coming for me. Come what may, They’ll get me, Bite though me, As I utter My last cry. Taking wing got tough With poachers around. It’s got us, We get shot. Help us, Tell everyone About that. We are speaking Through Ivan. We’re so few, It’s so hard. Factories turning air and water to poison, Turning riverbanks to dumps. Barely any air to breathe left. And you’re still Making more black dots on your maps. You’re far beyond moral. You shoot, you cut, Homo Sapiens, Thinking Earth has nothing, Except you. Dear Earth, I’m writing on behalf of all feathered ones. We’re struggling, but so far, we still fly. The climate, this villain, Keeps pushing us out. Our folk took to feeding on garbage, Many got poisoned. Up there, it’s got stuffy. Some even folded wings. To the East, we are swallowed, To the West, we are interior decoration. People keep saying they’re worried about us, And we are all covered in oil to show we’re happy. That’s not the way it should be, Earth, We need your help.

Tell the jury about the use of music

We needed a financial model that would ensure a regular automatic inflow of funds to WWF. Such model did not exist in Russian charity, so we had to turn to other industries. The model we needed existed in musical streaming. Here artists receive payouts every time their tracks are played. WWF seeks “to be the voice for those creatures who have no voice”, but birds do have voices of their own. This allowed us to borrow the music streaming model and turn the birds into performers so that they could receive payouts like human artists do and provide WWF with regular funding that would not be dependent on media hype and societal buzz.