Category F01. Integrated Campaign led by PR
Idea Creation 2 NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement OMD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 BACON FILM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 BLECK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 4 NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Mattias Oljelund Prime Key Account Manager
Maria Ramsay Prime Account Director
Sara Davidson Prime Account Manager
Adam Nelvin Prime Planner and writer of the report
Jasmin Alipour Prime/United Minds Analyst
Petter Dixelius DDB Nord Copywriter
Erik Årnell DDB Nord Planner
Johan Ljungman DDB Nord Business Director
Joel Ekstrand DDB Nord Art Director
Hogir Aslan DDB Nord Digital Producer
Beata Mollberg Fagring DDB Nord Account Manager
Jeanette Ytterman DDB Nord Account Director
Mattias Nordenhamn DDB Nord Digital Designer
Daniel Johansson DDB Nord Web Master
Johan Lindqvist DDB Nord Developer
Pärmartin Jonsson DDB Nord Design
Stella Breiman DDB Nord Art Buyer
Johan Svensson DDB Nord Agency Producer
Daniel Liljas DDB Nord Design
Robin Löthberg DDB Nord Social Media Manager
Selma Felic McDonald´s Sweden Marketing Manager
Jeff Jackett McDonald´s Sweden Marketing and Digital Director
Susanne Rydjer McDonald´s Sweden Communications Manager
Raymond Mankowitz McDonald´s Sweden Senior Director Communications & Public Affairs

The Campaign

Idea Integration and youth unemployment are the social challenges that worries Swedes the most. In a country that hasn’t been to war for centuries, the Swedish Armed Forces has played an important role in uniting people from all walks of life to overcome differences and challenges. By copying their internal survey and giving it to our employees, we proved that serving burgers and serving your country build the same skill set.


The campaign encompassed pr, public affairs, tv, digital, SoMe, print, outdoor, always on and influencer marketing. All parts led to The report included "the McDonald's Model", the company's way of getting a diversified workplace to work in practice. To increase internal pride, all the participants in the campaign were true McDonald's employees. Phase 1 May 22 - June 22 National press release with launch of the report Local press with employers participating in the ad campaign Opinion pieces signed by McDonald’s franchisees. A round table in Parliament and 200 DM invitations to politicians TVC, cinema, DOOH, online: Ad campaign Phase 2 June 22th - ongoing DM, social media: Call back letters to refresher exercises to former employees Online films: • Skills you get from working at McDonald’s • Documentaries portraying employers Local press with the employers participating in the documentaries Refresher exercises at 20 McDonald’s restaurants with former employees

The “Serve Your Country” campaign helped raise awareness of the growing polarisation on the Swedish labour market by making information, otherwise mostly available as statistics, accessible and relatable to a wider target audience. The initiative highlighted how having a job is crucial in order to be a part of the society and how McDonald’s is a part of the solution by providing jobs and on-the-job training. The initiative also helped establish McDonald’s position as Sweden’s largest youth employer and showed how McDonald’s work with recruitment, feedback and leadership in order to turn challenges with diversity and language barriers into a success (the “McDonald’s Model”). A key objective for the campaign was to inspire more companies to embrace our way of leading and educating young people for a more integrated workplace. In the debate that followed the campaign, it was clear that McDonald’s is best in class. Earned Reach: +4,5 million Brand A good employer: +29% (93% above target) An ethical and responsible company: +33% (120% above target) Brand preference: +27% (170% above target) Source: HOT from May to July 2017 (McDonald’s tracking) Recruitment Applicants +40% (100% above target) Applicants under 18 +320% (no target specified) 22 May – 31 July 2017 compared to the same period 2016 SoMe Reach: 10,8 million (Sweden has 10 million inhabitants) Likes, comments and shares: 17 000+ Clicks: 136 000+ Video views: 2,8 million

The Situation

According to a recent national survey, the social challenges Swedes are most worried about are segregation and youth unemployment. Historically, the Swedish Armed Forces has played an important role in uniting people from all walks of life to overcome differences and challenges. By copying their internal survey and giving it to our employees, we proved that serving burgers and serving your country build the same skill set: Self discipline, responsibility and ability to corporate. ’Serve Your Country’ is a PR driven initiative that was matched to launch when Sweden reintroduced mandatory military service earlier this year.

The Strategy

By copying the Swedish Armed Forces’ internal survey to McDonald’s employees, we showed that serving burgers and serving your country develop many of the same skills. We also showed that the employees see the diversity of their workplace as a major strength. The result was published in the report “We’re pretty diverse already”.More than 430000 guests visiting McDonald’s daily, the campaign targeted the whole Swedish population. We also briefed stakeholders and politicians, to inspire more organisations and companies to follow. REASON TO SPEAK – launch of the report at, timed with when the Swedish Armed Forces sent out their first draft cards. EARN TRUST – start a debate trough national and local opinion pieces, signed by McDonald’s franchisees. BUILD CREDIBILITY – local and national PR on how McDonald’s is providing jobs and on the job training. INFLUENCE – create a dialogue with politicians. Call back letters to former employees.