Category A07. Financial Products & Services, Commercial Public Services, B2B Products & Services
Product/Service1|2|3 SMART ACCOUNT
Idea Creation MRM//McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Production OXIGENO Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Miguel Bemfica MRM//McCann Madrid Chief Creative Officer
Jesús Revuelta MRM//McCann Madrid Executive Creative Director
Rafa Merino MRM//McCann Madrid Head of Art
Marcos Martínez MRM//McCann Madrid Creative
Rubén Sánchez MRM//McCann Madrid Creative
Sergio Villarrubia MRM//McCann Madrid Creative
Yerai Gómez MRM//McCann Madrid Creative
Dani Requena MRM//McCann Madrid Creative
Lee Tan MRM//McCann Madrid Creative Director
Jorge de Federico McCann Worldgroup Brand Manager
Germán Fritzsch McCann Worldgroup Client Services Director
María Cosmen MRM//McCann Madrid Account Supervisor
Helena García MRM//McCann Madrid Account Executive
Rubén Mateos MRM//McCann Madrid Account Executive
Elena Alti Santander Bank Head of Digital Marketing
Marina Peña Caballero Santander Bank Brand and Advertising Director
Sergio Ramírez Santander Bank Content Manager
Sara Muñoz Freelance Producer
Raquel Espantaleón McCann Worldgroup Planning Director
Kike Maíllo Freelance Director & Scriptwriter
Adriana Ugarte Freelance Lead Actress
Miquel Fernández Freelance Actor
Will Shepard Freelance Actor
Bárbara Goenaga Freelance Actress
Alex Catalán Freelance Director Of Photography
Josep Villagut Freelance Music
Sofía Santana MRM//McCann Madrid Planner
Gabriela Conci MRM//McCann Madrid Planner

The Campaign

A 160-year-old bank that questions the real value of money through a sci-fi thriller. ‘Beyond Money’, a story set in the near future where you can sell and buy experiences that are stored in your memory. It tells the story of Lucía (played by an ‘Almodovar actress’) and the search of her own balance. A story which allows the bank to engage young people with a philosophical question about the value of money and experiences. This reflects the product with its financial and non-financial offer.


In the actors’ social media channels, they began the #beyondmoney conversation, arousing interest in future content. A trailer was launched which the media began to talk about. At the moment of highest interest, a premiere was organized in the most important cinema of Madrid, 14 other cinemas and the main bank offices of each of the 50 Spanish provinces. At the premiere, interviews were given to gossip programs, magazines and news, allowing us to transmit the point of view of the brand in non-habitual channels more related to the target. After the launch, the promotion continued with the appearance of the director and the protagonist in different late night shows. The joining of the bank with soccer sponsorship (Liga Santander) allowed the conversation about night shows. The joining of the bank with soccer sponsorship (Liga Santander) allowed the conversation about the balance question (experiences-money) to be brought into the world.

-The negative brand sentiment dropped 24% after the premiere. -Santander got the fastest sign up rate in its 160 year history. - In the first two weeks, we reached 35% of the recruitment target for the entire year. - On opening day, we managed to attract more than 12,000 millennials to the offices and the cinema. - On the day of the premiere, #beyondmoney was the # 1 trending topic in Spain. -Reach: 7.3M views in first week. - During the first week, we got a space on prime time TV for more than 15 minutes.

The Situation

In a conservative communications context and as vulnerable to criticism as banks are, Santander dares to question the value of money, attract the attention of the target audience’s media and transmit a reflection directly related to its product (the balance between experiences and money). When almost no celebrity wants to associate their image with that of a bank, the promotion of the film managed to attract, to the event and to the conversation, millennial influencers from the world of cinema, arts and sport.

The Strategy

The presence of banks in the media is restricted to news and financial media, which are not so relevant to the target audience. With the film and its promotion and diffusion, the bank managed to enter youth media spaces (entertainment media, love and sports) where before banks did not appear.