Category C09. Use of Technology
Entrant ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Pontus Widell Abby Priest Art Director
Anders Hellström Abby Priest Copywriter
Oskar Hellqvist Abby Priest Creative Director
Niklas Crona Abby Priest Project Manager
Andreas Morne Abby Priest Chief Executive Officer
Anna Rose Adobe Marketing Manager

The Campaign

In collaboration with the Munch Museum in Oslo, we digitized the over 100-year-old original paintbrushes of Norwegian master painter Edvard Munch, creator of the world-famous painting ’The Scream’. The fragile originals were transformed into an exclusive set of Photoshop brushes to inspire and engage a new generation of artists to paint like a master, using a piece of art history.


Implementation: The unique Photoshop brush set was launched using an influencer program and by creating press releases, pitching the news story in target media. The brush kit was also supported by a set of campaign units designed to enhance the story, create engagement and spark conversations. These units included documentary imagery, a campaign video, digital painting tutorials, a campaign site, live streamed digital painting workshop with a few of the world’s best digital artists, a global digital painting competition and a special exhibition at the Munch Museum in Oslo. The campaign was tactically executed on a global scale by focusing on key media and influencers on local markets (EMEA, US, Asia). Timeline: June 2017 - September 2017 Scale: Global

Tier 1: Target: 250 000 000 gross media impressions. Result: 1.03 billion gross media impressions. Exceeding target by 401%. Overall sentiment was positive to neutral, with most articles mentioning the launch of the brush kit, the call to action on how to download them and the Munch Contest. Tier 2: Adobe User Brand Engagement Scorecard showed that individuals who encountered the campaign showed an increased brand engagement by 25% compared to the control group. Individuals who downloaded the brush set increased brand engagement by 73%. Tier 3: Business Outcomes – campaign's measurable effect on sales/revenues/profits, market share, stock valuation, brand equity, reputation scores and other traditional marketing and business metrics Main KPI’s Target: 1000 brush set downloads. Result: 40 500 brush set downloads. Exceeding target by 3950%. Target: 12 000 new Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. Result: 35 000 new Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. Exceeding target by 292%. Besides the main KPI’s a number of other parameters was measured, who all showed exceptional results compared to previous campaigns. – Traffic to the campaign site exceeded target by 54% – Number of campaign video views exceeded target by 722% – The competition that was made as a part of the campaign received 44% more contributions than expected. – The number of interactions in Adobes social channels exceeded target by 611% – Social sentiment showed 100% positive or neutral attitude towards the campaign.

The Situation

The centerpiece of the campaign is a unique brush set made for Adobe Photoshop CC with a PR-story at its core from strategy to execution. The campaign used little to none paid media and success relied on earned impressions through global PR and social media.

The Strategy

Target audience: 1. Creative Professionals 2. Creative Individuals (Non Professional) Target media: – Creative Industry Media (i.e. Creativity Online) – Art World Media (i.e. Artsy) – Broad News Media (i.e. The Independent) PR planning: Preserving classic artworks allows them to continually take on new meaning and influence people. To keep the classics in the public eye, prestigious museums like The Met in New York have begun to release their collections online into the public domain. This campaign was created to leverage and link to this phenomenon. The campaign story was offered under embargo to primary target media. Additionally, bordering interest-clusters were targeted with the story of the importance of preserving cultural heritage (i.e. fine arts media). Approach: By preserving history in a unique set of Photoshop brushes we created both a compelling story and a powerful PR- and marketing tool that inspired a new generation of artists to paint digitally.