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Category B06. Internal Communications & Employee Engagement
Name Company Position
Mónica Moro McCann Spain Chief Creative Officer
Raquel Martínez McCann Spain Executive Creative Director
Jon Lavín McCann Spain Executive Creative Director
Rafael Quílez McCann Spain Art Director
María Cordero McCann Spain Copywriter
Ana Martín McCann Spain Copywriter

The Campaign

An alloy of metals is stronger than a single metal. When several metals are mixed the result is an alloy whose properties such as strength and hardness can be much higher than those of pure metals. The new factory will be indestructible thanks to the support of all. All gave an object, each with a feeling; And the alloy that is made from a country's feelings, is an indestructible material.


We got in touch with all those who had sent us their support. And to all of them we made the most private request ever made. We asked them to send us an item that would remind them of the company, but that should be tough. We receive materials from all types of people: firefighters from Burgos the nozzle of the firehose that was used to put out the fire, the factory concierge the keys of this, a charcuter his knife, consumers a cut pizzas or the mobile phone from which I send a tweet Of support, and many other objects: remains of the old factory, a spoon, a shopping cart, a hard disk, a stapler .... All to unite and together create something indestructible. We mix these objects in the alloy of the pillars of the new factory.

The inauguration was an internal event. Without any investment in media. In spite of that, we got the whole country informed that the new factory of Campofrio was already a reality. The results were overwhelming and highly positive, exceeding the objectives we had set at the beginning. In terms of media outputs, we achieved the historic media coverage for the brand, with: - Over 416 media impacts - The final economic valuation of almost 4 million Euros In terms of Over 237 million people reached

The Situation

It is relevant to motivate the workers and even being an internal action came to have repercussion throughout the country, contributing more values to the company. On November 16, 2014 Campofrío's main factory burns and with it the future of 894 families. In only two years we inaugurated the new factory, but that was not enough. 2 years was enough time to discourage 894 workers and we needed from the first day to feel part of the factory and proud to belong to this company.

The Strategy

After the fire our concern was not to lose contact with the workers. At 10 months we sent a brick made from the ashes of the old factory. We invite workers to lay the first stone. But our workers were 2 year without working. 2 Years without projects, without future, without doing anything. They were not in the best of their lives and had lost the routine of going to work. Our strategy was to make them feel the company. Make them participate in our new stage. It was a feeling we wanted to share with the whole country. How did we do it? Approaching and making them participate to all those who cared for the company. Everyone should be part of the new factory. The strategy was to create something to return all the support received since the day of the fire and that support be remembered for life.