Category B08. Events & Stunts
Entrant MILTTON Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation MILTTON Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation 2 AMERICAN EXPRESS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement MILTTON Helsinki, FINLAND
Production MILTTON Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 2 AMERICAN EXPRESS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 WOLT Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 4 ESMES DIGITAL Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Henri Kunnas Miltton Oy Account Director
Liisa Aalto Miltton Oy Copywriter
Kristiina Äikäs Miltton Oy Client Executive
Heidi Ukkonen Miltton Oy Planner
Hanna Heiskanen Miltton Oy Associate Producer
Tuomas Tofferi Miltton Creative Art Director
Lauri Gran Miltton Creative Copywriter
Sampo Axelsson Miltton Creative Strategist
Fanni Perälä Miltton Creative Graphic Designer
Elina Fredén Miltton Creative Producer
Jesse Auersalo Miltton Creative Head of Design
Hanna-Maria Sjöbring American Express Marketing Manager
Mikaela Kaulbars-Staudinger American Express Marketing Executive
Juhani Mykkänen Wolt Marketing Manager
Vivian Nieminen Wolt Design and implementation
Janne Majaniemi Wolt Design and implementation
Juho Uitti Wolt Design and implementation
Aku Kallonen Wolt Design and implementation
Lotta Wikman Wolt Country Manager
Elias Pietilä Wolt Technical producer
Lauri Andler Wolt Technical production and edits
Valtteri Virtanen Wolt Technical production and edits
Samuel Tervaskanto Wolt Technical production and edits
Tomi Castrén Esmes Website producer

The Campaign

Takeaway food has a wide array of options to choose from, but people, on the other hand, miss out on the sociable aspects of dining while ordering in. Instead of takeaways, we started drafting an idea of a restaurant that would let people order in, while at the same time, letting them meet people at a carefully designed cozy restaurant. It is now easier than ever to open a restaurant, and new technologies offer fresh solutions and opportunities for the food and drink industry. The idea was to continue to employ successful service models – e.g. a transportation service that does not own the cars. Those services are all about freedom of choice. Thus, an idea of a space where customers could order in food from a wide range of restaurants and enjoy it in the company of their friends and family, was born.


During the month-long existence of the restaurant in central Helsinki, customers ordered dishes to the space from nearby restaurants using an app provided by a service company called Wolt. There was no delivery charge for customers and delivery optimization was taken into account when collaborating restaurateurs designed the dishes. At its best, the flavors of the dish develop new intensity during the delivery. There was an in-house bar serving drinks to customers. Four popular fine-dining restaurants also made their interpretations of delivery-optimized dishes. These special dishes were only available when ordered to Take In.

Take in managed to reach over 400 million people internationally even though the project’s overall budget was only 155,000 euros. The calculated earned media value was, therefore, 20,000,000 euros. The striking numbers prove that the restaurant was something that customers had longed for without really knowing it. In addition, American Express strengthened its brand image among the target group. Along with enhanced brand image, American Express aspired to acquire new customers from the target group. Therefore, they collected leads to support future customer acquisition during the concept. By doing that the company managed to increase their new customer acquisition numbers by 56% in January 2017 compared to the January numbers of 2016. American Express proved that a restaurant without a kitchen is a fresh step in the development of new service culture where consumers demand more freedom of choice and that the restaurant was something that customers had longed for without really knowing it.

The Situation

Delicious meals delivered to a cozy restaurant space with only one swipe – this is what American Express’ Take In concept was all about. Instead of home takeaway, the concept enhanced sociable encounters and freedom of choice by inviting people to ‘take in’ and enjoy their meals at a pop-up restaurant space in the center of Helsinki. The concept, using smart service design, improved client’s brand image and gathered a media reach of a whopping 400 million people, while increasing client’s new customer acquisition numbers by over 50%.

The Strategy

American Express’ objective was to reach out to all consumers who want to see their friends and socialize. In addition, targeted audience was existing American Express cardholders that would remain loyal to the brand along with the new concept launch. A smooth customer experience was at the center of the space and service design. The restaurant premises were turned into a cozy and intuitive space. Much emphasis was placed on skillful staff. Wolt, a company that offers food delivery services through an app, became American Express’s partner for the experiment, since both companies aspire to be trailblazers of payment services. Target groups were reached mainly through earned media in Finland and abroad, using a press release and pitching specific media contacts. We gave teasers to influencers, food critics and bloggers through personalized emails and lured them in to try the concept by offering vouchers to be used through the app.