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Category A05. Travel, Transport & Leisure
Entrant WINDFOR'S Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Idea Creation WINDFOR'S Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Media Placement WINDFOR'S Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Production WINDFOR'S Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Name Company Position
Vato Kavtaradze Windfor's Creative Chairman
Bibi Asatiani Windfor's Creative Director
Beqa Meparishvili Windfor's Executive Creative Director
Nino Gordeladze Windfor's Executive Creative Director
Iko Sakvarelidze Windfor's Senior Copywriter
Tsotne Mazmanishvili Windfor's Strategic Planner
Matassi Sulakauri Windfor's Art Director
Mari Sukhishvili Windfor's Senior Art Director
Tamar Tsintsadze Windfor's Client Service Director
Inga Svanidze Windfor's Account Manager
Zakharia Metreveli Windfor's Graphic Designer
Tamta Malazonia Windfor's Graphic Designer
Zura Chavchanidze Windfor's Web Designer
Toka Mamrikishvili Windfor's Web Designer
Merab Kechkhoshvili Windfor's Digital Account
Lado Malazonia Windfor's Strategic Planner
Sandro Javakhishvili Windfor's Strategic Planner
Ringailė Leščinskienė Windfor's Producer
Tamar Morchiladze Windfor's Agency Producer
Natia Nikoleishvili Windfor's Production and Post-Production Manager
Dima Chkheidze Independent Director
Goga Devdariani Independent Director Of Photography
Goga Tsikolia Windfor's Editor
Sandro Nakashidze Windfor's CG Artist
Makho Kipshidze Independent Operator
Lekso Sujashvili Independent Operator
Makho Gugunishvili Independent Operator
Irakli Putkaradze Independent Sound Designer
Paata Godziashvili Independent Sound Desinger
Ondrej Stibingr UPP Universal Production Partners Senior Colourist

The Campaign

Georgians believe that we are the most hospitable country in the world and this belief is deeply rooted in our culture (there’s even one Georgian saying, that “The Guest is from God”). On a personal level, every would-be host prides to have some unique, customized “program” – a sort of a guide prepared for special guests – which includes recommendations of sightseeing, wine- tastings, national cuisine, etc. To prove that the experiences felt by tourists visiting Georgia are truly unforgettable we needed to find someone, who could experience this by himself. Collaborating with national customs office and police services we identified 6 millionth visitor and prepared carefully choreographed surprise for him in a real time.


First we created a data-driven campaign for the whole country to get involved: @ www.hostme.ge every Georgian could vote which dishes best represented the national cuisine, as well as which places one should visit to get introduced with Georgia. Using Georgians as our data source about dishes and sightseeings, we created an Ultimate Guide for all tourists with a tagline: GEORGIA RECOMMENDS. Then, together with customs office and Ministry of Internal Affairs, we identified the flight, which potentially carried the 6th Millionth Visitor of our country and after the plane landed, finally detected the lucky one! That was followed by an airport pick-up of the guy with the police escort, his welcoming billboards on the main avenue of Tbilisi and then dinner with the Prime Minister – served according to the menu, voted by Georgians. The dinner was just the starting point of Jesper Black’s remarkable 1-week journey around Georgia.

More than 100k local hosts selected their ultimate hosting guide on the website www.hostme.ge More than 20 countries covered Jesper’s trip throughout Georgia. That drove us to 130 million+ media impressions. And 28% increase in tourist flow against the same period of the previous year. This unbelievable adventure turned Jesper into a real celebrity in Georgia, that pushed him to actually move to Georgia.

The Situation

Dinner with Georgia is a campaign with two goals: 1. To inform the whole country about the record-breaking 6 million visitors. 2. To position the country as the most hospitable one. With almost no media expenses (and we mean it): Locally - We managed to involve 100k+ Georgians in creating “host generated” tourist guide - Georgia recommends. Almost all Georgian TV channels and newspapers dedicated articles about an amazing story. Globally - more than 20 countries covered our hero's journey throughout Georgia. That drove us to 130 million+ media impressions and 28% increase in tourist flow compared to previous year.

The Strategy

With the rapid rise of international visitors, Georgians should unite to come up with an ultimate guide – “the program” designed to give the best advice to any foreign guest - Collective, host-generated platform for unforgettable [Georgian] experiences.