Category B10. Celebrity Endorsement
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production ANORAK Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company MOVE24 GROUP Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Creation
Alex Schmid Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Clara Brandt Jung von Matt AG Art Director
Stefan Golde Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Tanja Tauber Jung von Matt AG Project Manager
Nelli Walker Jung von Matt AG Project Manager
Natalie Martens Jung von Matt AG Client Service Director
Dennis Wendt Jung von Matt AG Agency Producer
Calle Astrand ANORAK Film GmbH Director
Frank Apel Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Client Services
Daniel Holland Dan Holland Cinematographer Cameraman
Christiane Dressler ANORAK Film GmbH Executive Producer
Henning Martens Slaughterhouse GMBH Senior Producer

The Campaign

In order to raise attention for MOVE24’s fast moving service, we created a film that would hijack the biggest media event in years: the presedential election in 2016. We showed what moving day into the White House would have looked like for the new US president with MOVE24. In our film, former president Barack Obama wakes in his room and finds Donald Trump waiting, only possible because Trump had moved in so quickly thanks to MOVE24’s promise: Moving faster – with MOVE 24.


Since we could not know the outcome of the election beforehand, we produced two films: one version with Hillary Clinton as the next president, and one with Donald Trump. Just after the election, we aired the version with Donald Trump.

The film was a huge success. Within only a few hours the film led to many headlines, had over 4 million views, and 50.000 shares online. The biggest success? Bookings increased by 50% just after the film’s release.

The Situation

In this case film, we made sure that the moving company, „Move24“ was the talk of the town within only a few hours. The brand message was discussed by the press and also by millions of users which led to a lot of earned media. In the end, our smart PR-Idea turned into a huge PR success.

The Strategy

The strategy was based on the idea of airing our film with the best possible timing, using the biggest media event in years - the presedential election in 2016 – for MOVE24. In doing so, we hoped to put MOVE24 in the spotlight with a high PR reaction in the press and in several social media channels.