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Category A04. Retail, e-Commerce, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company EDEKA ZENTRALE AG & CO. KG Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jens Pfau Jung von Matt/NEXT ALSTER GmbH Executive Creative Director
Peter Ströh Jung von Matt AG Managing Director
Anna Lichnog Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Florian Laufenberg Jung von Matt AG Account Director
Isabelle Mielke Jung von Matt AG Senior Project Manager
Pia Mader Jung von Matt AG Art Director
Heiner Twenhäfel Jung von Matt AG Senior Copy Writer
Dany Rothemund Jung von Matt AG Junior Copy Writer
Kai Sehr Markenfilm Crossing GmbH Director
Anja Tirtey EDEKA Leitung Nationale Werbung
Sabine Herlod EDEKA Gruppenleitung Nationale Werbung
Alexandra Weiss EDEKA Projektleitung Nationale Werbung
Marie Bohr Markenfilm Crossing Producer
Sebastian Schnell Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Moritz Sülz Jung von Matt AG Producer
Franziska Krüger Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH Junior Art Director
Anne-Marie Brandner Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH Junior Copy Writer
Christian Nord Nordmeister
Malte Hagemeister Nordmeister
Simon Heeger 2wei Music
Christian Vorländer 2wei Music

The Campaign

German supermarket EDEKA is well known for its great variety of products. But in order to make a statement against racism they stopped offering it for one day. Instead they opened the most German supermarket ever. For just one day they banned all foreign goods and offered products made in Germany only. So that between empty shelves Germans could see for themselves what less diversity really looks like.


After almost one year of preparation the shelves of one EDEKA market in Hamburg were finally emptied. Just one day later, on the 19th of August 2017, the most German supermarket ever opened its doors. Customers visiting the market were allowed to take pictures and videos while we were filming their reactions. Thanks to material shared by them the stunt went viral the very same day. Two weeks later, on the 31st of August, we published the video material shot during the stunt. By then people all over the world had already shared videos and photos on Social Media. News and magazines referred to our experiment and we became part of an on going worldwide discussion about racism and diversity.

More than 117 articles were published on this subject worldwide. More than 10,000 posts were generated on social media, with an engagement of 328,000 users. Around 9,000 followers were reached on Twitter - around 9 million on Facebook. User shared the content over 30.000 times. Worldwide, the campaign reaches more than 105 million people. After the stunt EDEKA generated 18,000 new followers. We hope that this idea - just a week before the federal election in Germany - will make people think about the situation in Europe and open their eyes that diversity ist important for everyone of us.

The Situation

The case is relevant to PR in the segment "Retail", because this stunt in a supermarket is a good example of an exceptionally and unseen staged idea with a relevant insight that concerns us all.

The Strategy

The EDEKA target group consists a wide range of people. Mostly adults with a regulated income from the upper middle class. The aim was to reach precisely these people, as these also deal with political conflicts. The stunt should therefore take place in a supermarket to reach the typical clientele. In the expectation that the stunt would already virally spread by customers, small sings were placed in the market, to elucidate the event. Of course, everything was filmed by hidden cameras. One week later the online film was planned to go on air. Even before the online film, the stunt was already all over the news worldwide.