Category A05. Travel, Transport & Leisure
Media Placement IUM Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 TANGRYSTAN Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Ingrid Lea McCann Nordic Art Director
Thale Høy-Pettersen McCann Nordic Art Director
Torny Hesle McCann Nordic Art Director
Bjørn Erling Solberg McCann Nordic Account Executive
Mette Løland McCann Nordic Account Manager
Marte Nereng Langfjæran McCann Nordic Graphic Designer
Vilde Odmundsen McCann Nordic Graphic Designer
Anne Hildremyr McCann Nordic AD-Assistant
Andreas Grødtlien Tangrystan Director
Ida Thurmann-Moe Tangrystan Producer
Gry Sætre Tangrystan Producer
Lottie Smith Tangrystan Production Manager
Postmenn Postmenn Postproduction
Making Waves Making Waves Web Production
Annika Aste Mørch Ruter Marketing Consultant
Vibeke Skar Ruter Leader Brand

The Campaign

Many of the freeloaders believe the public transportation service isn`t good enough. Ironically, all the revenue from fares go directly to improving the service. So, the more rides people pay for, the better it will get. For instance, more customized routes. Our idea to communicate this in a fun and engaging way, was to let one loyal, paying customer develop a whole new - extremely customized - public transport route in Oslo.


Through posters on board and social media we invited people to develop the route of their dreams on our campaign site. Everyone who did were in the running to get their route realised, and a young man called Anders was chosen as the most deserving winner. As a result "Ander's route" was implemented as a new bus route in Oslo for a week. Like any bus route, it showed up in Ruter's travel-app and anyone could take "Ander's route" to any of Ander's custom stops along the way. Throughout the week of the event, we followed Anders with a small film crew to tell his story, and get our message across. The film was shown on social media and in Oslo cinemas.

The campaign has had outstandig results: The number of public transport riders that freeload once or more in a year has never before been decreased as a result of communication, but with this campaign we managed to decrease it by an unbelievable 24%. And this with an increase in liking within the target audience with a massive 41% (compared to last campaign).

The Situation

The campaign is built on a new strategy that approaches the target audience from a positive angle, which led to extremely satisfying results, never before achieved. We effectively used only the most relevant media channels to communicate with our target audience, including the product itself as a (Custom made) media channel itself.

The Strategy

It has been shown that this target audience don`t respond to the harsh finger pointing formerly used. Therefore, part of the strategy this time, was to go for a positive approach. And the most natural place to reach them about this topic, was of course on board of the public transport itself. This is where we invited them to join the contest to win their own customized route, and through this, we had already gotten our message out there. Not to mention the event itself, where we used Ruter`s product as a media channel. The bus with the sign <<Ander`s route>> ran through Oslo for a week. This, together with Ander`s custom made bus stops around the city, being present in Ruter`s travel-app and using social media (where a lot of people follow Ruter for important messages, not only because they like the brand and PR made the media).